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The last journal I did write was when I asking for help regarding a competition I took part in. To those that got my message and helped: Thank youu! :hug:
I did win the competition and got featured.

As of day before yesterday I have finally decided that instead of spreading my work around here and there and wasting my time like such, I'll focus on dA and try to work / upload a piece of whatever I'm upto every second or third day. Seems reasonable I think. But it's a plan and I hope to do it well. So wish me luck.  (Not to worry, I won't share work for the sake of sharing. I'll try to do my best). But yeah, after a long time I am psyched about this. I have a lot of free time on my hands these days, what with me fasting for the month of Ramadan. You just gotta take your mind off food... art is the best replacement.

Thank you all for the support you have shown with your comments or :+fav:s or even simple views. It means the world to me. :love: :blowkiss:

To make my time more pleasureable out here on dA I took part in a recent giveaway contest. (Mentioning and sharing the journal is a part of the terms to be qualified for the giveaway) This giveaway is done by cloudsnstuff How truly sweet of her, no? Here ya go! Take part yourself: I don't have the re$ource$ to get a premium membership on my own, but it's something I'd really like to get.


Meanwhile I'll go back to painting and listening to Pale Blue Dot (do listen if you're into ambient music!) and wondering when will I get to see Avengers, or TDKR. I know, I should jump off a cliff for not getting around to them, but I just :shrug: I dunno. Somehow life is far more different in LKO than what it was in BLR. Far different.
For now though I'm ultra hyped about Cloud Atlas (have you seeeen the trailer? the visuals are so picturesque to me!) (watch here if it isn't taken down yet:… ) & i'm also psyched about The Hobbit .. Its Production Diaries were shared by Peter Jackson over SDCC, 2012. How very cool of him! Watch them here:… :eager: I know right???

That's all that's happening atm.

Thanks for reading!
Until next time! :wave:
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Hi guys,
I know you've probably never heard from me, but i thought i'd send across a journal when i get a subscription,  so the journal looks nice and fun!
much of that depended on me winning the contests i took part in but eh well :shrug: i dint win. no problems there.

But now.. i reaaally need your help!!! Two of my works are entries for a competition i took part in.

The competition called 'Brush with Fame' was held by Creative Gaga Magazine. The winner of the competition will get their entry on the cover page of the March issue! Even though there is no monetary prize I'll just be glad to get my work on a national magazine. Both my works are now in the semi finals. and the winner with most 'Like's (on fb) wins.

so please Like my work!
(you will have to 'Like' the magazine's facebook page to like the work displayed there)..

(1)please like this page:Creative Gaga Magazine
(2)Like this artwork: Winter and Spring: The Love
(3) Like this artwork: Trick or Treat

and u like it too!! :hug:
its for a competition..winner with most likes wins... pls pls pls send this to everyone u know!!

Love you! :tighthug:
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