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Doing Things the Hard Way

So VVVVVV is a great game. Basically it's a platformer where you reverse gravity instead of jump.

You can't jump. At all. A lesser game would then litter itself with Insurmountable Waist High Fences for you to maneuver around, but not VVVVVV. There's only one Insurmountable Waist High Fence in VVVVVV. This one. It's thankfully completely optional, which is good, because it is basically cruelty refined. I've personally died over 1,000 times trying to get it and have yet to succeed. But I'll get there. I've gotten kind of close before!

I also really like how this picture came out. (Though I do feel like it's missing something by not having spikes anywhere.) Drawing space explorer type outfits is fun and I do have pretty clear mental images of most the rest of Viridian's crew so more fanart for this is likely incoming!

Anyway VVVVVV is super fun and you should at least try the demo.
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Oh yes, THAT moment.
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I kind of cheated to get this one
I turned on analog graphics and that lagged the game, slowing it down
Why doesn't he just hang on to the block and simply handstand over it?
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I thought Reward For The Reckless was going to be the hardest trinket. I WAS WRONG.

Spent about an hour and over 400 deaths on this ONE segment before I finally got it. Evil, EVIL game. It's still nothing compared to trying to survive in the Super Gravitron though.
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Brilliant. Fvcking Veni Vidi Vici.
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Blue men can't jump, they only flip.
White men can't jump, but green dudes can't flip.
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"WHY CAN'T I JUMP?!" -Viridian while trying to get the trinket without dying.

And that's everyone else while doing the same thing too.
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I hate hate hate hate HATE that horrible cube!!!!
It cost me hundreds of deaths, but finally i got it
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I finally finished Veni, Vidi, Vici...then CCleaner killed my save file. Hadn't even been thinking of that possibility when I ran it.

The good news is I already have experience in getting it, r-right...?
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Haha, very nice. You could even flip the picture vertically to make it even harder! (Seriously flip mode makes Doing Things the Hard Way even worse x.x).
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Mission imposible ;)

This is amazing :D
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Aha! VVVVVV and TV Tropes fan? :D
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this draw is awesome xD

This point it's pretty difficoult , but after 115 deaths ( OMG ) I caught the disk xD

sorry for my english ^^
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You must be very good if it only took you 115 deaths! :D
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AVVVVVVesome and funny!
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Yeah... This part...

One of the most difficult and most annoying parts of the whole game. And definitely the most difficult trinket in the whole game (though Edge Games also qualifies as far as I am concerned). Which makes me mad when I see YouTube videos of people doing the loop three times in a row for the sole purpose of showing how awesome they are...

But, yeah. Very nice work, and good job illustrating the sheer torture of this section of VVVVVV.
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I could never do it three times in a row. (Though the only video of it I've seen are from the beta, where it was less nasty. I'm sure people could still do it on the full version, though. It does get a lot easier once you've successfully done it once.

Still a pain in the ass, though. But a satisfying one to beat.
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If only it didn't take 200+ deaths. ^^;
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This game finds my bitter tears delicious.

and the thing is, its true. I'm Delicious myself! DX
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Such tasty bitter tears.
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