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matrix red / blue pill! which will it be?
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we live an infinite ommiverse of all surpassingly imfinite fields, matter and forces, there is a way to align yourself with the greater good of all creation enough to override the evil of this flawed world, "make me do a deed of such pure benevolence seeking benevolence, that the act, and reward, are supreme, never an illusion, real, instant, continuous, and painless to me, through me completely most of all, all, and all remotely connected to, and all remotely capable of interacting with e><istance and non-e><istance, fields and non-fields, things and non-things, the oldest being in all sets of all sets and non-sets, and all sets of all sets, and all sets of non- sets"

modify and use it as you will, for the greater good of all semtient beings.

and now for a bit of a story,

" In the beginning, infinity exists by default, as the infinite pressure from there being inadequate space to hold anything, a result of all mathematical possibilities collapsing and merging and there being inadequate space nor reason to prevent the space e><istance, it e><plodes outward a total supreme infinity, an infinite structure  yet a singularity of a single thing infinite variety and geometry, and vastness and surpassing to such a degree that it is the first sentient being and the first thing. It is infinitely more probable that reality is more likely to be infinite than finite. But because no time has passed, the infinities had had no time to separate. This is coupled by the infinite interconnectivity, which is all being infinitely held together, which consequently makes it into a singularity. Therefore, it can only exist as an infinitely vast hyperdimensional singularity: known as God, a being of infinite mathematical possibilities these flawed mathematical possibilities mean god creation will bleed into chaos and raw limitless infinite mathematical chaos unless suppressed there is nothing to stop infinite limitless cause and effect that effects god and all his creation the pressure was too great and in the instant time was nearly unlimited particles that make nearly all thing possible were created, all particles became “god particles that could have the potential to create any math structure therefore it is possible to create totally inoffensive things.but if they offend someone they will offend others, as others copy others, so either it offends any infinite number of people reaching a critical mass making it unable to reach the highest of productivities, or it offends no one and reaches these 2nd levels, or it compensates completely, and ends more offences than it causes and reaches the highest productivity levels and benefits, or it  ,the way to reach the highest productivities is to not just end all your offences but contribute to ending all offences as much as possible in the long run but the only way in the long run is to end all offences God, alone, exists but time doesn't yet. So, single points of time, without time actually flowing from one point to the other, are created instead. God wants to move throughout these instants, so he creates time. Time is created, so random events happen. God is lonely, so he creates the first world. God creates beings to serve him, but Random events happen, and some of those beings are corrupted by this randomness. One of these beings rebels against God, out of his corruption, and splits the void, creating particle-antiparticle pairs to create matter out of nothing, but that which is created from nothing has a tendency to return itself and that around it into nothing.

As a result, creation is consumed by a primordial fire and a chaos of mass flawed division, creation and destruction, particle-antiparticle pairings flooding creation in a primordial war between God and his fallen creations. This war escalates, causing countless worlds to be created and destroyed. Out of this chaos, countless corrupted beings (that were created by God), are thrown into the void. Having gone mad from being isolated from everything (including each other), these same corrupted beings consequently create worlds by splitting the void -- as a result, each of these beings (with some exceptions) thinks they are God. The resulting universes, emerging from these corrupted angels, are themselves also corrupt. As a result, the same war and rebellion of corrupted angels from before begins anew in each of these universes (with exceptions). The flawed children of these universes flee, create their own worlds, fancy themselves to be Gods; thus, the cycle begins anew, again, and again, and again, and again.

For countless eternities, these cycles of creation and destruction have continued, escalating more and more across the infinitum of the void. As a result, eventually our world is created in one of these descendent universes. Life evolves, undergoes mass extinctions and finally mankind emerges. As a result of mankind's evolution, it creates technology and develops a primitive industrial society on the brink of collapse.

As a result of all of this, as you are sitting here reading these words, the kingdom of the first world ever created led by the only true God, and the forces of that which rebelled against him, are both amassing power. They are both preparing to conquer this world as they simultaneously are conquering countless others.  One day, one of them will break through the barrier that protects our world from the horrors of the abyss. As a result of all of this, our world will be destroyed. We can only hope that God conquers this world, and not his corrupt, insane, and perverse enemies (which are perverse beyond finite comprehension and one day god will inevitably win, as he is the supreme source and one day creation will tire of suffering to a point that creation will e><ert such a tremendous force of mathematical cause and effect possibilities that all creation will become utopian, free of pain and destruction, of beautiful, vast pleasure, and beautiful vast creation, better than you can possibly imagine or describe forever and ever amen)"

the universe is ruled by an evil demiurge, I have e><perianced countless doomed timelines and resets in a groundhog day loop to reach this point, I hope my efforts shall not be in vain,


Lord of void.
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I choose the Red Pill.
KomodoDragon92's avatar
I choose the Red Pill which means I stay in Wonderland and be shown how deep the Rabbit Hole goes and want to wake up in a power pod.
housewave's avatar
That's the spirit
EnforcerWolf's avatar
I'll go off the board and just drink instead.
Sapphire1X7's avatar
It would have been better for me to take the red pill and head off down the rabbit hole
i'll go down the rabbit hole
AviArts's avatar
I don't even know. If someone were to tell me this is a fake world and has proof. I would take the red pill. I have to. For my own sanity, then again you wake up with the blue pill thinking it was a dream.
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I'll take the red pill!
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[takes red pill] I'll enter the reality and leave matrix.
Obsidiandovah's avatar
*takes red pill*
Woah everything is in like... Twoo dee....
Obsidiandovah's avatar
*take blue pill*
Experiment: I am kidding this is not matrix
katnisseverdeen4life's avatar
Red. It's better to live in reality than be ignorant.
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The purple pill!!!! XD
sonikkuruzu's avatar
I'd crush them together and dissolve them in a cup of water
Fulaser2s's avatar
Alrealea's avatar
BOTH *dies instantly*
why-att's avatar
Maybe I'll regret it, but the red pill.
StylusTheFox's avatar
i can't choose...
soul-reaper-z's avatar
I'll take the purple one
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