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"The purpose of playing… is to hold as ‘twere the mirror up to Nature."
William Shakespeare
For anyone who enjoys reading or writing anything and everything script-related, including skits, one-acts, monologues, etc.

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She has dreams of writing for children's media and enjoys dancing and singing with her family. Her gallery of work indicates an optimism and appreciation for the beauty and brightness in life, while maintaining a reverent devotion to her faith.

We recently had the honor of conducting an interview with the the First Place winner of House-of-Playwrights' Holiday Royale Scriptastic Tournament and the author of "The Queen's Celebration Consolation," VeggieManiac, who was gracious in taking the time to answer our questions.

Readers will find inspiration from her experience and thoughts on the writing process:
  • How long have you been writing or when did you start?
I think I started trying to write in 2015, when I was thirteen, so maybe I've been writing for eight years. I honestly don't know because I lost track, but that's my best guess.
  • What inspired you to become a writer?
I've always been captivated by certain stories from other people, especially those involving Bible stories, fairytales, and [stories from] other cultures. When it comes to other cultures, I especially enjoy myths from Greek mythology and folktales from Native American tribes. Either before or about the same time [that] I realized my dream was to work for my favorite show, I started trying to bring my [own] stories to life. Some of those stories could probably use edits now that I've grown some in my abilities, but I know it was a lot of fun creating them.
  • Who is your favorite writer?
Yeesh. Way to make it hard; there are so many talented writers out there. I would have to say my favorite writers are any positive ones involving the Bible, as well as the Bible authors themselves, because I am a Christian. But then there's also: Frances Hodgson Burnett (author of A Little Princess and The Secret Garden), E.D. Baker (author of The Wide Awake Princess series), Phil Vischer (creator of my favorite show VeggieTales, and author of Me, Myself, and Bob), C.S. Lewis (author of The Chronicles of Narnia series (lots of Biblical parallels in this series!))....You know what? There's too many to name. We'd be here all night if I kept going!
  • Tell us about two or three of your favorite pieces you have written.
Ooh boy, I've never been asked that before. Hmm... I'd probably have to say "The Queen's Celebration Consolation"...which is based off of an AU (Alternative Universe) I found of a Disney XD show called Star vs the Forces of Evil, and the AU creator, @jgss0109, is so nice that I wanted to honor him and his work. The second one - "Cucumber Green" - is a story that [was originally sparked by the] DeviantArter... who inspired me to make my own account here on this site, [but had since] quit working on it. One of her friends had welcomed me warmly to DA, and we one day decided to surprise that person by making our own rendition of that story, and that person loved it!
  • How do you stay motivated when writing?
Music!! I love listening to Christmas music and other songs that I think match either a plot point or a character in a specific moment. When I hear what's being played, it's easier for me to imagine myself in the story and what's happening around me.
  • How do you process and deal with negative or critical comments on your writing?
I will admit, there are times comments do shake me up. If it's a particularly mean comment, I'll talk to someone I trust about it or listen to something to help me get calm, but I do eventually settle down and/or defend my position if necessary....Critiques are different; if it's specified beforehand that the critique isn't meant to be mean, I take it in good stride, and think over the comment for a while to see if their suggestion really is better.
  • What comes first for you — the plot or the characters — and why?
I think I come up with characters first more than the plot, but I sometimes flipflop.
  • How do you generally go about developing your plot and characters?
I put myself in the shoes of the characters I'm writing, and I listen to music that I think fits a certain scene in the plot. When I listen to music, it's easier for me to register my emotions and how I'm reacting, and then I try to place which character would feel the way I feel in that moment.
  • When you finish a writing project, how do you celebrate when you finish?
Huh. I usually am just relieved and pleased that it's finished, and that it's the best it can be... unless I see more edits that need to be made. I don't really celebrate finishing a script, except in time crunches.
  • Looking specifically at the script you wrote for the Holiday Royale Scriptastic Tournament, what part of “The Queen's Celebration Consolation” did you have the hardest time writing?
Believe it or not, all of it! @jgss0109 created the AU that inspired the story, so I don't know a lot of the details surrounding how Stump Day was banished and Star's Day was created. I don't even know if Star's subjects did forgive her for accidentally starting a war before her crowning, so I simply tried to imagine how it might have gone instead. I guess it paid off, because he ended up favoriting the story!
  • If your script were made into a skit or stage-play, which actor would you imagine playing Star? How about Marco?
....I would either pick the original voice actors for the characters (Eden Sher for Star and Adam McArthur for Marco), or Dove Cameron for Star and - MAYBE - Zachary Levi for Marco.
  • What stories or characters of your own do you plan or hope to write about next?
It's not a script, but I'm working on a pre-/mid-/sequel to my favorite VeggieTales DVD involving a romance: Duke and the Great Pie War. The story I'm writing is called "Sleeves of Green and Duckies of Gold." It focuses on the female lead of Duke and the Great Pie War, and will be exclusive to, so check it out if you want to read it! The first chapter will hopefully be posted on March 20.
  • To wrap things up, what is the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given about writing that you’d like to pass on to others?
The most valuable advice I can give is actually split into two pieces. The first piece was taught to me when I first began writing fanfictions for this site: Beware plot holes! A plot hole is where you address something in one part of a story, like a fire breaking out in the basement of a house or boys turning into donkeys (does that last one sound familiar?), but then you don't specify if the fire was put out or if the boys were saved before the story ends. You need to take note of everything you wrote in the past part of your story so that when you write another part of it in the future, you can recall what you have or haven't covered and then take the necessary steps toward addressing the unaddressed. The second part? Have fun! Your writing is meant not only to bless others, but to be a reflection of you and the gifts God has given you. Have fun with the way you write your story, because really, there's only an audience of three reading it - God, Jesus, and yourself.
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Oh my?? What is this!?! There's...people that appreciate the play style of writing? 
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Just a few days left in the contest:
Holiday Royale Scriptastic Tournament [ENTER HERE]We humbly invite you to join in on House-of-Playwrights's contest:The Holiday Royale Scriptastic Tournament(happening October 18, 2022 through February 18, 2023) To start, imagine yourself exploring a castle, surrounded by ancient stone walls and secret passageways. All is silent and, apparently, uninhabited. Then, upon turning a corner, you enter a chamber ablaze with candles and brimming with children dressed in polka-dotted robes and holding rubber chickens above their heads. You see that some sort of ceremony is about to commence, but you are unsure if it is something you are welcome to witness. You are about to turn around and exit quietly, but something inside stops you. It is only then you remember the day’s date, and the whole scene makes sense. All right, maybe you haven’t stumbled upon a holiday party like the one described above, and perhaps the closest you’ve ever come to exploring a medieval fortress was sitting at the drive-thru window at White Castle. Regardless, most of us can still resonate with the feelings that come with a holiday celebration. Whether it be a somber soiree or a frenzied festival, whether it lasts a few hours or a whole month, each “holy day” is set aside to be special. Likewise, the idea of a “castle” cascades down into our modern era with such sayings as “his home is his castle” and “she’s building castles in the air.” Thus, it is the classic combination of holidays, celebrations and castles that will, hopefully, inspire you in writing a script for this contest. You’re probably also wondering about the rewards for winning the contest, so to satisfy your curiosity, here are...THE PRIZES:1st Place:2,000 pointsone group journal interview/showcase highlighting you and your worktwo in-depth critiques on any deviations of your choice2nd Place:1,200 pointsone in-depth critique on any deviation of your choice3rd Place:400 pointsone in-depth critique on any deviation of your choiceSo, what do you have to do for a chance to win these fantastic prizes?You will have to write an original script that meets the following parameters:incorporates the theme of “celebration,” which you are free to interpret as you wishtakes place during or around a holiday, such as Valentine’s Day, Lunar New Year, a made-up jubilee, etc.includes a castle, such as a royal palace, a sandcastle, a character named “Castle,” etc.has at least two (2) speaking characters, so no monologues will be acceptedis between 300 and 1000 words, including any extraneous text, such as character descriptions and stage directionsNOTE: Contestants will only be allowed to enter one script each into the competition, so it’ll be important to turn in your best work!Contest Timeline:October 18 through February 18:You will let us know that you want to enter the contest by commenting below.You will write your script according to the contest guidelines listed above.February 18:At 11:59 p.m. (International Date Line) on February 18, the contest will end. Your script must be submitted to the Contest Folder by that time.If you have any questions or comments,feel free to post below orreach out to the admins,@same-side or ChalklineChickadee, directly.
Same-side Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2022   Writer
Be on the watch for news about our next contest.
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Our contest winners have been announced:
3, 2, 1: Script! Writing Contest Winners AnnouncedThanks to all who participated! We appreciate your taking time to write and compete in the 3, 2, 1: Script Writing Contest, and we enjoyed reading and discussing all the creative ideas and characters that came alive in your work.There will certainly be more opportunities like this in the future!After much deliberation, we have settled upon three that show a level of creative excellence and, therefore, have earned the prizes awarded. B E S T O V E R A L L S C R I P T SFirst Place:,AA Conversation with DeathA man stands in a empty space with a rotund figureby @ferrictouch Fantastical figures wax philosophical in the most (or the least) important moments after life. Can one's perceptions be real if they're only in the mind?"Too much screaming, too little contact."Prizes: 2,000 points, one group journal interview/showcase, and three in-depth critiquesSecond Place:,3, 2, 1 Script! Writing Contest (entry)August 30, 2022SCENE I - Leaving (Cityscape - Sunset. Sounds ofby @BluDemonCafe The bond of friendship shared between a man and his cat takes them on a magical journey to dimensions unexplored. "This isn’t a dream, human..."Prizes: 1,200 points and two in-depth critiquesThird Place:,LAST STOP (contest entry)August 30, 2022TW -this is a fxf romance, -contains someby @suimelon In this four-scene script, we see the evolution and devolution of love and unfinished journeys."I don’t know how this happened, but… I’ll protect you now."Prizes: 400 points and one in-depth critiqueCongratulations to All!Be sure to check out the other wonderful scripts submitted to the 3, 2, 1: Script! Writing Contest, listed below by contestants' usernames in alphabetical order:"Space Forcec Cowboys," by @Bdigi, who wrote a sci-fi/western adventure featuring saloon shoot-outs and space shuttle take-offs"3, 2, 1: Script! contest entry," by @Gearsteal-Prime, who wrote an action-filled thriller about political oppression and the use of violence against tyranny"Pomp and Circumstance: Based on a True Story," by @VeggieManiac, who wrote a semi-autobiographical reflection on reaching academic goals"The Twist," also by @VeggieManiac, who wrote a script poking fun at the soap opera trope of sudden, over-the-top personal revelations
Congratulations to all who participated!
Same-side Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2022   Writer
We've got our contest going on: 
3, 2, 1: Script! Writing Contest [ENTER HERE]Yes, it's been a while in the making, but we have not forgotten.For this contest, you will be writing scripts of any length (long or short), and the limits to your creativity are endless.The 3, 2, 1: Script! Writing Contest only has three (3) parameters you have to meet, aside from the basics (avoiding plagiarism and such).1.You must incorporate the theme of Running Out of Time. The beginning of the title of this contest ("3, 2, 1") alludes to a countdown, but you can interpret this theme in any way you like, as a major or minor, strong or subtle, part of your script.2.You must include 3, 2, or 1 key elementsSpeaking Character (e.g., protagonist, antagonist, sidekick)Setting (e.g., forest, locked room, subway car)Unit of Time (e.g., seconds, years, weekends)For example, you might have script with a man, woman and child (3 speaking characters) going from their car to the beach (2 settings) for a week's vacation (1 unit of time). Or, you might have a script with a homeless man strolling his dog (1 speaking character) waiting for someone to pick them up in a couple of hours (2 units of time) on the sidewalk, under the bridge, and in the park (3 settings). 3.You must complete and turn in your script by the 30th of August.It's all up to you and your imagination.To motivate you in your quest for excellence, the prizes for the top three scripts will include...1st Place2,000 points, one group journal interview/showcase, and three in-depth critiques2nd Place1,200 points and two in-depth critiques3rd Place400 points and one in-depth critiqueTo get yourself started on this contest, simply comment below with a statement to the effect of "I'm in!" to let us know that you're interested.This will help us keep track of and remind contestants when the deadline is approaching.To enter your script(s) once you're done writing, simply submit your work to the 3, 2, 1: Script! Writing Contest folder before the contest deadline.
Check it out for great prizes and fun times!
Members and non-members welcome.
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Be on the lookout for news of an upcoming HoP contest (different from contests past)!
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It is absolutely an honor!
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The winners have been decided! Congratulations, all!
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The clock strikes at 11:59 tonight!
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One day left until the Quick Script Challenge deadline!
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