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September 25, 2010
the amount of downloadable Snow Leopard (SL) themes is rather sparse in both deviantART's galleries and the interweb in general. but.. luckily there's Metalik Muku by *hotiron, which makes any further search for another theme kind of obsolete. it manages to do what personally i thought was rather undoable and that's to make SL look even better. the changes compared to SL's default theme are subtle and yet of remarkable beauty. Metalik Muku is an enhancement you shouldn't dare to miss.
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Metalik Muku



Metal Muku Mod for Metalik

I love the old Metal Muku [link] theme by Jesse Dodds [link] and I have been trying to port it to Snow Leopard ever since I got off of 10.5. Since Metalik by Monsieur Julien Sagot [link] is similar in some ways it has proved a great place to start on my quest to pull together a Snow Leopard compatible Metal Muku port. This download is a "Metal Muku" ThemePark file as well as the titlebar control resource PNG file. Install Metalik (which I highly recommend) and then this Metal Muku update to get that classic old Metal Muku look. If you use this then make sure you also get the matching iTunes 9x [link] or iTunes 10 [link] Metal Muku themes and maybe even my Flocked Finder Backgrounds [link] which go well together.

- Get/run ThemePark 4.x [link]
- Apply the ThemePark file (this adds the menubar too)

For just the traffic Lights

- Open your ArtFile
- Select the last set called "titlebarcontrols"
- Click on one of the resources & pull down the Edit/Select All menu
- Drag-and-drop this PNG onto the middle/bottom little window showing all resources together
- Apply and log out/log in

This will make your Metalik theme look like the old Metal Muku. This includes the smaller window size controls too.

All credits and thanks go to Daisuke Yamashita [link] for the original Muku design in 2006 and Jesse Dodds [link] for Metal Muku and permission to work on this mod and Monsieur Julien Sagot [link] for Metalik and his kind permission to start with his theme. There are elements from Inset: Dark by theBassment [link] in the ThemePark file which I did not realize at first so I also want to give credit and a special thanks because Inset Dark is a very cool mod that I love and highly recommend to anyone on Snow Leopard.
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