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core dock

I was doing the wallpaper you see here and decided to port it to my dock template and ended up liking the dock much better! So I thought I'd share it. I've updated the original download with the blue indicators you see in the preview. Both are in the download though, the original glow indicators and the blue lights. I put two walls* in here too. The download is a zip with folders for all the pieces and a dmg with everything. Dock format is for CandyBar but I've put the graphic resources in so it can be replicated on RK, walls are JPG 1680 and 1440 widescreen. It's all I got and it's just a quickie, sorry if it sucks.

*Note on the walls, there are two sets of guidelines. I put the lower right guides there because I use them to align my open windows bottom right grab corner so the window keeps the drive icons and dock exposed when not maximized. The top left are just for visual balance. How OCD is that?
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is there a way to open this on candybar and get just the active indictor icon? i can never seem to do that with candybar...
Maybe You can separate only this wallpaper
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I do have canybar installed but how do I use this?
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can you make Itunes icon like safari and quick time icons?? Thank you!!!
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So glad to let`s us have downloaded your designs!!!! thank you so much!!
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nice work, tanks!
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amazing! Thank you ;)
It´s possible to get the wall bigger size (for imac 27)???
How do you make the dock appear?

This doesn't look hard, just click the .dmg and then click on an icontainer and load it, but all I get are icons, no dock... :(

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Using your dock here [link] , hope you won't mind.
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Woow Super Cool Where did you get the icons?
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Beautiful work, as always!
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Awesome dock! Smooth and stylish.
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Amazing dock love, :wow:
could i have the honor to port to xwdock?please :iconbeggingplz:
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Sure, you are welcome to! There's a folder in the ZIP download that has the Mac/CandyBar style resources.
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Wow, it's amazing! :wow:
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How come the dock iContainer file is not in the package. You have not included an iContainer file that has the dock in it, but you have the resources folder with wrong names. You claim there is an iContainer file inside with the dock, but all I see is and core.icontainer. has all the blue icon set, and core just has the desktop icon. I've looked inside the dmg also, no icontainer with a dock in it. ???
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I am not sure what you're having trouble with here? The download has 2 CandyBar iContainer files and each iContainer has the Core dock in it. If you double click the iContainer file it should add the dock to your CandyBar app. Look in your collection list down the left side. Did it add " (DOCK)"? Does for me an everyone else. That means there's a dock. Look at core or and hit the Use This Dock button on the bottom right side. Then hit Apply Dock at the top and put in your password. That should restart Finder and change your dock. If you're not getting the dock then your CandyBar is doing something odd. You can use the Resources folder to re-create it in CandyBar too. Drop all the parts and apply the dock. Aside from that I don't know what's up. I made a copy of the iContainer file with the same dock (blue) in it and uploaded it here maybe that will work better?
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Sorry, it turned out to be a problem with Candybar, the icontainer viewer app I was using. Great dock btw, now that I have it working!
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Where can I find that Finder icon?
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