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Morphi the Dragunny Ref Sheet

By Hot-Gothics
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This has been in my working files for MONTHS unfinished (it still has the old style of how I drew faces >->) but I finished it finally!! \o/

I have no idea why I hadn't finished this before now... I kept pulling the file up only to stare at it for a few minutes then jump to a different thing. ¯ \_(ツ)_/¯ Who knows lol

But it's finally finished! Now I have an actual reference to give people when I get commissions from other artists xD

・。・゜・♡ ❤ 🍩 ❤ ♡・゜・。・

Info on Morphi:

There is no official height as her size changes depending on picture, however she is always smol(anywhere from shorty to micro). Just as she is always plump and curvy~

Her design is essentially the concept of a dragon hearing about bunnies once (without seeing them) and deciding, "Hey, I want to be this small. Cute. Thing." and transforming themselves into what they *think* a bunny looks like. The tail is fluffy and a bit off, the ears keep switching between being too fluffy and being just right, and her nose is closer to a feline nose than it is to a rabbit's nose. But it's pretty close, right?

Her style of clothing is always cute and always goth to some degree. Her wardrobe tends to go towards the gothic lolita side with ruffles and lace, but she wears other types of gothic clothing as well - including corsets, Victorian style, and (when lazing about) casual style.

・。・゜・♡ ❤ 🍩 ❤ ♡・゜・。・

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