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I really struggled with this one. I was blown away by Maya [link] and started out to make something similar. A pleasing pattern, some light relief, and maybe a bit of grunge. But nothing even came close. So I spent a lot of time just trying to nail down the right pattern and discarded them all. I tried several from Squidfingers but nothing worked for me. So I went back to basics and did this simple dot pattern thing. Then I added a little relief. And all of a sudden I had something I really liked. Then came the lighting. That took a lot longer than I thought. But here it is. Enjoy. This is probably the first thing I've posted here that I actually like.
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amazing!!! thank you!
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absolute awesome background. nice work :-)
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thank youuu veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery much mister!!!!!!!!!1
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I really love this wallpaper!

Please, can you add an iPhone 5 version??

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Great work!
Really enjoy it.

Tell me can I use it as a website background,please? =)
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Thanks, hotiron, for the great wallpaper. I've wanted to do something with it for awhile now. Here is my take on dressing it up via GeekTool: [link]
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Very detailed. love it
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Your TOO hard on yourself man. I really enjoy your work. I don't know how to do any of this! lol Your an aritst, so I suppose you would be your own worst critic.
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I really like this do you have this at a higher resolution like 3000px wide at 300 dpi?
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Used it here [link]

Thanks! :)
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Really nice work. Amazing wall. :)
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That's fine! Very cool too.
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Would you add a portrait version to the download for phones and iPods and such? Like the preview image? Please?
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awesome. love it!
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