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From Celovec to Carigrad - A Greater Yugoslavia



This is the first in what I hope will become a series of maps exploring irredentism! In this map, I explore what Yugoslavia may have looked like if a) Tito's vision of a Yugoslavia encompassing Carinthia, Greek Macedonia, Albania, and Bulgaria; and b) the Bled Agreement signed in 1947 had both come to fruition. I also propose that in this universe, the communist revolution in Greece was at least partly successful (as it very nearly was in OTL) and spread from Greek Thrace to Turkish Thrace, resulting in both regions seceding from their respective states and joining Yugoslavia. I also propose that Wallachia, a region of Romania in OTL, was also party to the Bled Agreement, becoming part of Yugoslavia shortly after Bulgaria.

What is Carigrad?
Carigrad (or Tsargrad) is a Slavic exonym for the ancient city of Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul), coming from 'Czar-grad', or literally 'City of the King'. In this universe, I propose that the Greek Communist rebels spread into the Turkish portion of Thrace where, along with native Turkish communist sympathisers and with help from Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union, they invaded and occupied the European portion of Istanbul and its surrounding region, with the intention of launching an invasion into Anatolia from there. However, such invasions were repelled multiple times by the US supported governments of Günaltay and Menederes resulting in somewhat of a stalemate, and thus the rebels declared the independence of Thrace and their intention to join Yugoslavia. As a result, the city of Istanbul was divided in two in a situation not unlike that of Berlin in OTL: the Western European portion of the city becoming Yugoslav 'Carigrad' whilst the Eastern portion remained Turkish 'Free Istanbul', with the demilitarised Bosporus Straight separating them.

Credit to Wikipedia for information, and elements used in the design of the emblems and flags of the republics.

See also: Greater Yugoslavia, Balkan Federation, Bled Agreement, and Carigrad.

DISCLAIMER: This in no way represents my views on Yugoslav irredentism, Yugoslavia, or irredentism as a whole. It is a work of fiction, not a political statement, and is not intended to cause offence. Please refrain from making political statements in the comments, lest you shall be subject to my wrath. That aside, comments and (constructive) criticisms are always welcome!

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Did you know, that a Croatian page used your work in their article?