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Kim Possible as Scarlet

By hotrod2001
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Kind of a piece from my Real American Heroes piece I made a few weeks ago...I wanted to do a standalone of KP as Scarlet from G.I. Joe and show off the detail I did on her of which I don't believe the primary picture did as much due to her scale.

So, just something different, I liked the overall pose and the flag (which was harder than I had thought it would be, even in a KP style)

Anyhoo, enjoy!
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Cool picture!
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Very doable dude.Good match their both fiery red heads.Those two would get a long if they ever meet.BTW come over and check out my gallery.
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I just watched the Kim Possible series for the first time and I was thinking there *is* a similarity between her and Scarlett.

Add in the boyfriend with martial arts skills (sort of) and an unusual pet, and it makes even more sense.

Plus, Dr. Drakken already has about 75% of Cobra Commander's outfit.

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Never cease to amaze me
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this is so well done.
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So, what? No panties?
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USA USA USA ...LOL, love it!!
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wuau is pic awesome of kim possible is fantastic great work colugrations friend.
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I wished they did a G.I.Joe parody in the, Great job. ^_^
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that's awesome. Actually made me grin
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Very cool,a great combination of two great characters.
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Now THIS crossover I highly approve of! Awesome work, man!
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so...Shego as the Baroness as a possibility?
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I knew eventually.....
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