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This is a cat running up stairs from a fire ghost thing.

I'll probably color it at some point considering I already did a part of the first frame.

Edit: Oh my god I actually colored it. That was such a pain in the ass.
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It won't let me see the animation
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wow how long this take to make? aproximately?
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have you by any chance seen "the cat's return?" by studio Gibly?
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hey! im a real big fan of yours and i wanted to see if you could hit me up some comment/critique on this
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Lol, reminds me of the film done by Studio Ghibli (The Cat Returns)
DolcePanda's avatar
< ------ Can't even draw 1 frame :D
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OMFG!! You're a GOD!! O.O
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what does he animate on, because its either Adobe flash or he just animates on photoshop
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He uses ToonBoom Studio. Found out from another animation he commented on. Was wondering myself.
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WOAH, i.. i ................................ I CANT EVEN. wow, you are amazing
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reminds me of "the cat returns"
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You, mr, inspired me to become an animator.. Finally know what I wanna do~ So THANKS DUDE :iconarigatouplz:
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ah, I see. I'm no good in animation but this one looks like he's just "fast walking" up the stairs. Maybe if he leaned forward and maybe bounced a little while he was running?
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At this point I'm sure no one wants to go back and edit it cus he's already colored it. He'd have to make more frames and color those while making adjustments to accommodate all that. Oh godddd. Sorry, your comment was definitely valid, I just wanted to point it how much work it would be to go back and add all that in. If it was for a show or something then definitely, but even anime's now a days don't go back to fix a few seconds of iffy walking because they know it'll be absent from the eyes of the audience in a few seconds and none would be the wiser. Sooo, although it's not perfect this definitely needs to be applauded for the for the fact that it's so well done, so crisp, and so well colored, taking into account certain things as light and smoke and a burnt mark on the wall. It's amazing.

Sorry again, if this seems a bit bogus, I don't mean it in that way.
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They were just giving some constructive critique ^-^
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I know, it's amazing. I was just saying so that he wont make the same mistake in the future
I warned you about the stairs bro, I told you dog!
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this reminds me a lot of Hayao Miyazaki style of work and i love his work :3
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how many time you spend doing this one?
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WOW....It's just.....i mean......WOW!!!
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