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My Bio
I'm a graphic designer by trade (degree and all!) who a while back felt the need to improve on his digital drawing skills for his job. So to practice those skills, he decided to find a simple medium to play around with, ultimately landing on the stylized look of the Kim Possible animated series which after a while discovered that I was pretty good at replicating the look and feel of the original source material. From there the practice slowly evolved into a hobby for which I found an audience for and ever since I've been trying to continue keeping the spirit of the show and its characters alive until Disney decides to bring it back for another run.

Request & Commission Information:

Due to my workload in the real world as well as the demands of being an at-home parent of a toddler, I no longer take requests. As much as I'd love to, I just don't have the time to dedicate to it like I used to. I do however take on collaboration pieces with other artists who are willing to do part of the work.

I do take commissions. The base price for a commission is $35, which is basically one character and a simple background. The price from there increases based on the amount of characters, background, details, content etc. that the commissioner is wanting. Sometimes I'm up for NSFW but only if it's somewhat tasteful. The easiest thing is to PM me with an idea of what you want and I can give you a more accurate quote.

I'm fairly open to most ideas, but there are things I WON'T do:

- Creepy fetishes: Not everybody wants to see your fantasy about pregnant centaur gnomes being devoured by a diaper-wearing Winnie The Pooh realized. Keep that stuff confined to your head where it can't spread and be exposed to minors. If you are unsure if your fetish is creepy or not, ask yourself: "If I were to go out in public and ask someone to draw that idea while attaching your name to it, how a person would probably react? If that reaction would result in a slap, drawing of a firearm, or having for your name listed on various online directories, chances are it's creepy and doesn't need to be made public. We all think weird shit from time to time, but it's not for sharing.

- No real people: Yes, that girl in your World History class is really hot, but having me draw her tied up and making out with Shego without her knowledge and consent isn't going to be a way to win her over. Get up some courage and go ask her out, if she says no, well there's plenty of other fish in the sea. Stick to cartoons who are based on characters who don't exist in real life and aren't prone to get restraining orders drafted against you. And speaking of tying people up...

- No bondage: It's overrated, and I suck at knots...the drawback of being left-handed.

- No underage stuff: This should be a no-brainer but apparently it's not. If you are okay with this, you have a problem and need to close down your dA account and seek therapy.

- No Ponies: Yeah friendship is magic, but not here, sorry.

Favourite Visual Artist
Andy Warhol
Favourite Movies
The Big Lebowski
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Joe Bonamassa, Black Keys, Nightwish, etc...
Favourite Games
Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox 360
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop CS3, Fireworks
People on the spectrum, can you share with me some strategies/techniques/options that you use to help you control your emotions? My kid is on the spectrum and is having a really difficult time as of late keeping his emotions in check...currently he's serving a suspension for kicking another kid the other day and has been having multiple instances throughout the year (one reason why I haven't been posting much on here, too burned out being a dad) Anyhoo, just would like to know what you all do to help you all get through the day and see if it's something we can use on a 9 year old. HR
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Merry Christmas. New pic which has been delayed way too long should be out before year's end. Stay tuned!
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Other Site

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Apparently the Google is starting to delete some of the content off of my other site citing it's content, which is odd seeing the one they booted off was probably the least explicit thing I had going over there. That said, I'm starting to think the ol Blogspot platform might not be the best place to house stuff that I can't post here...not that I have posted anything as of late, although there is a commission I still have yet to fulfill that I need to get out, but the work load this summer has been a mother. Anyhoo, ideas of where I could post my stuff without the worries of them getting deleted? My first thought was Newgrounds, any other suggestions?
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Excess Me, do You do roleplays.

Hello, can you plz check your correspondence inbox? I’m trying to submit your stuff to my group (

can you do commissions?

Keep up the great work

If you are interested in my puppets and the content of my videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel