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This is a panorama of 2 shots. It had to be square crop due to limits of the composition in the area, and cropping one shot didn't give me the angle I wanted. The sky was amazing and I wanted to show a lot of sky and a lot of the grass, while not shooting from a too low angle because then the lit fringes of the grass would get too 'flat' in the photo if you know what I mean....The lower you shoot, the more immediate foreground you get and less of the more distant foreground.

I blended 3 different exposures in each photo, one for the grass, one for the highlight around the sun and the last for the darker part of the sky. Except for the blended exposures, not much processing. The color on the RAW images was already amazing.

Western Cape, South Africa
Sigma 10-20mm
Lee 0.9 hard grad

I know the lighting looks surreal, I know the grad line is visible. If you have advice on improving it, feel free to shoot.

I honestly don't want a comment on rule of thirds, I always compose 3rds where it works the best, if it doesn't then I won't. Respect the artist's opinion and skill on the composition of his art. It's really irritating and infuriating if you went to a mountain of effort and you produced, to the best of your abilities, what you consider to be one of your best images, and everyone just bitches and moans about things like rule of 3rds. It should actually be the 'handy tip of 3rds', it's not a rule, some people consider it a law punishable by death if betrayed.

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Canon EOS 40D
Shutter Speed
1/10 second
Focal Length
10 mm
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Aug 12, 2008, 6:10:44 PM
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thats one beautiful picture!
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heaven it is...with your eyes and creativity, highlighting/blending/cropping is an instrument towards VISION! great!
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absolutely awesome!!!
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Landscapes are not usually my thing but I love this. :heart:
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Featured in [link] - COLOR :gallery:
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Thats about the most beautiful colors ive seen with a very nice landscape. I love it.
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Who gives a fuck bout rule of thirds? Sure I use it sometimes, when I think it fits =)

It's creativity to break it!

That's an splendiferous shot you got there by the way
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Great shot. I agree that blending was the way to go. I assume bracketed exposures? I hate the beauty of the sun low on a hard horizon like that :D. I suppose a softer grad would help lessen the line, but of course you'd have more exposure compensation issues. You could always do some gradient overlay touchups in photoshop if that suits your style. it's been a lifesaver for fixing oddities like that grad line for me several times. I also agree on the rule of 3rds topic. calling it a hard rule regarding artistic creativity is similar to phrasing something like "the liberties of a jail cell" ;).

Keep up the awesome work!
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I think the composition is beautiful. :) The sunlight makes me smile!
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this is gorgeous, i would love to live there.
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Your art has been featured here: [link] :D
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That's one of the most gorgious pictures I've ever seen!
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Hi! Your work is featured here [link]
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Lovely photo, real punchy colour and crisp!!!

Thanks for writing the detail of on the shoot and post production, it's really helpful. I've been having trouble with the sun burning out and taking out the surrounding colour and hadn't tumbled taking a specific exposure for this. I use a similar technique for my photos, but have avoided shooting in to the sun as I'd didn't have a work round. Life's so much simpler when you share isn't it, haha. Thanks man.

I use a similar technique as HousePhotographer for the line of a grade filter, masking and a soft brush like in this shot of mine [link]

As for rule of 3rds, well some days I only use a 1/3rd of them :laughing:
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This is so beautiful!!!
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