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Alias Badges Redux



REDUX: I've overhauled all of these alias icons with a lot of improvements, especially in the smaller sizes, texture, colors and shadows. The colors are now more uniform and softer with a little noise. Sizes 48px, 32px and 16px now have much more refined edges to help them stand out on any folder or background. The glyphs and icon shadows have also been overhauled. After a year of field testing and feedback I am finally happy with these so I am re-releasing them. Also fixed a problem with the links in the download, should be working now. Also add a "locked" badge, CandyBar does not support this one but if you rename the ICNS file to LockedBadgeIcon.icns and then copy it to /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources/ you can get rid of that silly silver lock.

UPDATE: This project is no longer a WIP, now there's a real download to this one (thanks to Georg Rabensteiner for his kind permission for this mod to his work). Included now are Drop, Private, and Read Only badges. The edges are more refined, the shadows are completely redone with the larger versions having much more depth to look like they are actually leaning against the icons behind them, and all the smaller versions are far more articulated now. Enjoy!

I love the idea behind Georg Rabensteiner's sublime alias replacement icons [link] . I have not stuck with them though because I always thought that the larger sizes would work better if only they were like the smaller sizes, more diminutive and less obtrusive. So I made these "tag" style alias icons as just a small rectangle with a single letter on it instead of the whole word "alias". This is what I have come up with, a simple alias replacement that is small and unobtrusive even at the larger 128 and 256 pixel sizes.

All credit to Georg Rabensteiner [link] for such an original idea and inspiring execution. Folder icons in the preview are Voodoo by Monsieur Julien Sagot. Adobe Suite icons in the original preview were based on Morning Pleasure by Noctuline [link] and used Sensei Susumu Yoshida's [link] beautifully rendered coffee cups. Font on the tags is Bully, a bit more modern (originally I think it was a more casual Cooper Black). OS X theme is my Metalik Muku [link] with Inset Dark by theBassment [link] which is another Snow Leopard mod that I highly recommend.
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thank you for sharing...