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Natural Light : Nature Photo competition

It’s been quite a while since there was a major competition within the nature photography community and so I’ve decided to organize one to give something back to the community that has given me so much.

First things first, I have to market the competition so here goes….Winning one of the top 3 spots will be your launch to fame on Deviantart….18 months of subscriptions to be won, and features by some of the biggest and best landscape photographers on Deviantart namely….

AndyMumford :thumb67540796:

P0RG                  please don't fall, cloud by P0RG

pheelfresh        :thumb70540228:

foureyes            Starfish by foureyes

xMEGALOPOLISx         Structure of Simplicity by xMEGALOPOLISx

jjuuhhaa            Le cristal dore by jjuuhhaa

These people will also be the judges of the competition and they’re also sponsoring the prizes.

1st prize – 9 months subscription, features in 7 major journals and exclusive feature in the journal of foureyes

2nd prize – 6 months subscriptions, features in all journals except foureyes and joint feature with 1st place in  the journal of xMEGALOPOLISx

3rd prize – 3 month subscription and features in the journals of hougaard,andymumford,jjuuhhaa.p0rg,pheelfresh.


What are we looking for?

A well composed landscape photo…. The galleries of the judges will inspire you and give you an idea of what we’re looking for. Please don’t go to their galleries and think that you’ll never produce such an image…this competition is to inspire the community to get out and see how easy it actually is to take a brilliant photo if you’re out in nature for a sunset or three.

You can enter by sending me a note with a link to your submission. New deviations only.

The competition is open for entries from now until the last day of October so you all have a lot of time. Don’t rush it and don’t enter too early because you only get one entry!

I hope we get a lot of entries, anyone can enter but there will be certain standards/rules

New deviations only


No photos of the sky

B+W is welcome

Architecture photos are also welcome for the people living in big cities

Some tips…..

The most important one is to get out and go shooting!

Small things like slanted horizons and too much black shadow or blown highlights will count against you.

Try to get the color as true as you possibly can.

Twilight is always more interesting

Here’s a tutorial that will help with any exposure problems for people who can’t afford nd filters…

I will post more info on how the judging is going to work next Sunday.

So get away from your desk and go shooting!
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Pls tell me how can i enter my deviation in to it..............really want to join
krad14's avatar
when are you judging
krad14's avatar
is it done with? was i too late?
unsurehopefull's avatar
does it have to be in color?
Alex37's avatar
"B+W is welcome"
raneen's avatar
what is new deviations mean??
just october uploads??
Yukkabelle's avatar
I am not certain, but I believe it is new deviations after the day of the contest started. So I think all pictures after the 3 August are ok:D
raneen's avatar
Crawling-meower's avatar
What does "HDR" stand for?
Alex37's avatar
High dynamic range. [link]
SOpHiEsMaLlPeRsOn's avatar
ok i don't think my othr entrys have worked so this is a different attempt hope you like it =D


aFeinPhoto-com's avatar
Is there a limit to how many submission we may make?

Adriaan-DeJongh's avatar
God I've just read all these pointless reactions to your artice... man, some people!
Prizz1989's avatar
too bad i dont have a decent camera :cry:

All i have is my crappy cell
austinboothphoto's avatar
I would like to submit one now but if I happen to take another photo I like more before the end of the contest can I replace my entry with a new one?
Shinji246's avatar
hey if you come here and post your contest you will get more entries!

or if you entered you can get help for more votes on your entry!
SOpHiEsMaLlPeRsOn's avatar
My entry if the link didn't work go on my page it says 4 contest and my sunset one

[link] On A bEaCh for contest

SOpHiEsMaLlPeRsOn's avatar
how do make a link im not sure
aniutkaa's avatar
Can I join now? :>
SplatterThrash's avatar
Im pretty new in making photo´s but ill like this so much, i join.
ModestManiac's avatar
If you don't like the rules, then make your own contest with your own rules! :D
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