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iGriggy Theme for Matte Nano



MAJOR UPDATE: You can get this in as a native WinterBoard .theme AND get nine different color options here (download [link] | preview [link])

Just started skinning my iPhone and this is my first attempt at a mini-theme to compliment the all-time great Matte Nano [link] theme by ~kediashubham. The background is from my Siro wallpaper release. I know there's a lot of themes like this out there but I tried to do a few new things like making the dock larger to encompass the dock badges by extending the dock up into the wallpaper. This also makes the page indicators centered better between the icons and the dock too. I've added a little more "grunge", 3D shadows, and some subtle cracks to the original post too. I haven't seen any themes that try to change the page indicator images so I did a little homework and found the right graphics to tweak. I have posted a couple of the custom icons in the preview [link] on page 27. Just copy this folder and all its contents to /Library/Themes/ on your iPhone then apply the new theme with WinterBoard.
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