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Harry Potter Modern!AU| Devil's Triangle Part 7.2Soft pings punctuated the conversation between Marsha and Harry, each time distracting the young man whose eyes flitted to the screen of his mobile phone. While he scanned the contents of the newly sent message, he hummed in response to Marsha’s continued jabber before turning his attention back to her after swiftly typing out a reply.By the eleventh message, the older woman scrunched her nose and slapped her palm on the steering wheel. “Can you stop that infernal noise? I doubt you listened to anything I said.”“Sorry, sorry.” Harry scrambled to say as his fingers darted over the screen. “One last message, I swear.”Huffing, Marsha took her eyes off the road for a second. She eyed Harry as he shoved the phone back down in the pocket of his uniform. Curious, she asked, “Who’s that anyway?”“Luna. She’s venting about her colleagues.”Marsha’s eyebrows lifted in question. “What did they say now? Or should I just ask your sister that later over lunch?”“I don’t know.” Harry shrugged. “I can tell you the gist of it. Anyway I’m sure Luna will give you all the details later.”He slid his hands down his thighs, ironing out the creases in his pants. “Seems like those gossip mongers asked Luna about Shawn’s scores for the recent test. Then they rubbed their kid’s scores in her face and pretended to feel bad for her. You know the type.”Grunting, Marsha shook her head. “Oh I know that kind. They go aww you poor thing and you can see that twinkle of glee in their bloody eyes.”“Exactly.” Harry concurred with a wag of his finger. “And then they gave her.. Advice.” He raised his hands and made quotation signs in the air.“Advice my ass.”“Yeah I told her to tune them out and go kickboxing later in the gym. Let out some anger.”Marsha scoffed in response as she looked out her side mirror before turning into the main road. “She’ll destroy that punching bag for sure.”A knowing chuckle left Harry’s lips. “That she will.”“Do you get talk like that about Percy?”“Not as much as Luna, luckily.” Marsha snorted. Her eyes widened as she recalled a pressing matter. “Damn I forgot. Do you mind if we make a quick stop at my place first? I need to grab the camera I promised Luna.”“Sure, no rush.”“Thanks.” Marsha flicked on the turn indicator and took the next exit. “And yeah, our colleagues have better things to talk about than kids. Although I get the occasional spiteful comment from other parents asking why Percy isn’t more athletic or outgoing or bright.”“What do you tell them?” Harry turned in his seat, eager to hear more.Giving him a side glance, the corner of Marsha’s lips curled upwards in a snigger. “I tell them to mind their own business. And if they really get on my nerves, I take a snipe at their kid.”Laughter erupted from Harry as he slapped his knee. “That’s a good one. I wish I could tell Luna to do that. Imagine the looks on her colleagues’ faces!”Marsha joined in on his guffaws until it subsided. “Yeah,” she sighed. “I can understand why she doesn’t though. Those colleagues of hers are the kind to keep a grudge. It would be hard to face them every day after that.”Humming in response, Harry looked out the window at the passing stores, busy and packed with the lunch crowds. “I don’t get why people always have to compare though. And it’s not just the parents too. Kids get it equally bad.”“Yeah Percy gets it too, I hear.”“How does he handle that?”Marsha shrugged. “I tell him to stand up for himself. He can’t rely on me to settle this kind of crap. People gotta learn to be strong by themselves.”Harry nodded. He didn’t disagree that kids needed to learn to be independent. Although knowing Marsha, she probably came down too hard on Percy. He hardly saw Percy but the short glimpses of the teen told him what he needed to know. Slightly overweight and sullen, the kid was definitely not the sociable kind and must attract a lot of unwanted attention from bullies.“Anyway I guess Percy is at home?” he asked.“Should be back by now. Half day at school.” The police car slowed as the scenery shifted from bustling storefronts to a nestle of two-storey houses interspersed with small patches of greenery. It was quiet, owing to the lunch timing. Marsha let the car drift to a stop outside a white-washed, prim house. As she grabbed her house keys from the car’s storage holder, Harry said, “Mind if I pop in to use the bathroom?”“No problem.” Marsha turned off the engine and removed the key, slipping it into her pants pocket. The two of them got out, the slam of the car doors echoing in the quiet neighborhood. Marsha unlocked the gate and it swung open smoothly. As they crossed the yard, Harry admired the well-cut, short grass in the lawn. It could do with flowers to brighten up the front of the place but Marsha wasn’t a fan of those. He waited for his colleague to open the front door before following her in. Instantly, he was greeted by the muffled sounds of heavy metal booming through the walls. “That would be Percy,” Marsha said. “I’m going upstairs to get the camera. The bathroom is just down the hallway to your left.”“Got it.” Harry watched her plod up the stairs before turning his attention to his surroundings. The kitchen was to the right and a small living room to the left. He walked down the hallway, taking in the pictures that lined the wall. In some of them, Marsha was a young, slimmer woman but with that same thousand-watt beam. He smiled, admiring his colleague’s outgoing nature. Some photos were of family gatherings where he recognized Marsha and what was probably her handsome brother. According to Luna, he was a photographer and unfortunately, deceased at a young age. Then came photos of Marsha and her husband, both decked in uniform, together with a young Percy. Toddler Percy was chubby and had a wonderful smile, no doubt inherited from his mother.Later photos however only had Marsha and an older Percy. He knew her husband had died in service and it obviously took a toll on mother and son. Percy had lost much of his smile, Marsha had started putting on weight. Harry’s smile dropped as a bubble of sympathy rose inside his chest. He reached the bathroom, turned the door handle, and entered the small, cozy space. It was utilitarian and clean, much better than the male toilets at the police station on a bad day. After relieving himself, he washed his hands, dried them on a beige towel, and left the bathroom. As he made his way back to the front of the house, he realized that the sounds of heavy metal were now replaced by raised voices. Marsha’s stern tone reverberated through the house although he couldn’t hear the exact words no matter how much he strained his ears. Moments later, a door upstairs opened and Marsha’s words filtered down to where Harry stood. “Try that one more time and I’ll take that damn computer to the junk shop!” Harry winced at the sound of the slamming of the door. Loud footsteps stomped down the stairs. He looked up to see an irate Marsha, splotches of red on her face. Her expression was dark, eyes ablaze with fury. Lips drawn in a thin line, she motioned to Harry with a curt wave of her hand.As they left the house, Harry quietly voiced up. “I’ll drive.”Marsha nodded and tossed him the car key, heading towards the passenger seat instead. After the two of them got into the car, Harry cleared his throat as he turned the key in the ignition. “Want to talk about it?”Yanking her seatbelt over her large frame, Marsha cursed under her breath before replying, “I caught Percy on the computer on some suspicious website - I don’t know what. He closed the window too fast.”She folded her arms across her chest. Her voice terse, she glared out the window pane. “He’s supposed to be studying! The computer is only there for that. I’ll make sure the next time he does it, I’ll wreck that damn device!”Harry’s lips pulled into a grimace. After pulling out of the parking space, he shifted gear and pumped down on the accelerator pedal. When he was back on the main road, he mustered his nerves and said cautiously, “It’s not easy to know what he’s doing on the computer the whole time. Even if you go so hard on him, he can always do it behind your back. If you relax your approach, maybe he won’t do it so secretly-”“Yeah right,” Marsha interjected with a careless wave of his hand. “I can always see what he’s doing on that machine.”This time, Harry kept his mouth shut. There were so many ways that Percy could avoid detection, even with parental controls on. Teens could be very resourceful, especially when it came to hiding stuff from parents. But Marsha would not understand and would not believe in that. “Still,” he pressed. “It might not be a good idea to use such an authoritarian way with a teenage guy.”“Why not?” Marsha scoffed, her eyebrows knitting into a frown. “It worked out well with you and Luna after all.”Harry shook his head as he negotiated a turn and headed into town. “Not really. After Dad died, Luna swore that she would never follow in his footsteps when she had kids. That’s why she’s so lax with Shawn.”“And that’s not good either.” Marsha said pointedly as she turned to face Harry. “Look at how rebellious Shawn is. She can’t even control him.”Unable to disagree with that, Harry grunted instead. He took the next corner and pulled up beside a small restaurant. “Well, maybe you should tell that to her directly,” he said with an impish grin.The anger oozing off Marsha melted for a moment and she punched his shoulder playfully. “At least come with me to say hi then. Luna would be happy to see you drop by for a bite too.”Chuckling, Harry raised his hands in defeat. “Fine, fine. You always have the last say.”As he turned off the engine, he hoped Marsha wouldn’t bring up the subject with Luna. After all, his sister was equally fiery and could get heated up when it came to Shawn. A growl from his stomach reminded him of more pressing things. He rubbed a hand over his flat tummy. Oh well, first things first - time to fill up the tank.
Frostiron, comic, page 71 by ktrew
Frostiron/June by ktrew
Harry Potter Modern!AU| Devil's Triangle Part 7.1May 29 202X20:45@ herm4ever: Oh god guys! Some tabloid found out about Hermione’s parents. Like omg man.@ mr-drake: what they say?@ herm4ever: I only have the physical copy. So here’s a pic of the article. 20:50@ mr-drake: holy shit so her ma was another piece of hot ass? a model? cool@ herm4ever: Yeah they say she was the second wife but the marriage didn’t last long?? Like wow. Poor Hermione. *cries*20:52@ kai: Her mum looks gorgeous. Although a bit too skinny.21:00@ herm4ever: But like look what they say after that. Her mum was like this super sexy slut?? So they’re saying Hermione took after her. What in the actual hell??21:02@ modthebod: The motherfuckers. How dare they. They’ll pay for that, I swear.@ mr-drake: but Hermione sure got her ma’s beauty, sexy genes. that you gotta admit is true. and like who wouldn’t wanna tap that ass?@ modthebod: Okay that’s it. I’ve said it before but mr-drake, you’re a fucking bastard. You don’t deserve to be treated nicely like a human being. You know what, I’m just going to ban you from the server.@ mr-drake: hey hey not cool man. ok fine I apolo@ mr-drake has been banned.21:05@ kai: Wow.@ modthebod: Yeah that’s what you get for flouting the rules. He was just asking for it. 21:07@ herm4ever: Wait drake got banned? *gasps* But he was just messing around.. @ modthebod: I don’t care. That was the last straw. He’s not welcome here until he gives a sincere apology. The recess bell rang, its shrill tone piercing through the subdued classrooms in the school building. Classes were hurriedly wrapped up and hundreds of students together with teachers spilled into the hallways. In the matter of a few minutes, the boisterous laughter and loud chatter died down as most of the occupants vacated the premises, filtering into the canteen or school field.When quiet resumed, Lupin poked his head out into the hallway. Satisfied upon finding it empty save for a few students, he closed his office door behind him. Hands in his pockets, he walked down the hallway, nodding with a smile to some of the students. It had been a pleasant morning for him, with no student to see and just paperwork to fill in. Tonks’s work had eased up as well, so she had messaged him earlier for lunch. Lupin turned the corner and headed down the stairs, a skip in his step.He was at the first landing when he heard Hermione’s voice drifting up from some lower floor. Something about the tone of her voice was off. He slowed his pace, creeping down the steps as his back hugged the wall. He could hear her clearer now. A few steps away from the next landing, he caught a glimpse of her back. He couldn’t see who she was with but her arms were folded across her chest, the tips of her fingers curling into her soft white blouse.“... please just stop this.” He heard her plead.A snicker. Then “What exactly do you want me to stop?”Lupin froze. He recognized the hoarse voice instantly. Fenrir, the bastard.“You and me. It’s.. it’s not happening.” Hermione added after a pause, “I’m sorry.”He heard Fenrir chuckle. Hermione took a step back and he could see Fenrir’s hand reach out to stroke her hair. She recoiled, leaving his hand suspended in mid-air. Fenrir clicked his tongue. His hand dropped. “Too bad. A pretty thing like you.”His words made Lupin’s lips curl in disgust. It seemed like that would have been the end of it but Fenrir added. “Doesn’t mean we still can’t be friends though.”“Friends?” The skepticism in Hermione’s tone was barely concealed.“Yes, friends.” Fenrir emphasized the words with a hiss. “Friends visit each other, you know? How about you come to my place and… talk?”Lupin shook his head, his eyes squeezing shut. Only an idiot would not recognize the innuendo in Fenrir’s words. The guy didn’t know when to back off. Enough was enough. Lupin opened his eyes, making to intervene, when a resounding slap echoed in the stairway.“You come on to me again and I won’t close an eye anymore.” Hermione’s voice resonated with a mixture of anger and fear. “I’ll report you to the principal and to the authorities, got it??”Before Fenrir had a chance to respond, Hermione stormed off down the hallway. As she passed by Lupin, he was taken aback by the look on her face. Her eyes moist, it glistened with rage. Her jaw quivered and her hands were balled up at her sides. Her gaze was fixed on a distant point, so she didn’t even notice his presence.“Fucking bitch,” he heard Fenrir snarl. The sound of stomping boots followed and then the slam of a door. Lupin released the breath he was holding. The tense atmosphere had pumped up the heat and he found himself perspiring. Wiping away the sheen on his forehead, he considered his options. The incident had to be reported, of this he had no doubt. He bounded down the stairs until he reached the second floor, where he ran down the hallway and knocked on the door of the office at the very corner. “Come in.” A voice called out from the depths of the office.He let himself in and relished in the cool air from the air conditioner.“You’re a little late, Lupin,” Tonks teased. She sat at a big oak desk, her back facing the glass window. Papers and folders were laid neatly on her table. Her gaze was on her computer screen, her fingers clacking over the keyboard.“Yeah,” Lupin huffed, his breath coming out in short pants. “I ran into err.. something. On the way down.”Hearing her husband’s slightly labored breathing, Tonks looked up over her thin oblong glasses. An eyebrow raised, she removed her glasses and placed them on the table. “What happened to you?”Lupin pulled out the chair opposite her and settled into it. He leaned over the desk, propping his elbows on it. “It’s Fenrir.”Tonks rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest as she reclined in her chair. “Oh great. What has he done now?”“He was making advances on Hermione. Again.” Lupin paused, rubbing his hand along his jaw. “It seems like it’s not just once or twice either.”Tonks pursed her lips and remained silent. Her finger tapped on her arm as she contemplated the situation. “How bad was it?” she said quietly.“Bad.” He shook his head. “She told him directly to stop the advances. And he still dared to ask her to his place.”“How did Hermione take it?” “She umm,” Lupin hesitated before saying, “slapped him. And threatened to report him.”Humming in acknowledgement, Tonks tented her fingers. “I’m glad she did.”“I’m with you on that.” Lupin chuckled.“But I have to take action on this.”“Agreed.”Sighing, Tonks leaned forward. “I have to fire Fenrir.”Lupin’s eyes widened. “A-are you sure? It might backfire on Hermione though if she’s the reason for his losing a job.”“He gives me no choice. It’s not the first time, and he obviously hasn’t learned a lesson. This is the last straw. He can’t go unpunished.” Resignation tinted her voice as she shook her head.Lupin was silent. He understood the dilemma she was in but he still preached for caution. “Maybe not now though. Not before the board assessment.”Taking Tonks’s silence as permission to continue, he said, “For one, you’ll have to account to the board why you fired him.”He paused and licked his lips. “Second, and my main concern. Hermione’s rejection is still raw in his mind. You fire him now, today, and I’m positive he’ll take it out on her. If you give it just a few days, he’ll have time to calm down. And hopefully, it won’t affect Hermione.”Tonks tapped her index finger on the desk as she considered his reasoning. Lupin waited patiently. He could almost hear the gears turning in her mind. A moment later, she conceded. “Alright. I’ll do it after the assessment.”Lupin sighed in relief.“But we need to speak to Hermione,” Tonks added.“Definitely.”The issue now settled, Tonks’s lips broke into a tired smile. “Okay now that’s done, let’s get lunch.”“Yes, I’m starving now,” Lupin exclaimed as he got up and stretched.Tonks laughed as she spun her chair and grabbed her bag off the floor. “You’re buying, right?”Giving his wife a wink, Lupin smiled. “Anything for you, dear.”He sighed in relief, glad to put the whole incident behind him. Hopefully that would mark the end of it all. Despite the small voice that whispered words of doubt into his mind, he shoved it aside and took his wife’s hand, intent on enjoying the day ahead.
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Deep inside Abyss ~ Nanachi and Mitty by NatsuLannister
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Under the Fireworks by lokga
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Hello everyone!

I made a new Digital Fan Art folder so that you  can spam our folder with your beautiful Boys full to the limit :D I'm sorry that it took a while :(

Have much fun with it!
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