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From Below

By HotaruArc
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I can't remember the last time I sat down and did a sort of legitimate painting.
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It's impressive !
I'm fond of the colors you chose
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tacobellmasta's avatar
This is amazing!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR ART STYLE AND YOUR COLORING!!!! keep up such the awesome work! :D
DxRhym's avatar
This has an epic feel to it, although idk whats going on. gj settin a mood!
wow nice! love that adventure cat theme =D
khattriya's avatar
Is it traditional or digital? I can't tell (sorry, it's my fault) But it looks good.
heraldofraum's avatar
Look`s like oils kinda.
Frenotx's avatar
I like the feel of this one.
ricklo's avatar
love it love it! :D
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Pablo666123's avatar
Man this is so AWESOME just like all of your artwork's.I wish I could draw so well :/ Practice makes perfect: D
luckW's avatar
good painting!
NavyBlueManga's avatar
dude nice but don't become that guy who always draw these dog characters ALL THE TIME show me some people or different creatures.. other wise art is amazing as old are you know?(sorry random)
Slyswagger's avatar
i think hes 19
Richirich's avatar
Legitimate. Mr. Burgundy vest seems surprised. Was there a plan B? :)
Ignisarietem's avatar
Asdfghjkl spencer it looks amazing as always
Advanced-Random's avatar
Awesome. :U
Is that a golem?
HotaruArc's avatar
something like that
Hobbsy1023's avatar
That's mega. I cant get my drawings to look so clean and professional. Well jell dude
Torahime98's avatar
I can't get over your art style! I love it! :)
ChristopherOnciu's avatar
NICE! awesome job! :)
you could definitely go for illustrator too ;)
Dan-Gerous's avatar
When does the animated cat people movie start production? It has to be done :p
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