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I don't post on DeviantART much anymore, so if you'd like to see my most recent content please follow one of these two places;

My FurAffinity 

I am basically only drawing furries and anthros nowadays so most if not all of my content gets posted here. Some content is set on a delay as Patrons get first dibs, but absolutely NONE of my NSFW work will be posted to dA EVER. And lately I've been drawing a lot of that. So it's all on FA haha

I post about random stuff on my Twitter and have conversations with those who I follow/those who talk with me. If you'd like to see random sketches, hear the ideas I have for future projects, YCHs, and other various things that I'm doing/creating - go follow me on Twitter. Also say hi~ haha

I might do art dumps here from time to time. But for the most part my dA is going to be pretty quiet. So please go follow my more active sites if you'd like to see what I'm doing/creating! \o/
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I have a raffle going on over on Twitter! Everyone who follows me (including new followers) are allowed to enter!!

Just need to retweet in order to enter~…

Win a free illustration \o/

Benefits of following me on Twitter;

I post stream announcements on Twitter
Talk with me about games, art, movies, etc
See pics of events I'm doing! I don't post pictures of that stuff to other sites - Twitter is the only place.
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Hey guys!

First off, I want to apologize for not being around as much and not being as active with my art posting. With the new job my hours for working on art have severely shortened and I have to share my art time with my life-needs time (cleaning, taking care of car stuff, adult responsibilities, etc).

But!! In an effort to get on top of that as well as keeping YOU ALL informed - I now have a Trello for my Commission Queue!…

(It might stem into also including my personal projects, but I'm not sure about that yet)


I'm planning a series to do that involves relaxation tips (really short ones, like the whole "stay calm" thing) - the other day I was having a really bad depression episode while at work and what helped me a lot was doodling a picture of my dad (AKA: my dad's sona, Papa Lion) meditating and below it writing "just breathe". I was wearing a bracelet that day that had a charm which says the same thing. I wish I could remember who gave me that as I'm sure it was a fur from the commmunity haha. I would love to thank them for sending that to me. It really helped me that day to wear it and I'd love for them to know.

But either way; doodling that on a sticky note got me thinking about doing a whole series of acrylic paintings with characters relaxing and taking time to put into themselves. I have 7 ideas right now and I think I'm going to keep it at a 7 for the entire series as I really like that number and it's a number my dad repeated in a very memorable moment for me. It's a pretty well rounded number, I think. haha

So look forward to that!


Also! If you've been following my Instagram -
You've surely seen the ceramic pieces that I've been posting on there~

I'm definitely going to be putting those up for sale at TFF 2019! \o/
I have several pieces that are animal themed that I would love to have them find homes within the community~ So I'll do a more official announcement in the future on which pieces will be put up in the art auction in March :3


If you would like to be more in the know about announcements, especially regarding commissions and when I open slots again, be sure to follow me on my Telegram Channel
First slots, as always, are given to supporting Patrons on Patreon -

If you'd like to know more about what I'm doing randomly outside of art or want to chat with me, come get into my Twitter! I'd be happy to talk with you guys~ Come @ me sometime!

Thanks for reading!
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Hey guys! I'm ready to update my price sheet with new examples and price adjustments. By the first of May a new price sheet will be posted and any commission discussed May 1st and forward will follow that new price chart. If you want to get something before the price change please send me a Note here on dA.

Here's the price sheet that will be obsolete come May 1st;

Obsolete Commission Info - Check Description by Hot-Gothics
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First off - Happy New Year everyone!! I hope all of you had a pleasant if not wonderful holiday season!~ Here's to the new year and I hope that it brings good things for you all ❤❤ best wishes for you all! x3

That being said, I have some announcements!! \o/

I'll not only be attending Texas Furry Fiesta again this year (Feb 8-11) but I'm also going to have artwork posted up for auction in the Art Show~ I'm super excited about it but that also means that I gotta get some art done real quick haha. I have maybe half of what I need done for the show as it is. I want to include some traditional pieces as well as my limited edition prints (which I already have printed ;3)

I'll only be posting pics of them and processes on my Instagram and Twitter so if you'd like to keep posted on that go follow me there!

In other news I'm looking forward to my first fursuit head! Right now I have one on commission from MidowkoArts on FaceBook and honestly I have no idea if it'll be here by TFF, but I can hope! I'm also considering making one myself. But we'll see how much time I have to put aside for that kind of project haha.

Also! Speaking of commissioning others, I've been slowly uploading to another alternative account here on FurAffinity dedicated to art of my sonas.  morphi morphi This includes art from me and all the art I've gotten from others over the years! I've never really made a place to share all of the art I've gotten from other people over the years and I wanted to fix that. It's time to show off what others have done of my sonas!!

Right now I'm still in the age of Retsis and Omorphia on that account. But I'll eventually get to Dimitri and Morphi haha
I can't wait to share what all I've gotten drawn of Morphi lately. x3 all of it is just soooooooooo cute and I'm super happy with it ❤❤❤

So if any of you are going to TFF this year lemme know! It'd be cool to say hi to you guys~
I'll be posting pics on Twitter during the convention as well, so keep an eye on there to catch where I'll be if you wanna say hi :3
I'll be wearing my badges - they'll say "Morphi" on them. And I'll always be my chubby, redheaded self dressed in black haha
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