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Orpheus of Ice

Last Updated: 03/06/2015
Updated app to apprentice app, and updated written ref age, armor, and personality info. 

General Information

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Name, Gender,  Rank, Species


Nickname: sometimes called "Orphy" by Plato


Starting Age: Birth
Current Age: 1 year
Season Born In: Summer (June 1st, 48 BC)

Tabby Tiger/Snow Leopard hybrid
(Panthera uncia)

Dominant Traits: (Will add once I find his creation design notes) 
Recessive Traits:  
Carrier Traits

[[Note: Carrier Traits cannot be seen. They are the combinations that could have been but weren’t]]

Training, Mentors, Apprentices, and Armor

Past Training Experience
  • None

Borealis (I believe)

Current Apprentice
None currently

Past Apprentice
None currently

A leather coat, with straps to hold small bags onto his side. He also has two leather shoulder guards on each shoulder made up of reinforced leather. 

Personality, Biography, and History

What can be found here
Personality Traits, Background Information, and Character Quirks 

{Quiet} – {Shy} – {Loving} – {Loyal} - {Observant} 

  • Quiet 
    This one should be sorta self explanatory, but Orpheus is mute. He can't talk to anyone at all. 
  • Shy
    Mama... no... no others
    Orpheus doesn't like to hang around others he doesn't know. He prefers to stay either by his mother's side, his brother Plato, or his half-sister Ruka. Not even his other half-siblings are common rocks for him to cling too. 
  • Loving
    *rubs against Plato* Brother... 
    To the cats he knows, Orpheus LOVES them and will try to show it in anyway he can. Normally this consists of constant rubbing against them and/or licking, since he learned that from Nedria.
  • Loyal
    Mama is always right. Hunters are bad.
    Orpheus is one of those cats who believes that the leaders of the empires are always in the right, as well as his mother. Because of this, he will follow Ceres' orders to the end of the Earth, as long as it doesn't conflict with Nedria's opinions.
  • Observant
            Orpheus has an easier time noticing things than others, mainly due to his inability to speak. While he doesn't always understand what he sees, he is     
            normally the first to notice it. 

Orpheus is one of the sons of Calidius and Nedria, the other of course being Plato. Orpheus developed slower than his brother, and so Nedria didn't worry to much when Orpheus didn't start talking along side his brother. But after a month of no sounds from Orpheus and Plato's constant "He doesn't need to talk, Mama.", Nedria took him to Bird and Ruby, where the healers told her that he was mute. Despite the reassurances that the cub was fine, Nedria continued to take Orpheus to the healers den every time he would soundlessly move his mouth in an attempt to copy his mother and brother's noises. 

Shortly after Plato's run-in with the bear, Orpheus became more and more attached to his brother (in fear of losing him), his mother (though more on Nedria's fear than his own) and his half-sister Ruka (another common frequent visitor to the healer's den). In addition to becoming more attached to those he was already close to, he also became more shy to new cats, at points refusing to let go of his mother's tail or coming out from under his mother's belly. 

--  Orpheus likes to hide behind small rocks and stare at cats

--  Orpheus is mute, meaning that he cannot talk at all, Nedria is really overprotective because of that. He also cannot squeak or purr, as he has no voice box at all. Also because of this, his thoughts tend to be in smaller terms currently, since he doesn't have anyone to explain the larger words that he doesn't understand.

--  IC, Orpheus uses his tail to point at things that he wants and will sometimes attempt to make small clicking sounds with his tongue and teeth to get attention. OCC, I will post Orpheus' thoughts in Italics along with tail and head motions to try to convey his message. 

--   Orpheus will be shorter than his brother and his mother when full grown. 

Relationships and Roleplay Example

What can be found here
Family Relations, Empire Relations, 

Mate None Currently
To young


Family Lineage
Father: Tabby Tiger; Ice Empire Gladiator; Alive
Rped by KaiserTiger

Mother: Snow Leopard ; Ice Empire Gladiator; Alive
Rped by DappledSun

Half-Brother: Tabby Tiger ; Ice Empire Apprentice; Alive
Rped by Sky-Lily

Half-Brother: Tabby Tiger ; Ice Empire Apprentice ; Alive
Rped by stray-thought

Half-Sister: Tabby Tiger ; Ice Empire Apprentice ; Alive
Rped by DappledSun

Brother: Tiger / Snow Leopard ; Ice Empire Cub ; Alive
Rped by DappledSun

Half-Brother: Snow Leopard / Lynx ; Fire Empire Apprentice ; Alive
Rped by Sky-Lily

Half-Sister: Snow Leopard / Lynx : Ice Empire Apprentice ; Alive
Rped by DappledSun

Half-Brother: Snow Leopard / Lynx: ??? ; ??? 
Rped by Rininiri

Other Family Ties

Empire Relationships 


Plots and Prophecies, Wanted Status, and Empire Points

None Currently

Wanted Status 
Orpheus is probably not wanted at the moment 

Empire Statistics 
Empire Points: 0

Orpheus © Scarkit 2014
Layout is by Dappledsun who was gracious enough to let me copy and paste :3
for EmpiresBeforeClans
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Asante-Sana's avatar
No Electra Dx Poor baby has been neglected for so long not even other people know that she's Nedria's adoptive kid and pretty much saw these two be born and grow up alongside Anura *sobs*

plato and orpheus are one of (if not the) most awesome cub litters I've seen, not only in design but also in personality. I didn't know Orpheus was mute though, I wanna shoot you for hiding this from me. I love his and his brother's designs to bits though, and I'll probably draw them soon <3333 
HoundFlash's avatar
Well I mean Cyto is their adoptive brother too, but I didn't put him in there and not many people even know that XD All I put down for Orphy was biological family because that's easier currently. 

And don't shoot me for hiding it! I only realized it myself when I was rewriting his info and Tayler was all like "ya know, I don't think I've ever heard Orpheus talk in all two times we've rped. Maybe he can't." and I was like O.o.... I've never heard him talk either... HE'S SO GOOD AT HIDING! 
Asante-Sana's avatar
It's cool xD Electra probably will spend a lot of time with them, especially when Anura is hanging out with Kota and she's jealous/saddened by it all. 

Okay, I will not xD I'm just a little surprised because we had similar thoughts for our cubbies. I had wanted Athios to have a birth defect on his tongue that would prevent him from talking much, as well as having trouble eating and swallowing :3
The-Skykian-Archives's avatar
Ahhhhhhh mute little baby <33
HoundFlash's avatar
You learn so much about a cat once you actually get to writing their backstories, don't ya think? XD
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