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A commission for :iconshag49931:

It looks like the police called in for the big guns to stop the powerhouse villain Powera. This picture is a bit deceving, Power stands at 7 feet and 6 inches and the police mech stands over 20 feet tall. Which is now wrecked and cut down to size.

Powera © :iconshag49931:
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Whoa...she looks like one tough cookie! I definitely wouldn't wanna be on this big gal's bad side! :sprint:
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Powera is 7'6" of pure muscle and she has a scientific brain to back it up as well.
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Wow...the total package! :love: Too bad that she's a bad girl!
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Hotrod doesn't mind the bad girls. :D
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I know he doesn't....damn Ultrawoman lover! :shakefist:
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Great work on this one, HotRod.

Sorry it took me so long to comment. Been a crazy week.

Thanks for your work on this!
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No problem, I'm glad you like it. :)
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"Insolence! I won't tolerate it!" Dr. Zarathrusta's words echoed as Powera hurtled through the extra-dimensional vortex.

"Great." The red-headed powerhouse thought. "The one problem with being a junior partner with a mad genius is you never know what will set him off. Even if he's a Mega 6 level intellect, you'd think he'd let a Mega 4 brain like myself point out a possible improvement the technology he's working on."

Seconds later, Powera slammed into the ground shoulder first, cracking the pavement. "Grrr." she growled. "Wonder where he's sent me this time?" She quickly checked a device on her wrist. "Of course, he's cut off my access to his transport grid. So, I have no idea if this another timeline, another dimension, a pocket universe.... I guess I just have to make myself comfortable until he wants me for something and brings me back. Unless I can find some technology that can send me back."

Standing up and dusting herself off, Powera looked around. "Hm. Looks like late 20th century or early 21st technology and architecture..." Powera hovered a few feet over the street, then scanned the crowds of pedestrians staring at her. "Looks like I'm not known here, but they are used to superhuman powers of some sort. The people don't look shocked at a flying woman."

Then, the earth shook, and from a street down, a voice shouted. "Ah! A giantess!"

Powera clenched her fists. "Damn. Svensen followed me here somehow? This gets worse and worse." The earth shook again in sync with rapid booming noises. "Yep, that's definitely a running giantess. Better get ready before she gets the drop on me."

Powera charged up her fists with energy, and flew up at high speed, towards the noise of the massive footsteps.

A few seconds later, Powera pulled up short in front of a massive face. But instead of the face she expected, she hovered in front of a goggle-covered pair of eyes. "What the?"

The villainess Skyscraper also pulled up short, surprised by the flying woman in front of her nose. Holding up an armored car in her hand, she shouted. "Hey, watch it! I'm trying to make a getaway here!"

Powera pointed accusingly at the towering criminal. "You're not ReisigeFrau!"

Skyscraper retorted. "Yeah, and you're not Walkaria either. The red hair and the muscles had me worried for a second. So, you a hero that's gonna try to stop me? Because I'm kinda in a hurry..."

Powera extended her superhuman senses. "You... you aren't charged with quantum resonance energies... but you have powers? How is that possible?"

Skyscraper shrugged. "Different powers, different sources, different origins. Happens all the time. Where are you from, lady? Now, excuse me while I step around you..."

Powera mulled the thought. "Different superhumans without a common source of power? Fascinating... perhaps I need a subject to study..."

While Powera was distracted, burst of gunfire scattered near both Powera and Skyscraper.

The giant-sized criminal started running. "Well, good luck with that.... police combat mech... the superheroes probably aren't far behind...." And with several booming steps, she dashed down the street with remarkable speed.

Some of the shots bounced off Powera, totally ineffectual. Clenching her teeth, she nodded. "All right, I analyze things later. Right now, I see some stress relief..."

Powera swooped down and impacted the 20 foot combat mech with massive momentum, toppling it

With a few quick punches, Powera disabled the massive piece of police technology. "That's it?" she exclaimed. "At least I know the police here are no more able to deal with superhumans of my level than they are back home. Now, to salvage some communication gear, hack into the police network, and get some information on this world and it's inhabitants."

"Hold it!" a voice shouted behind Powera. "You're not going to trash police equipment and get away with it. Not when Dragon is here!"

Powera turned and looked at the smaller woman confronting her. Nodding. "Dragon, huh? Not Lady Dragon from back home. She'd be a worry. You... you like a good specimen..." Powera smiled and punched her fist into her palm with anticipation.
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Nice story and thanks for including my two newest characters, Dragon and skyscaper. Dragon would be indeed a good specimen especially what I have planned for her.

I have an idea for a follow up picture to this. :D
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Oh, and I hope I didn't mess up any characterization on Dragon or Skyscraper.

As you said, they are pretty new, so I didn't have much to go on for speech patterns or actions. Hopefully, I didn't have either of them do anything out of character.
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There more to Dragon than meets the eye. Everyone will now why in the near future.

You wrote Dragon and Skyscraper pretty good, especially since I done very little with them. You pretty much got down how I would have think and act.
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Back where Powera comes from, almost all known superhumans have a common origin to their powers, so any of the superhumans of Angel Falls are probably going to intrigue Powera for study.

But it sounds like Dragon is a particularly interesting one for her to stumble upon...

I had to include Skyscraper, as I loved the idea that Powera would hear giantess footsteps and of course assume ReisigeFrau was on her tail again...
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that is one sexy sixpack, even before her feet touch the ground she has managed to up the city's bills :-)
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Those mech are not cheap so the city is going to have one hell of bill for damages when Powera is done. Also, Powera does have one sexy sixpack. :D
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I think that mech was a toyota and did that all by itself.
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Mechs tend to be of Japanese origin so I think you are right.
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Great work on the costume work and love her body detail. Great cleavage:heart:
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Thanks. Powera does have a great body.
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Hubba-Hubba and a half:heart:
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7’6”? Nice… and a very nice picture, as well! :nod:
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Yup, she's 7'6" tall, nice indeed. :D

Thanks. :)
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Sweet :) but what did that poor mech ever do to her? ;)
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The police mech got in her way! :shakefist:
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Powera " send me Superman,so I can kill him." She looks strong enough to do so.
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