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All Aboard! by ToddParis
All Aboard! by ToddParis

Monday July 25th, 2016

Hello Group,

Have you noticed that this group is doing weekly features? Do you like this?

Maybe you know that I, beachelf, the one orchestrating this group, absolutely love the artwork this group has collected over the years!

I want to thank the artists who are making this group happen!

And I enjoy tossing a spotlight on a few artists who's deviations I find delightful and enchanting.

:iconked-v: Ked-V

Lets start this feature w/ an artist showing us simple quick adorable sketches..

Where is my kiss by Ked-V sexy by Ked-V Hug Day by Ked-V

:iconradiuszero: RadiusZero

Here is an artist showing us intricate and mesmerizing drawings..

Safer Sephiroth by RadiusZero Where Is My Mind by RadiusZero Bird of Prey by RadiusZero

:iconeuskelo: Euskelo

I am truly impressed by the digital 3D images we find here on deviantArt. So, I certainly want to applaud this artist's phenomenal imagery..

ID December 2015 by Euskelo Hyperion by Euskelo Light and Shadow by Euskelo

:iconrjqueen: rjqueen

And imho this artist's 3D imagery is brilliant!

Mature Content

Do You See The Light? by rjqueen

Mature Content

Bath by rjqueen

Mature Content

R-0316-0085 by rjqueen

:iconcakobelo: Cakobelo

Here is an artist showing us exquisite images combining digital manipulations and photography..

Regrowther by Cakobelo Superman by Cakobelo Crazy Handyman by Cakobelo

:iconsea-of-ice: Sea-of-Ice

This artist's photography shows us incredible imagery in which I don't think digital manipulations are greatly involved.

shaper of dreams. by Sea-of-Ice don't give in. by Sea-of-Ice out of the ordinary. by Sea-of-Ice

:iconcsphotographyroma: CSPhotographyRoma

For simply capturing fantastic photographs of masculine awesomeness..

Alex wearing EA by CSPhotographyRoma Clouds by CSPhotographyRoma

Mature Content

Sexy angel by CSPhotographyRoma

:iconman-blu: man-blu

For photographing the combination of immediacy with unexpectedness..

Mature Content

MainLine by man-blu

Mature Content

Cuffs by man-blu

Mature Content

Oil On Skin 1 by man-blu

:icongutyerrez: gutyerrez

I absolutely adore this artist's photography combining mythology with extraordinary masculinity.

Mature Content

Olimpya by gutyerrez
Baco ou dioniso by gutyerrez

Mature Content

Dionisio by gutyerrez

:icontoddparis: ToddParis

And to close this feature, I would like to showcase the artist who's deviation I used at the very top. If anyone doubts that masculinity is indeed glamorous, I need only point to ToddParis's gallery here on deviantART.

Mature Content

Carpe Diem by ToddParis

Mature Content

Reach by ToddParis

Mature Content

What R U Waiting 4? by ToddParis

Wishing everyone a prosperous last week of July 2016.

Ivy.. the little silly mischievous beachelf

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CSPhotographyRoma Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Professional Photographer
Thanks really a lot for featuring my work! :-)
I really enjoyed you wanted to highlight some of my pictures! 
Thanks again and have a worderful time!
RadiusZero Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016
I'm late to the party, but OMG I'm so happy to be included in this Feature of Awesomeness. Nothing pulls at my heart's strings more than scantily clad hunks with incredible weiners. Wander Emote: PWEASE? 
Ked-V Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2016  Professional General Artist
Thanks a lot to feature my work Beachelf (do you prefer "Ivy"?) :hug:
beachelf Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2016
Kedi.. Thanks a lot for supporting this group!

As for what to call me.. I do like "beachelf".. and I like "Ivy".. but most of all I like watching which one you choose to say.
Ked-V Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2016  Professional General Artist
I'm used to and quite like "Beachelf".
"Ivy" makes me think of "Poison Ivy" (i don't know plenty other Ivys ...) and this character is a bit frightening so ...  maybe i should keep saying "Beachelf" XD
Euskelo Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016   Digital Artist
A lovely collection. Thank you for including my work in it! :D
beachelf Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2016
Hello Serafim.. Thank you for all the wonderful deviations you have brought our way.

So often, I find the people in 3D imaginary appearing lifeless and mechanical, much like department store manikins. Especially the eyes.

However, I think your work is awesome. Such as..

Constantine II by Arkeoklept

(And I really like what you are doing w/ hair)
Euskelo Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2016   Digital Artist
That is wonderful to hear. Thank you. :) They are all alive to me. It is good to hear a little of that shines through for viewers.
ToddParis Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you, Ivy,  for your continued support and for the showcasing of my work on this week's feature. 
And also, for the countless hours you have dedicated to making Hot Y Chromosomes the success that it is.
Bravo to you!!!
beachelf Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016
Wow! Thank you T.P.
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