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Because the world is a stage...
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Pencil - F2U"The purpose of playing… is to hold as ‘twere the mirror up to Nature."

(William Shakespeare)

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Because the world is a stage...

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Bruno Weber and The Cut Collar

SCENE 1 – INT – Inner City Animal Hospital Lobby, Midday in summer Directly ahead from the front entrance, a reception desk (currently unattended) takes up one wall with large sign letters above that spell out '2nd Ave Animal Hospital' while a row of portraits to one side show the current doctors on staff. On the other side is a wide door that opens into the hospital's back rooms. Various fliers and pamphlets sit atop the reception desk along with a box of personal tissues and several bowls of animal treats like dog biscuits and bird seed crackers. Near the front entrance is a dozen waiting room chairs of solid make with cushioned seats. A young KID sits there, on their own and looking kind of nervous, holding a shark tooth tightly gripped in one fist. Others sit waiting as well, including an older woman with a cat in its pet carrier. BRUNO WEBER and ANNE WEBER enter the lobby and find a place to sit among the others. Bruno is a man in his 60s (though he looks older) with large,

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  • Theme: Biting Quote: From The Doctor's Wife Biting's excellent. It's like kissing - only there is a winner. Scenario: When a nibble gets out of hand and blood is drawn, the question is whether to retaliate in kind or allow oneself to be fed upon entirely. Images: by @Kate-FoX by @RyanHartsell by @Kibbitzer We invite you to use these Weekly-ish Prompts as inspiration for your writing, especially in terms of developing scripts and stories that show your creativity and ability to grow an idea beyond what is contained here in this journal. Scripts written in response to any of the WPs posted to the group can be submitted to the House-of-Playwrights WP group gallery folder. We also invite you to share any quotes, images, ideas or themes that you would like to see as part of a future WP.
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    Theme: Staying Quote: From V for Vendetta We are told to remember the idea and not the man. Because a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten. But 400 years later, an idea can still change the world. Scenario: A sentient rock sits quietly in the base of a mountain, content to hold itself in place indefinitely. Within its dark pocket of rubble, the rock hears rumbles of earthquakes and roaring of rivers threaten to shift it, but it remains. The rock feels the pressing weight of gravity and hears surrounding stones crack and splinter over time, but it remains. The rock imagines the warm kiss of a sun that it has never seen and dreams of moonbeams dancing across its surface, but it remains. What force of nature--or force beyond nature--can move this rock from its place? Images: by @Narholt by @MichaelO by @Vioxtar by @FerdinandLadera by @Pajunen We invite you to use these Weekly-ish Prompts as inspiration for your writing, especially in terms of
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    Anyone here write radio scripts? I would love to chat with you.
    Oh my?? What is this!?! There's...people that appreciate the play style of writing? 
    Just a few days left in the contest:
    Holiday Royale Scriptastic Tournament [ENTER HERE]We humbly invite you to join in on House-of-Playwrights's contest:The Holiday Royale Scriptastic Tournament(happening October 18, 2022 through February 18, 2023) To start, imagine yourself exploring a castle, surrounded by ancient stone walls and secret passageways. All is silent and, apparently, uninhabited. Then, upon turning a corner, you enter a chamber ablaze with candles and brimming with children dressed in polka-dotted robes and holding rubber chickens above their heads. You see that some sort of ceremony is about to commence, but you are unsure if it is something you are welcome to witness. You are about to turn around and exit quietly, but something inside stops you. It is only then you remember the day’s date, and the whole scene makes sense. All right, maybe you haven’t stumbled upon a holiday party like the one described above, and perhaps the closest you’ve ever come to exploring a medieval fortress was sitting at the drive-thru window at White Castle. Regardless, most of us can still resonate with the feelings that come with a holiday celebration. Whether it be a somber soiree or a frenzied festival, whether it lasts a few hours or a whole month, each “holy day” is set aside to be special. Likewise, the idea of a “castle” cascades down into our modern era with such sayings as “his home is his castle” and “she’s building castles in the air.” Thus, it is the classic combination of holidays, celebrations and castles that will, hopefully, inspire you in writing a script for this contest. You’re probably also wondering about the rewards for winning the contest, so to satisfy your curiosity, here are...THE PRIZES:1st Place:2,000 pointsone group journal interview/showcase highlighting you and your worktwo in-depth critiques on any deviations of your choice2nd Place:1,200 pointsone in-depth critique on any deviation of your choice3rd Place:400 pointsone in-depth critique on any deviation of your choiceSo, what do you have to do for a chance to win these fantastic prizes?You will have to write an original script that meets the following parameters:incorporates the theme of “celebration,” which you are free to interpret as you wishtakes place during or around a holiday, such as Valentine’s Day, Lunar New Year, a made-up jubilee, etc.includes a castle, such as a royal palace, a sandcastle, a character named “Castle,” etc.has at least two (2) speaking characters, so no monologues will be acceptedis between 300 and 1000 words, including any extraneous text, such as character descriptions and stage directionsNOTE: Contestants will only be allowed to enter one script each into the competition, so it’ll be important to turn in your best work!Contest Timeline:October 18 through February 18:You will let us know that you want to enter the contest by commenting below.You will write your script according to the contest guidelines listed above.February 18:At 11:59 p.m. (International Date Line) on February 18, the contest will end. Your script must be submitted to the Contest Folder by that time.If you have any questions or comments,feel free to post below orreach out to the admins,@same-side or ChalklineChickadee, directly.
    Be on the watch for news about our next contest.
    Our contest winners have been announced:
    3, 2, 1: Script! Writing Contest Winners AnnouncedThanks to all who participated! We appreciate your taking time to write and compete in the 3, 2, 1: Script Writing Contest, and we enjoyed reading and discussing all the creative ideas and characters that came alive in your work.There will certainly be more opportunities like this in the future!After much deliberation, we have settled upon three that show a level of creative excellence and, therefore, have earned the prizes awarded. B E S T O V E R A L L S C R I P T SFirst Place:,AA Conversation with DeathA man stands in a empty space with a rotund figureby @ferrictouch Fantastical figures wax philosophical in the most (or the least) important moments after life. Can one's perceptions be real if they're only in the mind?"Too much screaming, too little contact."Prizes: 2,000 points, one group journal interview/showcase, and three in-depth critiquesSecond Place:,3, 2, 1 Script! Writing Contest (entry)August 30, 2022SCENE I - Leaving (Cityscape - Sunset. Sounds ofby @BluDemonCafe The bond of friendship shared between a man and his cat takes them on a magical journey to dimensions unexplored. "This isn’t a dream, human..."Prizes: 1,200 points and two in-depth critiquesThird Place:,LAST STOP (contest entry)August 30, 2022TW -this is a fxf romance, -contains someby @suimelon In this four-scene script, we see the evolution and devolution of love and unfinished journeys."I don’t know how this happened, but… I’ll protect you now."Prizes: 400 points and one in-depth critiqueCongratulations to All!Be sure to check out the other wonderful scripts submitted to the 3, 2, 1: Script! Writing Contest, listed below by contestants' usernames in alphabetical order:"Space Forcec Cowboys," by @Bdigi, who wrote a sci-fi/western adventure featuring saloon shoot-outs and space shuttle take-offs"3, 2, 1: Script! contest entry," by @Gearsteal-Prime, who wrote an action-filled thriller about political oppression and the use of violence against tyranny"Pomp and Circumstance: Based on a True Story," by @VeggieManiac, who wrote a semi-autobiographical reflection on reaching academic goals"The Twist," also by @VeggieManiac, who wrote a script poking fun at the soap opera trope of sudden, over-the-top personal revelations
    Congratulations to all who participated!
    We've got our contest going on: 
    3, 2, 1: Script! Writing Contest [ENTER HERE]Yes, it's been a while in the making, but we have not forgotten.For this contest, you will be writing scripts of any length (long or short), and the limits to your creativity are endless.The 3, 2, 1: Script! Writing Contest only has three (3) parameters you have to meet, aside from the basics (avoiding plagiarism and such).1.You must incorporate the theme of Running Out of Time. The beginning of the title of this contest ("3, 2, 1") alludes to a countdown, but you can interpret this theme in any way you like, as a major or minor, strong or subtle, part of your script.2.You must include 3, 2, or 1 key elementsSpeaking Character (e.g., protagonist, antagonist, sidekick)Setting (e.g., forest, locked room, subway car)Unit of Time (e.g., seconds, years, weekends)For example, you might have script with a man, woman and child (3 speaking characters) going from their car to the beach (2 settings) for a week's vacation (1 unit of time). Or, you might have a script with a homeless man strolling his dog (1 speaking character) waiting for someone to pick them up in a couple of hours (2 units of time) on the sidewalk, under the bridge, and in the park (3 settings). 3.You must complete and turn in your script by the 30th of August.It's all up to you and your imagination.To motivate you in your quest for excellence, the prizes for the top three scripts will include...1st Place2,000 points, one group journal interview/showcase, and three in-depth critiques2nd Place1,200 points and two in-depth critiques3rd Place400 points and one in-depth critiqueTo get yourself started on this contest, simply comment below with a statement to the effect of "I'm in!" to let us know that you're interested.This will help us keep track of and remind contestants when the deadline is approaching.To enter your script(s) once you're done writing, simply submit your work to the 3, 2, 1: Script! Writing Contest folder before the contest deadline.
    Check it out for great prizes and fun times!
    Members and non-members welcome.
    Be on the lookout for news of an upcoming HoP contest (different from contests past)!