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Metal Muku iTunes 10



*Updates for 10.1 (54)* I hate the default red-green-yellow Mac "traffic lights" on iTunes and I hate when they do a major update to iTunes and none of the existing themes work! So this is another "Metal Muku" theme, this time for the newly released Mac iTunes 10 if you're into ditching the default. This is a default iTunes 10 .rsrc resource file with all new Metal Muku styled window controls and metallic progress bars. You can use this rsrc file to overwrite the default /Applications/ file (make a back-up first) or you can use ThemePark 3 to simply copy over the resources you want (13000 to 13042 for the controls and other misc for the progress pars) if you are using some other iTunes 10 theme. This is for anyone out there who might be using the Metalik Muku Snow Leopard theme [link] as always, credit and a special thanks to Daisuke Yamashita [link] for the original Muku theme and Jesse Dodds [link] for the Metal Muku theme on which this is based. *Updated for iTunes 10.1 (54)*
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