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"The purpose of playing… is to hold as ‘twere the mirror up to Nature."
William Shakespeare
For anyone who enjoys reading or writing anything and everything script-related, including skits, one-acts, monologues, etc.

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Group Announcements

Wrote something in response to any of our dozens of WPs?
Submit It Here Anytime

Get in on the Action!

House-of-Playwrights's March-to-May Make-a-Script Contest is happening NOW!

March 1 to May 31, 2020!

There are up to 12 months of CORE Membership up for grabs, as well as multiple critiques.

Comment HERE to Enter....

This contest is open to all members of House-of-Playwrights and its affiliates.

Also, if you have an inspirational thought or quote to share, please post it in our comments section below.
If it strikes our fancy, we might use it as a launching point for an upcoming Weekly-ish Prompt!

Newest Members


In case you've forgotten, or you're here for the first time, the March-to-May Make-a-Script Contest has some wonderful prizes!
For Best Overall Script, the prizes are given:
1st Place: 6 months CORE Membership (CM) & 1 Critique (2400 points)
2nd Place: 6 weeks CM & 1 Critique (600 points)
3rd Place: 1 Critique
For the categories of (A) Best Opening Scene or Monologue, (B) Best Mid-Play Scene or Monologue and (C) Best Closing Scene or Monologue, the following prizes are given:
1st Place: 2 months CM & 1 Critique (800 points X 3)
2nd Place: 2 weeks CM & 1 Critique (200 points X 3)
3rd Place: 1 Critique (X 3)
All you have to do is write a script within the three months of the contest from March 1 to May 31! The script you write can be any genre and can be meant for screen, stage, radio wave, or graphic novel page. The script you write should have three cohesive parts to it—either as a three-scene play or a trio of interrelated monologues. These three parts of your script do not necessarily have to be the "beginning/middle/end" of a chronological narrative. However, they should be written in such a way that a reader who starts at the first part and ends at the last part is able to perceive a creative and intentional "unfolding" of some kind along the way.


You will have to incorporate three (3) prompts into your script. Below is the list of categories and corresponding prompts. If you want to participate in the contest, comment on this journal! We will reply to your comment as soon as we can with a set of random numbers (1–10). You will pick your prompts accordingly. 

For example...

If you were assigned a set with the numbers 12 and 3, you could...
... decide to pick Theme #1, Scenario #2 and Prop #3. 
 choose to use Character #1, Character #2 and Character #3
Or feel free to mix and match the numbers and prompts however you like, as long as they are 12 and 3!

Once you receive your set of random numbers, reply to us with the prompts you have chosen. Then get writing!


  • You can start writing anytime within the three months of the contest. We will be answering requests for numbers throughout the contest, though due to our schedules, it might take up to a day or two for us to get back to you. Don't miss out—request sooner, rather than later!
  • Members of House of Playwrights and our affiliates are welcome to participate. If you are not currently a member and wish to participate, you're welcome to join House-of-Playwrights for the duration of the contest and then withdraw membership upon the conclusion of the event. No strings attached.
  • All genres are accepted, but please adhere to the House of Playwrights content policy.
  • Each script should be no fewer than 3,000 words and no more than 6,000 words long. (This word count limit includes stage directions, character descriptions, sound effects, etc.!)
  • If you want to use additional prompts in your scripts, you are free to do so, but do not neglect to incorporate your primary prompts in a substantive way. 


There are 5 categories: Scenarios, Themes, Characters, Settings, and Props. Each has 10 corresponding items. 
You can use these however you like within your script.


1. A character starts cutting corners after taking on too many responsibilities.
2. Due to the results of a given country's political election, a character decides to [leave/return].
3. Just before a baby is born, the parents are given the exact date of the child's death.
4. A well-trained negotiator bargains with someone determined to blow up a city bus.
5. A character with a disability [refuses/accepts] the opportunity to reverse that disability.
6. After receiving a divine vision, an ascetic individual finally breaks a decades-long vow of silence.
7. A character gains the power to hypnotize just one person, and thereafter has absolute control over the person.
8. An unlikely alliance is formed among a secretary, a scientist, and a spy.
9. A teacher has been lying to one's student[s], but the truth is about to be discovered.
10. When a new "star" is seen in the sky, it prompts different reactions among those who look up—including curiosity, confusion, awe and apathy.


1. Prayer
2. Aging
3. Rivalry
4. Vulnerability
5. Monarchy
6. Failure
7. Language
8. Plagiarism
9. Survival
10. Progress


1. A supermarket greeter with a heart of gold
2. The living embodiment of a "local yokel"
3. A legally-blind musician
4. An angry one-armed sushi chef
5. A surfer who suffers from a crippling pancake addiction
6. A mathematically gifted centenarian
7. The grandchild of a celebrity
8. A former soldier-turned-caregiver
9. A repentant gold-digger
10. A lost child from another world


1. Behind the Iron Curtain
2. July 2, 1776
3. In an icy cavern 
4. 200 A.D.
5. Sunrise on Mars
6. In a stalled pickup truck
7. At a public pool
8. The first meeting of a support group
9. In a slow-moving elevator at 3:28 a.m.
10. A pet food factory's break-room


1. Shoe-shine kit
2. A bottle of root beer
3. Castanets
4. A wad of wires
5. Dry-erase markers
6. Camouflage 
7. A ray-gun
8. A pair of goblets
9. An umbrella covered in feathers and glitter
10. A roll of cherry-red duct tape


You have between March 1 and May 31 to write. 
The deadline for submissions is 11:59 p.m. PDT on Sunday, May 31. 

When you've finished writing your script, send it to the contest folder!

Comment below to enter the contest. (Or ask questions. We'd love to hear from you.)

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unitedas1 Featured By Owner May 11, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Something that isn’t for the contest:

(In the library, Qrow reads a book about Greek mythology, and comes across a segment on harpies. His eyes widen.)
(Cut to Ozpin’s office. Ozpin sits in his chair, when suddenly Qrow bursts in.)

Qrow: OZ!
Ozpin: What is it, Qrow?
Qrow: Raven, with the ability to turn into a HARPY! You know, a bird hybrid lady?

(Ozpin puts a harpy and Raven in a thought bubble.)
(An image of harpy Raven forms in his head, and his eyes widen.)

Ozpin: Ohhhhhh!

Qrow: I know, right?
Raven: You thought about what it would be like if I had the ability to turn into a harpy or an anthro bird?

Qrow: Yep!

Raven: ...Meh, might be interesting to learn wielding my sword in a pair of talons.
Same-side Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2019   Writer
We are doing another contest in 2020, and it will run from March to May, giving contestants plenty of time to put out their best work.

More details will be shared in the new year! Party 
Same-side Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2019   Writer
We're thinking of doing another contest in 2020, similar to the June 2019 contest, but taking place over a much longer period of time, so that the submissions you write can receive more effort and polish.

How do you feel about a 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, or 12-month contest starting in January?
UsUk2gether4ever Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2019
Hello everyone I just wanted to say thank you for the invite. I also wanted to ask how you found my stories or who recommended them to you?
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GCRTOONZ Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, everyone!  How are you, guys?  I'm glad to be a part of this group.  What kind of art is this group looking for?
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Day87756 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Which of my stories do you want me to stare in this group?
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DuelinDrummer Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
May I ask what interested you to invite me to this group?
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machupichu18 Featured By Owner May 30, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
You've asked to join me twice now. Why would you want me to join though?
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