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Lilly Age Sequence

Title: Lilly Age Sequence
Original Title: Lilly Age Sequence
Created By: ZamyCat
Reason Created: For Fun
Acquired From: Furaffinity
Links: [link]
Other Important Information: Originally uploaded on October 4, 2010
Original Description: I've been wanting to do one of these for Lilly ever since I did one for here it is.

...Yeah. Lilly is definitely one of those 'ugly duckling' stories. I always tried to write her as having a jaded personality in contrast to Nanou who's always cheery and happy. She was a chubby girl growing up and then a fat girl in high school, which of course meant she got picked on by other kids and became somewhat of a loner. However, after getting rejected by a guy she had a crush on because her of her size she vowed to finally lose weight and succeeded in doing so, becoming the young, attractive cat girl she always was! ...If only it didn't happen until after high school was over. C'est la vie.

(oh yeah late apologies for those repulsed by the sight of fat!)
Other Descriptions: *N/A*
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