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Houseki-chan Line art

By houseki-chan
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Almost self-portrait. xD jk. It's line art... yeah. xD I want to make a pixel ID, but I don't have a tablet.

>_< good luck me.

What do you think I should do for the color scheme?

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I love this, her expression gets prettier each time I see it :)
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i dont have a tablet and i can draw icons why cant you?
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Maybe she isn't good at drawing with a mouse smart ass.
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Sir or madam, quite honestly I do not care and or know of this conversation, I do not know nor wish to know you as you must find enjoyment in replying to two year old comments. In the future please take note of how old a comment is and do your research of a person before before saying something like "Maybe she isn't good at drawing with a mouse smart ass." as it was a conversation taken place in 2009 (Two years ago) Two years ago I did not have ownership of this account as it was compromised by a family member up until the point of 2010. If you understand a word of this I will accept that you were not thinking correctly. Although I do wish you a nice day and that you have fun on Deviant Art. I notice that you are apparently of Japan if you need a translation there are sites to translate this and if you must, I myself could take the time to translate it for you in a note(as english is DA's language I can not write a whole comment in japanese as it may offend others)

~ Meoga,Yaduchi.Y
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As you said, my account is account I share with another family member, and whether not this comment was said to you by my family member, I apologize to you sincerely. I realize that you could think that I am lying, I am not. As I believe that you said you saw my account, you should come to believe that I do not make a habit of calling 'smart ass'. And thank you, but I did not need a translator, and although my english is not that good, (i apologize for that) I can read it. I wish you good day, also.

Katsumi Takaki
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i like it very much.

would it be ok if i were to use this so i may color it? ill give full credit to your line art.
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In-lov-with-ed-elric's avatar
Do u mind if i Color this?
In-lov-with-ed-elric's avatar
I hope u like it u did a great job on it. :highfive: [link]
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sempi may i color it
xxxAngelGirlxxx's avatar
hey can i color this?
xXSeiren-HimeXx's avatar
It looks great!
I coloured your drawing. :)
Would you like to have a look?
ZisForZOMBIES's avatar
I coloured your pretty drawing :3
xchiaki-chanx's avatar
I'll attempt to color this... XD :+fav:
houseki-chan's avatar
>//w//< Hurray! X'D

I don't know why, but people like to color this picture... O-O;; I don't even like it anymore, it's so old, but still... xD

:hug: I'll be glad to see it colored~! ^^
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Maybe because it's so easy to color, that, or they're bored.. LIKE ME~ 8D
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xDD LULZ, indeed~. A_A

Is it easy to color? o-o;; xD
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I'm just beggining in this type of art, but i can try?
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