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Hey all,

I just wanted to let you know that in the near future, I'm going to be getting rid of all my information on this username and basically "shutting down" this account. I will soon be posting on Tsyrin so if you'd still like to watch me, feel free to stop by my new one.

This also means I'm going to be deleting all the artwork from this gallery. If you'd like me to post an old piece of art onto my new account, to favorite or just because you like it, you may send me a note on my new account requesting for it to be put up. Be forewarned, though: it'll be posted in my scraps!

Thanks for watching, you guys! I hope to see you on my new name!



My good friend Mie-Ther and I are currently working on a roleplay that we're hopefully turning into a bigger project. Its name is Project-Aidan and YOU SHOULD TOTALLY CHECK IT OUT SO FAR. The link to the RP is there on the dA page. More information about it will be on my new name. Keep an eye out!
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Hughesinator Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2009
Awesome Art work!
hourglass-sentinel Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2009
Thank you very much!
DeGaara Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2009  Student General Artist
Send This To All Ur Friends,
And Me If I Am 1.
If U Get 7 Back U R Loved

1-3 u r a bad friend
4-6 u r a ok friend
7-9 u r a good friend
10-& ^ u r a great friend

Dear Friend,
When u feel like me. ! . ! . !
I dont promise that I will make u laugh,
but I can cry with u. If one day u want to
run away dont be afraid to call me.
I dont promise to ask u to stop......
but I can run with u.
If one day u dont want to listen to anyone.....
call me.
I promise to be there for u
but also promise to remain quiet.
But one day if u call......
and there is no answer.....
come fast to see me.
Perhaps I need you.

ledious Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2008
you have an awesome gallery!
hourglass-sentinel Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2008
Why thank you! I'm glad you like!
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