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How To Train Your Dragon OC: Annlisa Bonnie Jensen
Character Info
Name: Annlisa asta Jensen
Gender: female
Dragon’s Name: moonlight and tsuki
Basic Info
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: red
Skin tone: light tan/fair

Age: same as hiccup
Body looks:
Httyd:Annlisa is androgynous(masculine yet feminine), she wears boy clothes even though she is a girl. Her hair is waist length hair which is always in a low or high ponytail. Hourglass figure, Athletic, lean and slim, just the right amount of muscle define her body, a six-pack, few scars here & there from building weapons and training moonlight and tsuki, she is a 48 B cup bust, doe like eyes, soft plumed lips, fair skin, apple butt, curvy body,
Httyd 2 & 3: Annlisa is androgynous(masculine yet feminine), she wears boy clothes even though she is a gir
:iconhotshot432:hotshot432 0 0
white feathered night fury by hotshot432 white feathered night fury :iconhotshot432:hotshot432 9 0
transformers oc: Kazuhiko S.B Emily Witwicky
Full Name:
Cybertronian: Silverbrust
human: Kazuhiko Emily witwicky
Nickname(s)/Alias: SB, hiko, kazu, strawberry(Sam), silver, em, Emil and mil
Human:Tf:18, TF2:20, TF3: 22, TF4: 25, TF5:28
Cybertronian: 4 vorns(654 years)mw & 18 vorns(1,494 years) aw
What universe does this character live in?:transformers bay-verse
Species/Race: cybertronian 
Theme Song(s)(Optional):     and 
Hair: waist length black and lime green hair
Eyes: cyan blue
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 132
Skin tone: light tan 
:iconhotshot432:hotshot432 4 0
Fairy Tail OC: Hoshibi Fukushima
Information of Character 
Name (last, first): Fukushima , Hoshibi
Nickname: hoshi, shibi 
Age: 18
Birthday (if known): dec.24
Species: human
Sexual Orientation: bi
About Him/Her 
Personality: calm and intelligent,very brave, very cunning and clever, easily-annoyed, can be kind,Loyal, extremely extremely observant, very Respectful, very Fast learner, she is very Trustworthy, sometimes comes off as anti-social to anyone else, can be mature,doesn't show emotions very well around people that she don't know ,can be very blunt,can be stoic at times. Independent, Temperamental when mad or sick, Kundere, is very Crafty, is a girl of a few words and expressions.
Good Habits: hard-working, Kind, Generosity, Self-confident, Strong Willed, Energetic, Mature, Respectful, very Intelligent, calm, crafty, knows how and when to hold back, and loyal.
Bad Habits: Hoshibi doesn't Shows Her Emotions very well( but you can se
:iconhotshot432:hotshot432 0 0
Furry oc: gen'ichiro bunta yoshihisa
Name: gen'ichiro bunta yoshihisa
Nickname/s (if any): ichiro, gen, bun-bun(little sister), unta, and Chiro 
Gender: male
Age: 19
Date of Birth: December 22
Sexuality: bisexual
With those he know: clam, love able, friendly, nice, funny, Tsundere
with strangers: cold and emotionless, kuudere
- sports
- being with friends
- sweets
- dancing
- Cooking
- all music 
- being with friend 
- art
- taking a nap under the Sakura trees in his  
- reading and drawing manga
- reading yaoi
- taking pictures
- listening to music
- playing instruments
- being underestimated 
- being called weak(when he is stronger then he lets on)
- woken up a the middle of a nap
- seeing his friend sad or anyone sad
- being mistaken for a girl
- being reminded of his past
- being bullied because of his scars
Eyes: same as the picture
Hair:same as the pictu
:iconhotshot432:hotshot432 0 0
Diabolik Lovers Oc: Sasuke Komori
Biographical Information
Name: Sasuke Shukaku Komori(Kunimitsu)
Kanji: ~~~
Pronunciation: ~~~
Sign: Scorpio 
Birthday: nov.14
Age: 17
Status: Alive
Nickname(s): Sasu-kun, shu, Kaku, suke, su su, shuka 
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race: Vampire/werewolf
Ethnicity: Japanese/Irish/Scottish/Romanian 
Gender: male
Height: 206 cm (6'9")
Weight: 107.05 kg (236lbs)(mostly muscle)
Blood Type: ab
Eye Color: changes color do to his mood(
Hair Color/Style: same as the picture
Professional Status
Occupation: Attends school as a 2nd year student, martial artist(master/black belt) and Model   
Affiliation: the Sakamaki
Personal Status
:iconhotshot432:hotshot432 1 2
Transformers prime oc: The Fujioka Siblings
*change three of their eyes to blueish green and make the hair the same color of honey brown. the girl on the left take away the eye patch and make her hair longer & the boy on the right change his hair to silver and his eye color to red*
Full Name:
Tetsuya midorima fujioka(1st born twin)
tsuki temari fujioka(2nd born twin),
taiga sasuke fujisoka(3rd born twin),
:iconhotshot432:hotshot432 1 1
Diabolik lovers oc: Hitachi Sakamaki
*change his hair color to silver and brown, darker his skin tone*
Biographical Information
Name: Hitachi/satachi Sakamaki
Kanji: 日立 坂巻
Pronunciation: he-ta-ch-ee sa-ka-ma-ki
Sign: Scorpio 
Birthday: nov.2
Age: 2 years older then shu
Status: Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race: Vampire
Ethnicity: Japanese
Gender: male
Height: 206cm (6'9")
Weight: 97.98kg ( 219lbs)
Blood Type: b
Eye Color: they change depending on his mood(
Hair Color/Style: brown fading into
:iconhotshot432:hotshot432 2 0
X-Men OC - Shikamaru Fuyutake Inuzuka
First Name: Shikamaru (with his glasses) and Fukashi(without his glasses)
Middle Name: Fuyutake
Surname: Inuzuka
Nicknames: shika, kashi, yutake, fuyu, and fuka
Code Name: copy-cat(i change it later)
Gender: Male
Race: Asian/European 
Species: Human, Mutant.
Birthday: April 14
Age: 19
Star Sign: Aries
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Irish/Norwegian/japanese/Chinese  
Skin Tone: light Olive
Height: 5' 12"
Weight: 128lbs
Blood Type: AB
Face Shape: Heart
Hair Color: dark red with a hint of black( like this ) 
Hair Length: Waist length 
Hair Style: down or high ponytail.
Eye Shape: ALMOND and doe-like
Eye Color: green with specks of brown and grey(when Shikamaru in control) and dark blue with specks of purple(when Fukashi in control)
:iconhotshot432:hotshot432 0 3
Attack On Titan OC: Akari Yaeger
*change her hair and eye color, and skin tone*
Name: Akari belrose Yaeger
Meaning: ~~~
Nickname(s): Kari, rose, and bel
Alias (if any): ~~~
Age:  8 years younger than Levi(22)
Gender: female
Species : fox shifter( aka Kitsune)
Birthday: April 15
Birthplace (Which Wall, What town, etc.):  wall Maria, shiganshina district 
Current Residence (Which Wall, What town, etc.): wall rose, trots district
Sexual Orientation: bisexual 
Marital Status (Single, Married, etc.): single
Language(s) spoken: German, French,and Japanese 
Life-Long Dream: having a wold free of Titans
Goal(s): see the outside world
Affiliation: scouting legion
Former Affiliation: 104th training corps
Grad. Rank: 1st
Grad. Path (Survey Corps, etc): survey corps
Number of Titans Killed: 78+ solo, 23+ in a team(she stopped counting)
Status (Alive, Missing, etc.): Alive
(Optional) If anything but alive tell what happened: n/a
- going on adventures 
- being independent 
- having fun
:iconhotshot432:hotshot432 0 3
Vampire Knight/diabolik lovers OC: Hitoshi kuran
*chance hair to brown with silver highlights, remove the markings, and add a hint of red to his eyes
Name: Hitoshi kuran
Name meaning (if any):even-tempered; level,  pure 
- shika
- kio
- doe-chan
- little pup
Alais(s){if any}: Akio Shikamaru daichi Sakamaki
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: hermaphrodite(more male than female on the outside but more female than male on the inside)
Height: 168cm (5'6)
Weight: 60.78kg (134lbs)
Sexual Orientation: gay
Relationship Status (taken, single, etc.):single for now
Species (Human, half-blood vampire, or pure-blood vampire): full vampire full Inu daiyokai (dog demon)
(Half-blood vampires only) When bitten and by who?:n/a
Night Class StudentNight school student modelfashion designercomposer and idol
Human age: 15-16
Vampire age (get rid of vampire age if human): 1,000+
Birthday: July 18
astrological sign/zodiac: ca
:iconhotshot432:hotshot432 1 3
NARUTO Shippuuden OC: Hiroshi tamashiro/sarutobi
Name: Hiroshi tamashiro/sarutobi later becomes hiroshi aburame  
Age: 12-13(Part I) 16-17(Part II) 19-20(the last) 24-25(boruto:nng)
Species: human
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual 
Birthday: dec.25
Before the bulling and abuse: Hiroshi was happy-go-lucky, friendly, innocent, cheerful, timed, bubbly, and shy when meeting someone new or argound someone he didn't know, and happy as any little kid should be
After the bulling and abuse: when not around his adoptive family or those his trust he can be very kuudere but has a soft side that many don't get to see, hiroshi only speaks when something needs to be said; his intelligent and observant nature taking in much more than many realize, making him a wise advisor to those who seek his counsel. comes off emotionless and a bit anti-social, tsunade strong, scary when mad, smartass(when annoyed), uke-ish, can be rude when wants to be, short-tempered, he is pr
:iconhotshot432:hotshot432 0 0
Diabolik lovers oc: Akamori Fujimoto
Biographical Information
Name: Akamori Mifune Fujimoto
Kanji: 丹盛 美舟 藤本
Pronunciation: A-ka-mo-ri Mi-fu-ne Fu-ji-mo-to
Sign: Taurus
Birthday: April 21
Age: 18
Status: Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race: Vampire and werewolf
Ethnicity: Japanese and German
Gender: male( but was supposed to be female)
Height: 196 cm (6'5")
Weight:76.66 kg (169lbs)
Blood Type: b
Eye Color: they change depending on his mood(
Hair Color/Style:  
Human form: same as the picture
Normal form: silver fading into black, silky and curly at the end, bang covering the left eye
Professional Status
Occupation: Attends school as a 3rd year student, music artist(idol) and model
Affiliation: the Sakamaki and mukami families
Personal Status
Ludwig Fujimoto(dead,father)
Akari Fujimoto(dead,mother)
Akahiko Fujimoto(Dead, older brother by a year)
Hobbies: Baking, Drawing, cooking
:iconhotshot432:hotshot432 1 0
Diabolik lovers oc: Kurenai Hatsuyuki Komori
Biographical Information
Name: Kurenai Hatsuyuki Komori (real name is kurenai izumo)
Kanji: 小森 初雪 紅  
Pronunciation: Ku-re-nai Ha-tsu-yu-ki ko-mo-ri 
Sign: libra
Birthday: sep.24
Age: 18
Status: Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race: snow leopard/tiger Neko
Ethnicity: 1/3 Japanese, 1/3 German, 1/3 Irish 
Gender: female
Height: 185cm (6'1")
Weight: 67.59kg (149lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Eye Color: they change depending on her mood(
Hair Color/Style: curly and smooth med long reddish-blonde mostly down or a low ponytail
Professional Status
Occupation: Attends school as a 3rd year student
Affiliation: the Sakamaki and Mukami f
:iconhotshot432:hotshot432 1 0
Vampire Knight/diabolik lovers OC: kuroko kuran
Name: kuroko kuran
Name meaning (if any): black or shadow , pure 
- ku-chan(by the kuran servants)
- koko-chan(by the kuran servants)
- Kuro-chan(by the kuran servants)
- tsune
-Sun-chan( by kanato)
- fneko-chan(by kou)
-fox-chan(by ayato and laito)
Alais(s){if any}: Izumo Katsune Sakamaki
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: female
Height: 175cm (5'9)
Weight: 63.03kg (139lbs)
Sexual Orientation:bisexual
Relationship Status (taken, single, etc.):single for now
Species (Human, half-blood vampire, or pure-blood vampire): full pure-blood vampire half nine-tailed Kitsune fox
(Half-blood vampires only) When bitten and by who?:n/a
Night Class StudentNight school student 
Human age: 15-16
Vampire age (get rid of vampire age if human): unknown 
Birthday: December 25
astrological sign/zodiac: capricorn
Birthstone: turquoise
Blood-type (if h
:iconhotshot432:hotshot432 2 0
Diabolik lovers oc: Toshiro Sakamaki
Biographical Information
Name: Toshiro Sakamaki (real name: Toshiro Costea)
Kanji: 坂巻 冬士郎
Pronunciation: To-Shi-Ro-u suh-ah-kuh-ah-muh-ah-kuh-ee
Sign: Taurus 
Birthday: November 4th
Age: 16
Status: Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race: Vampire/nine-tailed Kitsune
Ethnicity: 1/2 Japanese and 1/2 Romanian 
Gender: hermaphrodite(born as a girl and grow up as a boy)
Height: 175.26 cm (5'10")
Weight: 65.88kg (145lbs 4oz)
Blood Type: AB+
Eye Color: Heterochromia ( left is a dark Amber and right is a blue-gray)
Hair Color/Style: silver fading into blonde, silky and wavy (
Professional Status
Occupation: Attends school as a 1st year student and artist
Affiliation: the Sakamaki family
Personal Status
Sasha Costea(dead, vampire father)
Hoshiko Co
:iconhotshot432:hotshot432 1 0


[Hetalia] [Bully!Prussia x Male!Reader] [Two-shot]
Warning... there may be a few references that people may not understand. There are additional characters that do not come from Hetalia, such as Attack on Titan and Black Butler. Caution: Long story.
Italics will be in French or German respectively. Enjoy!

You huffed, stuffing your homework back in your bag. 'The Awesome Prussia', otherwise known as Gilbert, had pushed you down earlier and took your history homework, making the notes and homework spill out onto the floor from your [C] sling bag. A few of the other students sighed pitifully at you.
Why were you bullied? It was simple. You looked rather feminine, and were very quiet and reserved. Many people had doubts about your gender, and many questioned your sexual orientation. Yes, indeed you were a closet homosexual, and you knew the likely consequences of coming out to people. Most would laugh at your face, and Gilbert would likely push you around more harshly. That was only one of the many secrets you kept.
:iconkyurito:Kyurito 63 35
AmericaX Reader My secret Chapter 11
"GAH!" You said to Alfred on the way to your first world meeting. "I sound-a like Feliciano!" You groaned, putting your head on the table with a loud "THUNK". Alfred laughed. You hated your new Italian accent…
"I think you sound way cuter." He said. You smiled up at him. "Really!"
"Well-a Grazi." You said. "By the way, did you-a ever pick up-a on an accent?" You asked. He nodded.
"A couple of times actually." He said. "Let's see…" But he was interrupted.
"Oy!" You heard someone call from behind you. You both looked to see Bretagne coming towards you… hanging off of a very smug looking Gilbert's arm. "How's it going? Did you finish ze World War Two studies?" She asked, running up next to you, and pulling Gilbert next to her. You nodded.
"That was-a like an hour ago sorella." You said. She laughed.
"Zat Italian blood runs strong through your veins." Gilbert laughed. "You sound like Italy… only cuter." He said as an afterthought.
"Haha- told you." Alfred said with a gr
:iconkandaluvr:kandaluvr 86 332
Canada x Mute!reader Canadian snow Part 1
'Just another great day in Canada' You thought as you shivered against the cold of what was the canadian winter.
You were cold, tired, hungry, and weak. Your lack of clothing made it nearly possible for you to stay alive. Trying to make a fire was utmost futile. you had no weapons to use to hunt either.
'This can't get any worse' you thought, only to have regretted it. Why?
It started to rain.
'Mother %$#@!" You thought. Your clothes becoming damp, soggy, and wet. Making you even more colder.
Even trees couldn't give you any shelter at this point in time.
'I guess ill just have to except my fate." You thought.
the cold  was giving you pneumonia (i was surprised i could spell it)and frostbite. Your shoes were thin and had holed in them making your feet numb and useless. Your scarf tattered and worn out. Your clothes itchy, damp, soggy, cold, worn out, and thin. Your jeans dirty and torn. It was awful.
You were weak from loss of sleep, food, and warmth. 'Well this is it," You t
:iconmisscheeseycake:misscheeseycake 74 6
America x Reader: My Secret Identity CH1
America x Reader: My Secret Identity chapter I: How It All Started
___ circled the article from the newspaper with a bright red marker before neatly folding the newspaper again and put it under her arm. She then put on her shoes and jacket, grabbed the bag sat in a corner of the hallway and turned around to look at the empty aparnment for one last time before she stepped out of the apartment and closed the door after her. Her taxi waited for her and she stepped in.
”7th street. I’ll say when to stop.” She said to the cabby and he nodded in reply.
”Sure thing, m’am.”
___ watched as the many streets and roads of Washington passed by her window on her way to 7th street where her new home would be located. She had found a notice about an open spot for a roommate a few weeks earlier and had called the very same day.
The man who owned the apartment was someone called Alfred Jones and seemed to be overjoyed that a woman wanted to be his r
:iconazumariko:azumariko 37 15
Mature content
AmericaxAbused!Teen!Reader- The switch. Ch.2 :iconflyingpastakitty:FlyingPastaKitty 24 15
Get off me! - Clingy!Dog!America x Reader
|Get off me!|Clingy! Dog! America x Reader Chapter 1
You continued to groan softly from your full stomach that felt as though it was going to explode. Your back slid down slowly on the comfortable chair you were currently sitting on, eyes shut as you tried to endure your bloated state. After a moment of resting, you cracked open your eyes to see a half eaten burger sitting on your plate waiting to be stuffed into your mouth. Too bad that the delicious, delectable sandwich was going to have to wait.
"Ugh... Why did the burger have to be so freaking huge?" You murmured, rubbing your circles on your stomach. You blew a stray hair away from your face as you struggled to sit up straight, the heavy weight on your front side preventing you from doing so as if you were pregnant. Your arms crossed itself on the single dining table as your weary head decided to rest upon it. Head turned to the side, you watched the customers in the café with a ro
:iconalfredosauce50:Alfredosauce50 133 20
Beyond the Crosshair(Hitman!Jones x Reader)Preview
Scroll down and select Part 1: The Target, if you want to read :D

Synopsis: After witnessing the horrible shooting of a high official from the underground, you are marked for death with your head prized at 10 million dollars. Contract killers from different corners of the globe fly to New York to claim their prize, one of which just happens to be the former charge of your neighbor...

Hitman!Jones belongs to 
I don't own Hetalia or any of its characters. 
All rights go to their respective owners. 
Inspired by:

Despite how the hands in my watch told me it was already 12:07, the entire city of New York was still awake. All the buildings and every sign had their lights on. The traffic didn’t get any bet
:iconburgersnscones72136:burgersnscones72136 32 11
Bad day at the smithsonian
(Bing, Bong, ladies and gentlemen come see the mummies of ancient Egypt on the second floor and don’t forget about our latest exhibit of old time England on the third floor. On the way out please consider the gift shop, have a wonderful day.) Spoke the enthusiastic lady over the intercom that (Y/N) knew was simply a recording being played causing a slight eye roll as she looked up at the ceiling after all she’d heard it about the 3000th time that day. (Y/N) really did like working in the Smithsonian mainly though for the history not so much the commercialism either way her job awaited her, looking around (Y/N) didn’t really see anyone who need assistance so she made her way towards the elevator so she could work the new exhibits upstairs. As (Y/N) waited for the elevator just as the doors opened a young man burst through them instantly knocking the young woman to the ground with a startled cry but the guy didn’t stop simply kept hurrying off leaving a very start
:icondrade666:drade666 11 3
Harry Potter x Spirited Away [No-Face!Reader]
Harry Potter x Spirited Away [No-Face!Reader|Hermione]
You really couldn't understand how you ended up where you were. All you had done was take a walk out side of Zeniba's yard, a little bit into the woods, and the next thing you knew, you were no where near the lovably witch's house. For a moment, you feared Yubaba had put up a spell so that she could get a pay back after you had gone rampage at her bath house, but in the end, it seemed unreal that she would do that. It wasn't that you fear the old witch, in fact, you really didn't think much about her. But you also knew that meeting her rage would be very troublesome.
Looking around you, all you could see was trees. It seemed like you were still in a forest, but not the one that you were in just a few seconds ago. This one had an different atmosphere compared to the one around Zeniba's house. While the forest back home was peaceful and calm, this one seemed very dangerous; like there was something lurking around.
Looking down
:iconnixdex:nixdex 59 12
2P!America x Child!Reader - Frostings
Frostings... This is one thing you wanna use instead of dog poop. Especially when he hates sweets.
Who is this 'he' your talking about? Well, its one of your brothers, Allen. Why do you wanna do this? We all know that money can't just disappear or fly of. You actually found that he stolen your money from your piggybank while your at school. And the reason why he took them is unknown to you. So you decided to take a little revenge since he stole your money continuously for 2 weeks now. It's time to have fun, shall we?
You entered the living room in which Allen could be seen sleeping on one of the couch. You slowly sneak your way to his boots, that was beside the couch he was sleeping on. You then proceed to spray the frostings inside his boots then put it back before you leave.
You ran up to your room and waited excitedly for him to wake up.
After half an hour, you were heading toward the kitchen
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 351 91
One Week Of Fun|2P!Hetalia X Child!Reader
'5th of May XXXX
Dear Diary,
                Today, big brother Matt bought me a bicycle while big brother Allen bought me roller blades. But when we went to the park, they both argued on which I'd play first. I got tired of waiting, so I went to a nearby store for candies and chocolate with my pocket money then went to buy [favourite flavour] ice cream. When I returned back to the park, Matt and Al weren't there. I sat sat and waited on a bench until daddy came to bring me home. He said that he'd make cupcakes for Matt and Al but right now, all I heard is them screaming.
6th of May XXXX
Dear Diary,
                Today, I went to visit Mr.Luciano. He made me lasagna and told me about his weird dream that had yesterday. He said that he was dancing with a giant dancing pasta in 'So You Think You Can Dance'. Mr.Lutz came and said that that dream might be the reason why M
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 194 25
Make Over|2P!Canada x Child!Reader
Carrying your make-up box set, you entered your big brother's room. As you enter, you saw Matthieu reading a newspaper.
"Matt!", you beamed but got no responds, "Matt!"
"Allen stole your underwear..."
"Aaaahhh! Matt! You promised!", you whined.
"Promised what?", Matthieu replied as he turned the page of the newspaper.
"You promised that I'll give a make over!"
"I remember no such thing."
You placed your make-up set on the floor and walked towards the lazy Canadian while taking your camera from your pocket. You stood beside his bed and showed him the camera screen as it played a video scene.
.~*Le Video Scene*~.
"Matty! Matt!", you, recording Matthieu as he exits the kitchen, hollered.
"Can I give you make over? Please!", you pleaded.
"Sure, sure. Come to my room tomorrow afternoon with your make-up set.", Matthieu said with a monotonous voice as he walks upstairs to his room.
.~*End Of The Video*~.
"Well?", you asked him.
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 223 32
2P!America X Child!Reader|Drunk Home
Walking quietly, Allen looked around the dark living room, making sure that the Brit isn't at sight. He took cautious steps as he made his way to the stairs while carefully carrying his little sister on his back.
          He wished that he hadn't taken his eyes off of his sister for she hadoesn't drank a whole glass of beer while he was at the nearby restroom. She had passed out when he came back and if his old man ever found out about his,  he would be killed.
          Allen, who has successfully passed the living room, has now started making his way up the stairs. It was really dark and he didn't dare to bother opening the lights. Whoever was in the house, either it be Matthew or Oliver, was sleeping. François won't be home until three in the morning ànd it was midnight right now.
          The American gulped as he takes steps. The only thing in his mind was as Oliver. He remembered that he w
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 84 7
Haunted|2P!Canada X Child!Reader
Matthieu is watching television when he sees his little sister [Name] entering the room and asks him to play with her, but he respond to her that he is busy at the moment to which [Name] just nods and goes back upstairs. A minute later, [Name] enters the room and this time from the front door with her friend and schoolbags on their back.
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 35 19
Brother's Girl |2P!Canada X Child!Reader|
She is beautiful.
She has a long silky brown hair that softly touches her shoulder. Her blue eyes is gleaming brightly and beautifully, and her lips is red. She is dressed in a long blue dress that matches her eyes. She is smiling beautifully and your lovely big brother is standing beside her wearing a suit. He is smiling too.
They are happy.
But she isn't the right girl for Matthieu.
He is big and tall. He is dangerous but has a kind heart. He is lazy and less intelligent. He will probably end up divorcing and he has no idea that it will happen.
You, as his one and only sister, shall stop that from happening. And here you are, splashing a bucket of red paint down from upstairs.
Matthieu's eyes are widen in surprise, so is the girl. Her beautiful dress is now covered with red. Her hair is also covered with red, all the way to her pale face and neck.
She turns to the man beside her, blue eyes brimming with tears before running out from the front do
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 125 10
Mature content
Mothers' Day (2P!America Family x Mother!Reader :iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 49 11


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we found out part of the problem we had just found out she had a blood clots in her legs and now we're just waiting and seeing now


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