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CoH: LFP vs Escalation 02

By hotrod5
La Femme Punisher needed some serious help to defeat the massive villain Escalation, so LFP called the one person perfect for the job, the Soviet Superwoman. Escalation is not laughing anymore now. With LFP distracting Escalation with her flame thrower built into her assult rifle (remember this is City of Heroes) which gives SSW an opening for her iron punch. Escalation is going down today.

This is based on Escalation Arc #6143 in the video game City of Heroes made by *Shag49931 where you have to face a villain called Escalation [link] I finally beaten Escalation with a team of 5 heroes. Escalation is tough villain!

[CoH: LFP vs Escalation]

Dr Erica Lashion/Escalation © :iconshag49931: Escalation Arc #6143
Soviet Superwoman © :iconsoviet-superwoman:
La Femme Punisher © :iconhotrod5:
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Mr-Marcus-81's avatar
Damn...a M-16 that shoots flames! That weapon from Hell and the fact that LFP is wearing her full bodysuit doesn't make for a good combination! :omg: :sprint:

Escalation looks like one tough mama to bring down!
hotrod5's avatar
This is City of Heroes, so many weapons all rolled into a M-16. It took 5 heroes to bring down Escalation and it took a good while to beat the crap out of her.
Mr-Marcus-81's avatar
Damn! 5 heroes? :omg: I really wish that my computer could handle the requirements of what CoH/CoV can handle, as well as I wish I could afford to play each month. I'm sure that Nikki, Raina, and a few other of my gals could have some serious fun in Paragon City!

Well, I guess that's what Angel Falls is for! :D
hotrod5's avatar
CoH can get get expensive, I bought the game and 1 month subscription. I know your ladies would literally kick ass in Paragon City. I think Angel Falls is better. :D
Mr-Marcus-81's avatar
Yep...Angel Falls is better, not to mention much cheaper! :giggle:
Shag49931's avatar
Rockin' pic. And gratz on the victory over Dr. Lashion. Taught her a little lesson about the blind pursuit of power and revenge, there.

Now, just hope your mailbox doesn't get too clogged with all those hate mails from Ziggursky Prison. :)
hotrod5's avatar
Dr. Lashion was lucky LFP couldn't punish her by normal means. LFP is used to the hate from all the criminals and supervillains.
Shag49931's avatar
Yeah, good thing not to kill her. That would actually let her escape to a new clone body. Much nastier punishment to leave her trapped.

and hey, lots of hate mail... some people, being hated by them is a high compliment. :)
hotrod5's avatar
That's some useful info, LFP wants to suffer as much as possible.
Soviet-Superwoman's avatar
Dr. Lashion is lucky SSW was there to prevent Francine from finishing her off. She's not going to watch a summary execution in the street, no matter what they may have done to deserve it.
hotrod5's avatar
If Dr. Lashion/Escalation returns, LFP will definitely punish her. There will be no SSW stopping LFP this time.
jorelofkrypton's avatar
aim for the crotch it's the tender spot
hotrod5's avatar
Noted and that's the next place she will target.
My respect for LFP increases with every single image. Just imagine doing her thing in city where a flame thrower is only good for a distraction. Imagine challenging villians that are bulletproof. LFP is smart and dedicated.
hotrod5's avatar
If you look at the previous image to this, LFP's bullets were just bouncing off the villain Escalation and she was just laughing at that. LFP used her brains this time and got the help of SSW.
Zal-Ta-TalOs's avatar
HOT DAMN! 0_0 What a down right mesmerizingly kick ass themed here masterpiece! :D
hotrod5's avatar
RedWingsDragon's avatar
Heh Awsome work here
hotrod5's avatar
AngelsInc's avatar
cool scene Dwight!
hotrod5's avatar
Thanks Bruce. :)
U1trawoman's avatar
And she made a most satisfying THUMP when she hit the ground!
hotrod5's avatar
You got that right. I know you would have tossed her into the ocean. :D
ArchiveSW's avatar
I'm sure it will hurt much Escalation these two small girls!
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