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Chalkboard Theme for Eraser 2

This is a mod pack for the exciting new Eraser 2 iPhone theme by Kane2007uk [link] (worth the download). This is just new wallpaper, status bar, lock screen, and dock graphics to overlay on the original theme. You can put this folder in your /themes directory and apply it with Winterboard on top of the original. Some of this will probably be rolled into the next update to Eraser 2 but I wanted to share the pieces now. There are some alternate wallpapers, docks and status bars included too. I have included several icons people have requested too, some from other themes and some are my work done using the ultra-cool Eraser 2 icon template included with the original theme. This is the second update and incudes support for no shadows and 5 column SpringBoard subsystems that people have requested along the way.
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Look awesome, thx!
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Yep, this is a great add on to an amazing theme. Very nice work indeed
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Thanks, enjoy!
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simply amazing bro, thank you so much! :#1:

btw, regarding the status bar on top (right now its wood), do you think you can please do a version that is transparent? i think it would look hot. :)
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Sure, that's a good idea. Here's a preview [link] and here's a download [link] (there's a few other status bar/wallpaper combos in there too for a 50% transparent and 30% transparent status bars with and without the shadow as alt graphics in the zip if you want to rename them and try different setups).
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awesome bro, all the variations look sweet, thank you!

btw, just one last question. can you please release the dock by itself, but without the shadow indicators? the reason is b/c i am using five icon dock. ;)

thanks again!
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Sure just use this download [link] instead of the original, it is all setup for no shadow graphics to be used with a 5-column subsystem.
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:w00t: thank SO much!!!
I'm not into modding my iPhone but this look sweet. Would it be possible to get a 1920 version of the wallpaper to go on my computer screen?
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Sadly that was done at 480 x 320 native and won't scale well but I could do something like this [link] maybe?
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