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Drawing of a handshake up close and personal. Created with pencil on paper.
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Greetings Hourglassthorne

I find this picture utterly astonishing! And it is also exactly what I am looking for to my website for mindfulness training here in Sweden. Would you mind if I used it at the website together with a link to your art or your website if you have one of your own? 

Please contact me at albin@modernmindfulness.se in that case, thank you and keep exploring your talent!
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Hey. Can I use this on a web page I'm currently 'building'.?

Send me some a note or a mail at hersir[at]multiboss[dot]com
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graphix86Professional Interface Designer
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Hey hourglassthorne,

Great stuff. Could I use it for a project I am currently working on? Please write to me at mate_perse[at]yahoo[dot]com.

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That's beautiful...capturing two hands in a lock with each other is no ladeeda picnic, as I would know. I truly admire you and this work. :XD: Very excellent, wonderfully detailed...

:heart: Handshakes are such lovely things...

I love this sketch very very much. x3 I hope you're proud of it!
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*_* Wow, that's incredible!! The details are so amazing!! I find this a very helpful reference picture for one of my upcoming deviations! I'll be sure to give you credit when I post it! =D
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in-flame Writer
Wow...it's very beutifull. In fact I added some frame and I send this to my brother as 25 bithday card. You may see this here: [link]

Thanks and greetings :aww:
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I appreciate the compliment, and I do like the kind of card you made this into.

However, I do not appreciate that you used my artwork without asking my permission first. None of the work from my gallery is stock art and should not be treated as such. Next time you wish to use my artwork, send me a comment or e-mail first asking if you can use it.

I will let it slide this time, as you did link your card page to my original work. But if this is repeated I will have no choice but to report you.
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in-flame Writer
I'm sorry - my mistake. Already deleted...
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echo-si Writer
it really is flawless, and hands are so, so hard to draw. Love the shading, the wrinkles, the style, everything! You do incredible work!!!!
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wow that's really good. hands are really hard to do good. every detail is perfect... down to the pressure of the other hand causing a little wrinkle to appear...
incredible work.
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wonderful shading. i've been tring to master the drawings of hands lately... groscalin is right. they are very difficult. great job. i love it!
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I always admire drawings of hands. so difficult to do! And this one passes such a nice feeling on this so bad day.
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