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We need about 200+ votes to bring this important issue to the first page.

What is this about? In brief, Deviant Art suddenly and without warning has placed a limit on EVERYONE of 10 submissions per day per group. I think that is more than enough for most members of most groups but should NOT be a limit on founders and group admin. We spend a lot of time looking for artwork to promote -- artwork that we think you would enjoy seeing. Not every request gets accepted, often due to inactivity, and it is not our work that creates groups that spam but rather those that have unlimited submissions for everyone (perhaps you have been in such groups before and know what I mean). But there were already solutions for this: Admin can set limits on submissions and if they do not, you can always leave or unwatch a group. This action on the part of Deviant Art was arbitrary and unnecessary.

Thank you for your help!

All Aboard! by ToddParis
All Aboard! by ToddParis

Monday July 25th, 2016

Hello Group,

Have you noticed that this group is doing weekly features? Do you like this?

Maybe you know that I, beachelf, the one orchestrating this group, absolutely love the artwork this group has collected over the years!

I want to thank the artists who are making this group happen!

And I enjoy tossing a spotlight on a few artists who's deviations I find delightful and enchanting.

:iconked-v: Ked-V

Lets start this feature w/ an artist showing us simple quick adorable sketches..

Where is my kiss by Ked-V sexy by Ked-V :thumb428535505:

:iconradiuszero: RadiusZero

Here is an artist showing us intricate and mesmerizing drawings..

Safer Sephiroth by RadiusZero Where Is My Mind by RadiusZero Bird of Prey by RadiusZero

:iconeuskelo: Euskelo

I am truly impressed by the digital 3D images we find here on deviantArt. So, I certainly want to applaud this artist's phenomenal imagery..

ID December 2015 by Euskelo Hyperion by Euskelo Light and Shadow by Euskelo

:iconrjqueen: rjqueen

And imho this artist's 3D imagery is brilliant!

Mature Content

Do You See The Light? by rjqueen

Mature Content

Bath by rjqueen

Mature Content

R-0316-0085 by rjqueen

:iconcakobelo: Cakobelo

Here is an artist showing us exquisite images combining digital manipulations and photography..

Regrowther by Cakobelo Superman by Cakobelo Crazy Handyman by Cakobelo

:iconsea-of-ice: Sea-of-Ice

This artist's photography shows us incredible imagery in which I don't think digital manipulations are greatly involved.

shaper of dreams. by Sea-of-Ice don't give in. by Sea-of-Ice out of the ordinary. by Sea-of-Ice

:iconcsphotographyroma: CSPhotographyRoma

For simply capturing fantastic photographs of masculine awesomeness..

Alex wearing EA by CSPhotographyRoma Clouds by CSPhotographyRoma

Mature Content

Sexy angel by CSPhotographyRoma

:iconman-blu: man-blu

For photographing the combination of immediacy with unexpectedness..

Mature Content

MainLine by man-blu

Mature Content

Cuffs by man-blu

Mature Content

Oil On Skin 1 by man-blu

:icongutyerrez: gutyerrez

I absolutely adore this artist's photography combining mythology with extraordinary masculinity.

Mature Content

Olimpya by gutyerrez
Baco ou dioniso by gutyerrez

Mature Content

Dionisio by gutyerrez

:icontoddparis: ToddParis

And to close this feature, I would like to showcase the artist who's deviation I used at the very top. If anyone doubts that masculinity is indeed glamorous, I need only point to ToddParis's gallery here on deviantART.

Mature Content

Carpe Diem by ToddParis

Mature Content

Reach by ToddParis

Mature Content

What R U Waiting 4? by ToddParis

Wishing everyone a prosperous last week of July 2016.

Ivy.. the little silly mischievous beachelf

HandsBeforeGuns Contribution…

Monday July 18th, 2016

Hello Group,

I have a question for you.

Do you believe the JFK quote "If not us, who? If not now, when?"

Please comment.

And now.. Lets feature a few artists who's enchanting artistry we enjoy finding in the galleries of this group.

:iconibrael: ibrael

Invencible by ibrael Gabriel by ibrael Ash Ketchum XY by ibrael

:iconhermetic-wings: Hermetic-Wings

Raptured by Hermetic-Wings Creshendo by Hermetic-Wings Alexander of Mecadonia by Hermetic-Wings

:iconsuyohara: Suyohara

tadashi by Suyohara Sousuke by Suyohara

Mature Content

Mamakoto by Suyohara

:iconcharlesarcher: charlesarcher

Mature Content

DSC 3969-Edit by charlesarcher

Mature Content

Bryce in Mirror by charlesarcher

Mature Content

DSC 0527-Edit by charlesarcher

:iconismaelalvarez: ismaelalvarez

Mature Content

Banana by ismaelalvarez

Mature Content

Bedtime by ismaelalvarez

Mature Content

Stan the Merman by ismaelalvarez

:icon3feathers: 3feathers

Mature Content

Ari On The Salt Flats 2 by 3feathers
Peacock by 3feathers

Mature Content

One Foot In Front Of The Other by 3feathers

:iconyuni: Yuni

Total eclipse by Yuni

Mature Content

Candle light by Yuni

:icondeskriuwer: Deskriuwer

Mature Content

Hans book by Deskriuwer

Mature Content

World Naked Bike Ride Amsterdam july 2th 2016 by Deskriuwer

Mature Content

Hans nude by Deskriuwer

Wishing everyone an excellent week.

Ivy.. the little silly mischievous beachelf

Hands before guns…

Sunday July 10th, 2016

Hello Group,

Last week I came across a concept that I hope will grow and grow and grow.

Maybe many of you know that I, beachelf, who manages this group, live w/ my partner JonJon74 in north Florida. We have enjoyed visiting Orlando and partying at the club The Pulse which was shot to bits last month. Neither governments or educational institutions or even religions are able to stop events such as that one in Orlando, or the one in Paris last year. So.. Really.. What can I do?

Well.. This last week I came across this deviation here on dA..

Hands Before Guns Contribution by h-drawer Hands Before Guns Contribution by h-drawer

I felt a touch of hope pass through my heart as I considered the message on this deviation. I believe this is an impromptu campaign that may have potential. It’s simple actually. There's no one collecting money. There's no one to whom we swear allegiance. It's just us, people from all over the world, saying that we stand together in building a world w/ our hands before reaching for guns. And what do we do? For starters.. Let's flood the internet w/ images containing the "Hands before guns" logo and hashtag. #HandsBeforeGuns.

And now.. Let's feature a few artists who have recently entertained us, here in this group, by showing us awesome masculine images displaying beautiful affection between men.

One of most favorite artists showing us digital drawings..

:iconsilverjow: silverjow

Commission work by silverjow LOVE WINS by silverjow L   O   V   E by silverjow

I have read that the great artists such as Michelangelo meticulously measured the arms, legs, necks, torsos of numerous men hoping to construct a "perfect" sculpture. I believe that 3D rendering has enabled artists to do this very thing, that is, show the world a perfect masculine body. And one of my most favorite artist of such media is..

:iconaniwayalone: Aniwayalone

Mature Content

Games in the Bath by Aniwayalone

Mature Content

Not Fear by Aniwayalone

Mature Content

Wake up Boys! 7 by Aniwayalone

Using a specialized form of digital art called "Vector"..

:iconharckonnen: harckonnen

Mature Content

Holding Hands by harckonnen
Couple by harckonnen Asset by harckonnen

Taking a look at tradition media..

:iconshharc: shharc

Mature Content

gay paintings  two nude men hugging male naked art by shharc

Mature Content

nude gay man painting  couple peeing naked men by shharc

Mature Content

nude gay couple painting naked men love male art by shharc

Moving to photography.. I was more than delighted to see recent deviations from this artist, after a three year hiatus..

:iconzakharova: zakharova

Shhhh.... by zakharova You never know... by zakharova

Mature Content

Doubt... by zakharova

Personally.. I adore drawings of ultra handsome men embraced in passion!

:iconpandaphobia: Pandaphobia

Black and Blond by Pandaphobia Love by Pandaphobia The Boy and the Prince by Pandaphobia

:iconmr-rukan-san: mr-rukan-san

beach 2015 by mr-rukan-san

Mature Content

-go with it- by mr-rukan-san
commission for HatakeYuko by mr-rukan-san

:iconmerwild: Merwild

Good Morning Antiva by Merwild

Mature Content

A moment of peace by Merwild
Nervous? by Merwild

:iconherio13: Herio13

happy late new year!! by Herio13

Mature Content

nocturno by Herio13

Mature Content

No te escondas_fanart by Herio13

And my heart melts when I see photographic captures of beautiful affection.

:icondanostergren: DanOstergren

From this moment on I know by DanOstergren Love is Love by DanOstergren Knight and King by DanOstergren

:icongiovannidallorto: giovannidallorto

Mature Content

Almost a waltz - By Giovanni Dall'Orto, Aug 5 2011 by giovannidallorto
Leaving a mark in my heart. By Giovanni Dall'Orto by giovannidallorto

Mature Content

The embrace 1 - Photo by Giovanni Dall'Orto, Augus by giovannidallorto

:iconinverti: inverti

Mature Content

Trio by inverti

Mature Content

He and he by inverti

Mature Content

Ball by inverti

:iconufphotography: UFPhotography

Mature Content

ZIPLOCKED by UFPhotography

Mature Content

PENDULUM by UFPhotography

:iconalejandrocaspe: alejandrocaspe

Mature Content

voyeur.03 by alejandrocaspe
Y2 by alejandrocaspe

Mature Content

Kissme 4 by alejandrocaspe

And to close this feature.. I have been completely blown away by the images recently brought to us by..

:iconmale2male: male2male

:thumb617142336: :thumb563555405: :thumb614902699:

Wishing everyone a wonderful middle of the year 2016

Ivy.. the little silly mischievous beachelf

Anticipation by IsacGoulart
Anticipation by IsacGoulart

Saturday August 29th, 2015

Hello Group,

Yippy! It's the weekend!

And.. It's not just any weekend. It's the last weekend of the month.

And.. It's a FULL MOON weekend.

So.. Let's party!

And.. To get this party started.. Let's toss a spotlight on a few of the ultra-uber recently added deviations to this group..

Personally.. I was impressed by this addition to our Men and Beasts gallery..

Kenneth by Claparo-Sans Kenneth by Claparo-Sans

I found Kique-Centeno's photo-manipulation surprising, innovative, and technically flawless..

Just an illusion by Kique-Centeno Just an illusion by Kique-Centeno

I found EdiePhoenix's wispy 3D character caught in a fluid motion wonderfully adorable..

Against all odds by EdiePhoenix Against all odds by EdiePhoenix

For brilliantly catching a fluid motion in a stationary photo..

:thumb554349572: Dance in the Woods, Part III by Muramasedesu

For brilliantly catching a fluid motion in a tradition drawing..

Crunch by RitaFosterArt Crunch by RitaFosterArt

For brilliantly catching pure beauty in a stationary photo.. This one paused both my breathing and also my heart..

Mature Content


Going back to brilliantly catching fluid motions.. I was impressed by this fantasy digital drawing..

Commission: Char and Zerek by MilicaClk Commission: Char and Zerek by MilicaClk

For brilliantly catching the male physique with a stationary photo image..

Mature Content

Thinly Roped by Kedori
Thinly Roped by Kedori

For brilliantly catching the male physique with pottery and clay..

Mature Content

Interlude view 2 by BronzeRealm
Interlude view 2 by BronzeRealm

For brilliantly catching the male physique in makeup and paint..

:thumb554610956: 59.7.2 by Ferringer4ART

For brilliantly catching the male physique with uniquely stylized fanart.

:thumb555213336: Love Zangief 5 by :devObeYecowG:

And for brilliantly catching the man of the month..

Mature Content

Nicolo by DanOstergren
Nicolo by DanOstergren

To close this feature and wish everyone an excellent weekend..

Mature Content

The Apple Pickers by TheMaleNudeStock
The Apple Pickers by TheMaleNudeStock

Ivy.. the little silly mischievous beachelf


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