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:damphyr: Hello my wonderful Bishie Lovers ^^ This is the Admin of the group, SoubiVee. I just wanted to make a quick journal regarding the group, and announce that I am looking for some Active people to help accept and decline things that are coming through the group.

:damphyr: I will be hiring four contributors  to help me out c: If you are interested, I would suggest that you read the rules on the front page! Then once you are done reviewing them, fill this out and note it to me~!

If you help contribute to the page, your daily submission limit goes from one submission per day to three!!

:bulletpink:1. What is your name ^^ (Or what you preferred to be called online)
:bulletpink:2. Short description of yourself;
:bulletpink:3. How often do you log onto Deviantart?
:bulletpink:4. Do you have any other admin experience here on DA? c:

If you are interested, yet again just send me a note ^^ I will only be accepting forms filled out and sent to me this way, So Do NOT comment or note the group. Note me personally

Thanks for your interest! :iconmuahplz:

~:heart:Decora-chan :rose:
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Welcome to #Hot-Bishie

Thank you very much for visiting us and enjoy your stay!

Bishie: Short for bishounen, translated roughly meaning "pretty boy." Used for attractive male anime characters, and sometimes real life.


1. Everybody is allowed to join the group :la:

2.Submissions have to have at least one bishie. It's okay if your deviation has girls but there has to be at least one Bishie in the picture.

*Please note; for deviations with cross-dressing or feminine bishies, please state in your comments that he is male. Otherwise, the deviation will be declined

3. Folders are currently restricted to traditional, digital and photography, until further notice. There is an extra 'Others'; this folder is meant for poetry, prose, animations etc. NOT art.
PLEASE submit your arts in right folders :la:

4. We have been receiving questions about the quality of the arts. What we aim to do is to advertise your art and it is really your decision whether to submit in a WIP or a final piece. Do keep in mind however, there is a daily limit to submissions.

5. Every member of this group can only submit 1 deviation everyday :la:

6. We accept affiliates to our group, on the condition that it has more than 30 members.

7. We accept yaoi too, Mature arts are also accepted :icondroolplz:

8. We don't accept messy sketches or quickly put together pieces. Please submit your best work.^

:la: :heart: :la: :heart: :la: :heart: :la:

:dummy: have fun at hot - bishie :dummy:




WE accept affiliates only with groups having over 30 members + the group have to be about boys and bishies or ANIME :D


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