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Deus Ex - Adam Jensen

And here it is, finally time to put this one to rest. I had a lot of fun working on it.

The full-res shot is HUGE so I might post some detail shots later on. (I went kind of crazy doing some of the little details)

Adam Jensen, the protagonist of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, from Eidos Montreal. (Incredible game; play it if you haven't done so already).

This painting was done over the course of a few days, a few hours each day. If I had to total it up, I would guess at about 8-10 hours, from ideation to completion.

Thanks for looking! Check back soon for some full-res detail shots!

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"What? Is that everything you got? My turn."
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He's looking pretty good for a guy that's been shot up, blown up, almost drowned, riddled with  helicopter assassin fire, re-blown up--- gosh. :D  I love the eye and how the sunglasses are so tight to his skin that the blood pools. Great stuff!
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Incredible work. Looks photorealistic!
wildfire707's avatar
Your style is amazingly realistic they doesn't loose that traditional feel. 

Do you happen to have any speedpaints or tutorials? I would absolutely love to see your process. 
Also, what size of canvas did you use for this? Is it just with photoshop? 
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Incredible work on expression, textures and Details!
J25TheArcKing's avatar
Very cool!

Dat eye! Blood, wounds and damages during battle...

Adam Jensen rocks!
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Nice! Man, this looks amazing! I hope someday to get this good.
SoveriegnofTruth's avatar
I didn't ask for this
ObscuroArcanum's avatar
This is a gorgeous painting. The details are simply stunning!
phantomdotexe's avatar
Absolutely awesome. 
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Fantastic work!
FrenchPhilosopher's avatar
That's when he fights Barrett
haloRequiem's avatar
you did an awesome job on this one
I look at this and just wanna yell, "SNAAAAAAAAKE!!!!"

(Cause the right lense is like an eyepatch)
ForsakenMoose's avatar
Bloody gorgeous, is it possible to buy a large print of this painting, at about the size of a poster?
UrdnotOsui's avatar
How long did it take you to work on this? Hell how many layers did it take? Was this even on photoshop?
MadHatterMCR's avatar
Beautiful! This looks so great.
Dok-Devious's avatar
At this point, Adam, you might wanna toss those shades... Just sayin', mang...
HoustonSharp's avatar
You're really great quoting magazine writers.
Dok-Devious's avatar
I drew a blank, okay?
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