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Final update (9-Nov). Thanks for all the great input, I am really happy with how these turned out. These were inspired by the very sexy Adobe "folio" icons that comes hidden inside the app bundles. I thought I'd try to do a similar kind of folder for each of the creative suite apps I use.

NOTE: If you need a Fireworks Folio it's here [link]
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Hi. very nice work. what about premiere,after effects and audition? :)))

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These are awesome! Nice work.
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Very well done!!
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Sweet!  Wish I could give you a llama, but the option is missing.
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Woot!  The give a llama reappeared!
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Love this graphic work especially the color scheme!
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Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing it. :dalove:
Great stuff,thanks.
Where can I find your dotted background?
These are SWEET!!! - Hope you are still checking this post because I would love to get the Premiere icon
Thank you its Awesome :)
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These are the best!!

can you make one for premiere as well, or am i to late?
maybe if you have the PSD file i can do it.

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ur a fucking legend.
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LOVE the icons~
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I absolutely love these folders. I'd like to make some for some other apps I use. Is there any way you'd pass along the photoshop template?
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Where do the original icons reside so I may swap them out? Or do I have to copy the icons from "Get Info"
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great work out there.
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wow! I'm so going to use it


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Beautiful use of color. Perfect for the dock.
Free to use in both comerical and personal use?
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Yeah, free for both. These were used in a blog template once. I would love a link and/or credit where possible but otherwise they're free to use. Go nuts!
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Pure Brilliance, a wonderful collection of icons!
OMG! these are the best...changing my icons as I type. Would like to request the rest of the master collection and lightroom. Thanks!
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