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WereDragon - Dragon's Roost

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"Advanced Water Tutorial @"

This chamber reeks of decaying flesh and acrid smoke. An alcove to the north seems to be the source of the horrid stuff, and a strange orange glow comes from within. The rest of the chamber seems to be melting from the mists, and pools of viscous onyx-juice dot the floor nearest the walls.
This is the lair of a creature of the Abyss who is herself not a demon, though the energies of that place run strong through her veins. It is she who fills this place with the vile mists, the equivalent of a permanent stinking cloud effect. Also, the walls are filled with acids and corrosive enzymes, and cause 2d4 acid damage within 5 feet as the pustules deep inside the rock burst forth at the slightest touch. The orange glow comes from a pile of gold and copper in the alcove, and the strange smoke comes from the nostrils of the chambers one and only occupant.
Creature: The Abyssal green dragon Onaxtiansa lairs here, caught as she flew the skies of the Abyss for the first time after she left her mother’s nest. The dragon is, by far, the most recent entry into the Otanshu Hole besides the PCs, having been imprisoned here only twenty years ago. She was immediately bound by the leader of this wing and put to service fixing the floor in C1, as the previous occupant, a roudy incubus named Wulim, was devoured by a horde of dretches in the process of doing the last fix-up of C1. Once her task was done, Onaxtiansa’s master, the demon Altanesan bargained with the Hexahedron to transport her horde here, as she knew the dragon would go mad without it. Seeing no point in a rampaging dragon, no matter how young, in its domain, the Hexahedron agreed, and shunted the pile of coins, small weapons and gems into a little alcove in her chambers. And so here she has sat for the past twenty years, eating various small demons that manage to get too close or just sleeping for extended periods out of sheer boredom. The crashing in area C1, however, rouses her form her sleep, and while she does little to stop any activity without her chamber, being too tired to do so, once something comes into her abode, she takes interest in a much faster manner, and the PCs have a very ornery dragon to deal with once she is all the way awake.

This is my second freelance word for WereDragon Magazine. I hadn't drawn a dragon in years at the time, so I really enjoyed working on this one (even though I had to work on this rather quickly since I had to have this one finished within a week).

For the dragon, I heavily referenced a dragon stature my granny gave me at least 10 years ago. I had to start somewhere. ^.^;


Onaxtiansa the Dragon Copyright © John S.R. Schutt
Artwork Copyright © Jennifer Hopkins (=hotaru-sama666--Me!)
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YamiHolopainen's avatar
The dragon is so cool! *-* I liked a lot the wings.
The walls look a bit sticky, I think it's easiest to die because of the dragon than of the enzymes in this chamber... :XD:
HotaruThodt's avatar
Heehee...well the walls were supposed to have a 'melted' looked, so I just went with that. Thanks. ^_^
YamiHolopainen's avatar
You're welcome! ^^
Frobiaz's avatar

You draw dragons now? I asked you weeks ago if you were drawing dragons and now I found one, here, in your DA account? I'm not angry, just surprised... and shocked. Delightfully, yes. But I'd liked some message telling me about it. You already know my love for them.

For sure it put mines in shame. You draw, I don't much, so blah!

This is a nice one. Whatever people say, I consider a happy dragon something much better than anyone trying yo eat people. There are enough of them. You put work on it, it shows and I like this drawing of your.
HotaruThodt's avatar
Well, WereDragon didn't want me posting this until December, and knowing your love of dragons, I kept it under wraps in order to...surprise you. ^_^

I wish I could have done a better job on this dragon though, but I didn't have much time to work. >.>;

Well, that dragon's not gonna be happy once she wakes up. ^.^;
Frobiaz's avatar
Really? This is very sweet of you! Really!

You have to understand that I wanted to visit your account and found it there. I really appreciate. Now... I feel bad... I've to do something in exchange or what?

I know by your other work how much work you can put only on the coloring. When you have the time, of course. Too bad it's hard to define a male and a female dragon, eh?
HotaruThodt's avatar
Well, I haven't had a chance to draw Mr. White for you, so I decided to not tell you aout this and susprise you. XD

Nah, you don't have to do anything in return. I mean, this was freelance work. ^.^;

Oh I know what you mean about distinguishing male and female dragons. I actually used a dragon statue I have as a rference for this picture. As for colouring, I've just had my RAM upgraded so it should be a little easier. :)
Frobiaz's avatar
Oh, you could forget about that Mr.White. There are no need.

I just felt to do something in return that's all. Still, a statue it's good reference. Unless you copy it and send it as a original. Not good. The gender differ as much as most of birds. Inner genitals. Unless you hear their voice.

Still, nice job.
HotaruThodt's avatar
I know, but his so visually appealing. I really wanna draw him. I'm just busy. ^_^

Well, I just copied the basic pose for the astatue and added my own stuff.

Thank you. ^_^
Frobiaz's avatar
Visually appealing? Must be because he's a assassin. And it's in your kind of art.
HotaruThodt's avatar
That and I like his fashion sense. ;P
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FairyLord's avatar
I really love how you did the dragon, great detail and pose :) although i think the watery affect tends to fade the picture out a bit much...?
HotaruThodt's avatar
Thanks, and yeah it does. But it said the walls were kind of wet and runny looking (or whatever the description says, I'm too lazy to check), so I just went with what you see. =P
minedia's avatar
Okay, I know it'd probably eat me alive if I tried to come near it, but it just reminds me so much of my dog I just want to cuddle it. Really great work!
HotaruThodt's avatar
Good luck getting your arms around her. Big dragon is biiiiig. >.>; Thanks. :D
IvoryFool's avatar
hmmmmnn your backgrounds need some cunning tricks, this pic feel's empty and the dragon feels small and unthreatening, it's all a bit too muddy looking ... (see why i did not comment sorry)
the dragon itself is well drawn, but I feel it could have used some perspective and perhaps if it was presented looming and we see it as if we where small and peering through the piles of gold?
it looks like a happy dragon who will sleep in the palm of your hand... I think he needs to be shiny O.o;;; meh dunno
HotaruThodt's avatar
Yeah, I know what you mean. I had fun with this, but then again I hada only a few days to get this in (Hell, I didn't even ink either of the WereDragon pics). I should have drawn some people next to the dragon for lulz? XD
Maybe now with a gig of RAM I can do more...forboding dragons? >.>;
IvoryFool's avatar
yeah he sholda been nomming demons nom nom nom BLUD SPRAY! ^.^
HotaruThodt's avatar
Damn! That's another good idea I should've put in! >.<;;;
HotaruThodt's avatar
subjectivereality's avatar
Stunning work~ I'd love to see you draw more dragons. x3
HotaruThodt's avatar
Awww thanks. I hope I can have time to draw more dragons soon. I forgot how much I enjoyed drawing them until I worred on this. :)
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