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Variant flags of the United States and NAU

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I dislike idea of flag explicitly counting subdivisions of the country. If every US state was assigned specific star (what is urban legend), it would be nightmare for me. Nowadays I know at least three attempts for new US states: South Florida, Puerto Rico and Six Californias. If Florida is divided in two, California in six states and Puerto Rico becomes state, number of states raises to 57. However, each from these changes can occur independently and in different time, so number of states would fluctuate and not correspond to number of stars in US flag. What about changing the design entirely? This flag I like and here are its variations with American eagle instead of many stars. Vexillizing a heraldic symbol can be way to unique flags, like here for Slovenia. For the United Kingdom I created this flag without Union Jack for attesting how it would look like. However, I am not fan of complete redesigns of national flags. Thus I redesigned the "Stars and Stripes" only with reducing number of stars and stripes.
The "Confederate" variant has three stripes (or bars), as it is the least number not confusing with flags of Chile and Texas.
The "Puerto Rico" variant has five stripes.
The third flag is proposed flag of North American Union. Meaning of colors is obvious. Green is up because green-white-red was flag of Quebec nationalists and they are thus specially represented in addition to Canadian red, Mexican green and US blue. White is common for all three countries.
Languages of NAU should be English, French and Spanish equally, same like in the Atlantic Kingdom.
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I doubt that we'd ever change our flag. You see it everywhere, all over people's houses, at every public building, etc. Patriotic stuff is all stars and stripes, red, white, and blue. It would really be a big deal to change it, as everyone uses it and loves it. Only revolutionaries or some such group would ever want to change it.