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Hot Wheels photography by PK3001
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HW: Realm Racing Adventures - Ep. 2, ForestPreviously on Realm Racing Adventures: Diego had introduced his friends, Ean and Niko, to his newest friend, Luke, who kindly gave them a tour of his insane mansion in South Nevada and impressive car collection, explaining how he got everything. After Diego mentioned that he and Luke had tied in a fairly recent race they had, the two had an epic rematch. After that was said and done, Casey and Tom had found an unusual location out in the desert, which turned out to be the AcceleDrome. Once Diego and his friends had arrived, they had learned that there are many dimensions outside their own, all of which were exciting and extreme tracks to test and improve their driving skills. After the drivers had installed the mandatory modifications, they had entered their first realm...,

(Upon entering the portal and into the realm, the eight drivers were greeted to the track which went through a woodland forest surrounded by trees, woodland creatures, and mountains)Luke: The hell is this place?Ean: Looks like a forest.Diego: No kidding.Tracey: Sure is beautiful!~Tom: Yup, this is indeed the Forest Realm. According to Dr. Tezla's files, you should switch to off-road treads for this Realm.Niko: (Nods) Got it. Switching to off road tires. (He reaches over to his left and presses a button to activate the switch of tires as it proceeds to do so as Niko feels the car now switch and it changes the handling of the car) W-Whoa…!(Diego, Luke and Ean did the same, and had the same result as Niko)Luke: The hell?!Ean: Damn!Diego: Alright. What now?Tom: The skills of the realm are to take shortcuts and drive off-road.Niko: Shortcuts and driving off road… and it doesn’t help that the cars suddenly now have some loose handling…Ean: Nothing wrong with shortcuts, but who knows what lies ahead.Luke: Alright. Let's roll.(The eight drivers continued through the realm)Luke: (He then took a sharp right as he found a shortcut) Thank heavens I have my glasses on for this one. Can hardly see shit even WITH them. (As he drove through the shortcut, he came across some bears) FUCK! (He swerved around them, mostly unable to pull his gun)Diego: What happened?Luke: Huge-ass bears came outta nowhere. Had to be at least two of em, definitely slightly larger than even the fucking grizzlies in Tacoma!Christina: Jesus!Luke: Glad I got the DX12 Punisher gun with me.Casey: You're welcome.Luke: (Eventually, he came across 3 more large bears, and shot one of them, killing it) Gotcha, bitch! (He soon got back onto the road, ahead of the others)Diego: Damn! I knew Luke was kinda cold, but I wouldn't expect him to kill a freaking bear!Ean: Me either!Niko: You can say that again.Luke: Hey, I would've been killed if I didn't! Fucking huge paws, man. Easily can rip a door off!Christina: Whoa…Jessie: (She noticed more paths up ahead) Hmm, I say we split up, guys.Niko: Right… Hmm.. I’ll take the left up ahead, who knows I might get lucky.Jessie: Good luck, everyone.(The drivers then split up on their own paths)Casey: Alright, this track isn't too bad.Luke: But for real, watch out for those fucking bears.Casey: (He then came across some of them) Oh, I spoke too soon!Luke: Need me to get the DX12?Casey: No, (He reaches for his Micro Uzi) I got it.Luke: Alright.Casey: (He then sprayed some rounds at the bears; Some of them were killed, and it was clear now that these bears were extremely hostile towards all life that enters the forest) Oh, now they're pissed…Luke: They'd probably try to kill us either way.Casey: Noted. (He continued deeper through his path through the realm)(Meanwhile with Ean, he traveled through the path he took and everything seemed to be going just fine for him)Ean: So far, so good, this place. (Suddenly he heard the sound of trees groaning) What the hell? (He looked in his mirror and saw the trees were starting to topple over! And they weren't birches, they were solid mahogany!) Oh shit! (He began to dodge the toppling trees as they fell onto the track; Luckily, he avoided all of them) Jesus Christ, that was close! (While he had escaped the falling trees, that wasn't the end of them causing problems for the others)(Meanwhile with Niko, he was heading down the path he took, and so far it's going fine as he looked around in his car as he sees starts to see a little fog or mist in the area)Niko: Is that fog…?Tom: Yup.Niko: Looks like the track is gonna be a bit hard to see… (He goes to turn on his headlights to see better, but he saw he was coming up to a large hill) HUH!? (He grunts as he slams the brakes and side hits the door) GAH! Dead end! (He was about to switch his gears to reverse till he then noticed something in the corner of his eye, a large machine with eight giant wheels) Hmm? (He reverses for a sec and then turns the wheel and drives to it and stops to see the Big Machine that's in front of him)Tom: What'd you find, Niko?Niko: It's… some kind of a machine.Tom: Machine? I think there was something about that in Tezla's files.Niko: What did it say?Tom: It's called a Caterpillar Hyperpod, it'll help you get over that steep hill, Niko.Niko: Caterpillar Hyperpod, huh… Interesting. Let's see what this machine can do… (He then drives onto the hyperpod, into the front section, and gets locked in; Slowly but surely, he starts climbing up the steep hill)(Meanwhile with Diego and Luke, they heard the sounds of the trees falling against each other)Diego: Uh oh… that doesn't sound good…Luke: (He sees trees falling down) You're fucking joking!Diego: We can avoid them, use the Nitrox!Luke: Alright. Let's just get the fuck outta here. It's as if those fucking trees are sentient or something!(Diego and Luke hit their Nitrox booster buttons, which made their cars accelerate very hard, both leaving a pair of fire-trails behind; They both narrowly avoided the falling trees by a few feet!)Diego: Phew! That was WAY too goddamn close!Luke: Large-ass bears. Sentient trees. What's next? Swarms or fires?Diego: I wouldn't speak too soon if I were you…(Meanwhile with Christina and Tracey, they were driving through probably the most beautiful and majestic part of the realm, although that beauty wasn't gonna last for long)Christina: Looks like we chose the right path, Tracey! This is downright beautiful!(But then a loud sound, sounding like a deep, long, drawn-out rumble, with sounds of trees snapping in the distance could be heard distantly; Judging by the volume of the noise, it was roughly a mile away, but it was getting closer, fast)Tracey: What the hell?Christina: That doesn't sound good… (She looked in her mirror, and to her horror saw a mudslide) Tracey, FLOOR IT!Tracey: I saw it too. Hope the others are ahead, else they'll be trapped! (She floored it immediately, gaining a considerable amount of distance between herself and the mudslide, and for good measure, she and Christina used their Nitrox boosters to evade it)Christina: Whoo!!!(Turned out it was necessary, as well, as there would be more yet to come)(Meanwhile with Jessie)Jessie: What the hell was that noise earlier?Christina: Mudslide!Jessie: The fuck!?Tracey: I know, right?! What's up with you?Jessie: Didn't encounter anything, apart from a swarm of wasps.Christina: Even though I hate those too, that doesn't sound too bad…Jessie: Yeah, not compared to those trees and that mudslide.Tracey: Well, we're not out of the woods yet, pun intended.Jessie: No kidding. Wonder how the others are doing. (She then came across some of the bears, and having enough of them, she whacked one with her door; This just pissed off the bear more, although it did disorient it enough to stumble on its paws) Eat it, Grizzly!Tracey: Actually, didn't Luke say those were LARGER than grizzlies?Jessie: Oh, right… (She then saw she was coming up towards a ditch really fast) Oh, shit! (She then used her jump jets to avoid falling in) Phew!Christina: Damn! Close call, huh?Jessie: Too close for comfort.Christina: I think I figured that much.(Soon, everyone then got back onto the main road; Niko finished his use with the hyperpod)Luke: I heard that loud rumbling noise earlier.Tracey: Tina and I almost got all kinds of dirty.Diego: Luke and I almost got crushed by the trees!Ean: Same with me!Christina: Good lord… The Accelerons didn't mess around with designing these tracks!Luke: Something tells me we've got a much bigger surprise coming our way soon, so… Don't let your guard down too quickly.Diego: You're not wrong… (He points to the road ahead, which leads to a 45 degree incline down the mountain)Niko: What!? A-A Down Slope!?!Ean: Oh shit…Luke: Fucking hell. Here goes nothing.Casey: Things are gonna get REAL bumpy.Jessie: Hold on tight, everyone!(The drivers then approached the upcoming incline, then approached the edge and went downhill, trying to lower their velocities as much as possible, but the loose gravel and dirt kept them from doing so, so they had to rely on coasting down and using their brakes if possible; They did their best to avoid all the trees, boulders and went over some small jumps)Niko: WHOA!!!!Tracey: Ohh shiiit!!!Ean: GOING DOWN!!!!(Eventually, they all reached the bottom after a hot minute or so, albeit with their cars accelerating a lot faster than they normally would)Christina: Phew! That was crazy!Luke: You're telling me. (He then smelled smoke) Wait... Don't fucking tell me...Niko: What is it now, Luke?Luke: I smell smoke. Seems to be coming from half a mile away.Ean: That better not be what I think it means.Diego: (Sniffs) Oh, yeah, I'm smelling it too.Niko: Shit…Luke: Definitely none of our brakes. (Cough!) Jesus Christ, what the fuck…?? (He then turned pale for a second, and looked at one of the others)Niko: (He then sees something up ahead where he saw the smoke and it seems to get wider and darker as he saw tons of flames around the forest) A.. Forest Fire..!?Christina: Good lord! It looks like Hell on Earth!Luke: Well don't fucking sit there! Move, move, move! We're getting the hell out of this inferno! (Pause for 1.5 seconds) No pun intended.(Everyone sped through the burning forest as fast as they could, avoiding the falling branches)Diego: Look out!Luke: Wait, how much time do we even have left? Could've sworn there's an hour limit, right?Tom: You've got five minutes left, guys, get out of there quick!Niko: FIVE MINUTES?!Ean: STEP ON IT, GANG!!!!Luke: Well, we're gonna survive if we MOVE! Now come on, floor it! MOVE!!Niko: Well, we're gonna need more than that, use the Nitrox!!Luke: Good call.(Everyone used their Nitrox booster, making them accelerate hard, and leave a fire-trail behind; Unfortunately, some flaming branches fell onto the track in front of seven of the drivers, except Ean)Diego: Crap!Tom: Don't worry, guys, if Ean can make it to the portal, the realm will "power down", and the fires will go out!Christina: It's up to you, Ean!Ean: Don't you worry, guys! Nothing's gonna stop this speed demon from winning!Niko: But even if Ean goes through the portal, that doesn't stop the time of the realm, right!?Tracey: We can still make it, just give it all when the fires are out!Ean: (He pulls away from the others and catches view of the portal) I see the portal! Here goes nothing! (Avoiding all the falling branches and using his nitrox booster on the final stretch, he flies off the final jump through the portal, and back into the AcceleDrome) Lil Ozz takes the checkered flag! Whoo! Now THAT was an exhilarating race! (He then sees an AcceleCharger in his possession) Whoa! This must be the AcceleCharger. Sick, dude.Tom: Congrats, Ean!(Meanwhile, back in the realm, the fires went out from heavy rain)Casey: Alright, let's GO!!! (He pushes the fallen branches out of the way, and he speeds down the track using his Nitrox once again)(The others then follow Casey down the track, and also uses the Nitrox once again; Soon enough, they fly through the portal and back into the AcceleDrome with Ean)Luke: That was intense, and with only a few seconds to spare! (The portal closed right when he said that)Niko: Whew… that was too close… (Wipes the sweat from his hair)Luke: Yeah. No shit!Ean: Hey, guys!(They all looked at Ean as he holds up the AcceleCharger that he won at the end of the race)Christina: Ooh! That must be one of the AcceleChargers we heard about earlier!Luke: Wicked, Ean! (Cough!) Fuck!Diego: Easy there, Luke.Tom: Lemme go study that, Ean.Ean: You got it, partner. (He hands Tom the AcceleCharger, who then goes to the lab to study it)Tracey: Alright, so that was pretty fun, in a very crazy, dangerous sense.Luke: I'm just glad we survived and escaped. That's all that matters to me.Christina: Ditto!Niko: You can say that again…Luke: (His voice is now noticeably raspy from the smoke) Yeah. I'll go grab myself something to drink if I can find something. I'll be right back.Niko: Anyone got an oxygen tank…? I nearly suffocated in that smoke from the forest fire trying to get out of the realm… Luke: Yeah. Located at your 7 o'clock position. Ten meters or so.Niko: Good...Tom: I suggest you get a good rest, or work on your cars if necessary, you're going to need it.Luke: Good… Call… Damn, it feels like my face is burning.Tom: Hmm, I should make some more mods to make sure stuff like this doesn't happen again.(Christina then gives Ean a big hug, who smiles as she hugged him)Christina: You did great out there, Ean!Ean: Thanks, Christina. You weren't so bad yourself.Christina: Yeah, that mudslide really caught me and Tracey off guard!Ean: I bet it did. The falling trees were crazy and I didn't want any of them landing on my ride.Christina: That would've sucked in so many ways.Ean: Agreed. I'd be pissed if my precious Viper gets heavily damaged.Christina: I would think so. Anyways, how about we take your new Road Runner to my brother's auto shop?Ean: Sounds like a good idea to me.Christina: Great!(Ean and Christina then hooked up the Road Runner on a trailer behind the latter's RX-7, and towed it to the garage)(Meanwhile, Luke and Niko were in the infirmary recovering from the heavy amounts of smoke they encountered in the realm)Luke: Just consider ourselves lucky that we didn't get lung damage, or worse.Niko: (He was still breathing in the oxygen tank) The smoke was very thick… it even got close to a point where it smelled like smoke in my car as the fire had spread out more as we got close to the end of the realm…Luke: Tell me about it. How on Earth did it even spread that fast?!Diego: Ask the Accelerons.Luke: Then again, overgrowth does contribute to fast spreading and intensity of all wildfires in general, so that kind of explains things, logically.Jessie: Exactly. Niko: At least we made it back in one piece…Luke: Yeah. And we can thank Ean for that.Diego: Mm-hmm.Luke: I just hope the next realm doesn't involve my worst enemy, the cold.Jessie: You never know.Niko: Anything can happen…Diego: Alright, I'm gonna go to bed now.Niko: I might as well spend the night here, still recovering from that realm.Luke: Yeah, same here. My eyes are still a little twitchy, so I'm probably going to just have to deal with it. (Pause for a second) Least the desert isn't too hot at night.Tom: Actually, I saw a sleeping quarters here.Luke: Where?Tom: North side of the AcceleDrome.Luke: Cool. Thanks, man.Niko: I'll stay here in the Infirmary for the night… I'll use the sleeping quarters tomorrow…Diego: Hope you recover, Niko.(Diego, Luke, Casey, Tracey, and Jessie then went to bed)Diego: Night, guys.To be continued...


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