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Aquave Platinum -WIP-

UPDATE #2: For more progress on this project check out the Snow Sabre Aquave post.

UPDATE: Great news! The world renowned artist Mr. David Lanham has granted me permission to use his wonderfully detailed icon set Aqua from the IconFactory [link] which will play the role of the stylized folder glyphs and so work begins in earnest. And there is now a download here! The download link is a little taste of what these will look like. There are 8 sample icons now. The download has a Mac image with icons, ICNS, and a CandyBar Icontainer as well as Windows ICO files and 512 pixel PNGs of each. Here's a discussion I started over on MacThemes in the WIP forum [link] on this project.

CREDITS: All I am doing here is combing work of other great digital artists so I take no credit whatsoever for this project (unless it ends up sucking and then I'll take full responsibility ;-)). All credit must go to Monsieur Laurent Baumann [link] for his now historic Aquave folder design and open-source template available from the Aquave Project. All credit must equally go to Mr. David Lanham and the leading digital design shop IconFactory [link] for the sublimely artistic Aqua icon set [link] used here as stylized glyphs.

ORIGINAL POST: I know I'm incredibly late to the party but I have recently discovered and subsequently fallen in love with the Aquave Icon Set and the original folder design by Laurent Baumann [link] and I was wondering if there is any interest in reviving the project? This is just a screen shot of what I am working on, I've got about a dozen icons completed. I've taken the original template and updated it in Photoshop CS4 for the Expanded IconFactory IconBuilder 8.5.1 plug-ins. I've added some noise over a grey version of the folders and included a 24x24 icon not part of the original templates. Here are a few of the works in progress (several are not my glyphs and not releasable). But I am wondering if there is any interest in a project like this? Does anyone stil use Aquave and do they want to see it continued? Or is this a dead icon set?
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nice, very nice. .
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is there one without any glyphs on it?
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You may want to check the original Aquave site, they are all there [link]
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would you give me a note how you made the folder background like that please, i have try but i cant in ps :D
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You mean the preview image background, the noisy grey?
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yes i really need some help on how to make that
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Sure, it is actually a very simple set of cheap effects. Here is the PSD I made for the preview [link] you'll see the background group is made up of 3 layers, one medium gray with a little (like 2%) monochromatic noise, a layer of lighting effects highlighting the middle (and it's own noise), and a set of icon sized boxes. I used too much noise really. That's it. Have a look.
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Ok, Thanx so much :peace: :D
Aquave is not dead! I still use it, know plenty that do and continue to develop and use them as their base system folder(s)
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Check out the new download here. What do you think of the glyphs?
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Thank you hotiron!
I'm in love with aquave since I discovered it... :)
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Yeah, I thinks a great icon set and am dying to add to it.
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Nice man I was gonna do a set using laurents glyphs so far so good ;).
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Cool. I have sent some email to Laurent Baumann for permissions and to request his glyphs and to Louie Mantia for permission to use some of his glyphs too. If I can get a green light I have over a dozen ready to go. All 256 pixel ICNS, here's a screen shot of the package so far ... [link]
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They look really great my friend :). Laurent Bauman released his glyphs for use over @ Macthemes [link] so here they are. Cant wait for the release ;).
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How very cool! I saw that thread but didn't read enough to realize that. I've got 'em and I'll start adding them now.
From what I've seen here, you might just be the one to revive them. Maybe it's just me but, yours seem tighter than the originals. Very attractive.
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Cool, thanks. If I can get some permission I think I'm going to put a set out there. See where it goes.
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very coo!

hmm, i don't think aquave is dead per sa, its just that it was used so much and other styles of folders were needed for the scene to keep things fresh.

i say release for sure.
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I agree, thanks. Working on it now. Here's what it looks like so far [link]
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Cool. Seems like Aquave isn't dead.
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