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Symbols of English language



This file shows my final attempts for universal symbol of English language. Traditional colors of English language are red, white and blue. They are also Dutch and French colors by incidence, so the shape is very important. Flags of UK and US are widely used for English, but they represent political unions that don't cover many English speakers and for some of them can be symbol of oppression. Globe as symbol of English would be apolitical, but English is not the global language. English gained its global status under United Kingdom, Scotland was part of it. Pre-union English and Scots languages were not global, but language of King James' Bible (after Union of Crowns) became worldwide thanks to US. Thus pan-English flag should include symbols of England, Scotland and Northern America, because they are the most important users of it.
First I removed the Tudor Rose from this flag of English and enlarged the roundel. The US roundel is basically a simplified flag and it is similar to flags of Liberia and Texas, thus I used it. I created version with flag of England too, because blue is already present in roundel and Scottish saltire can be removed. However, I didn't like this simplification. Then I arranged the colors in horizontal stripes, creating tricolor different from Dutch and French, but incidentally twin of pan-Slavic flag. However, the blue-white star distinguishes the flag enough.
White star on blue background is the simplest symbol of English. It has little political connotation and is used in many flags, from Texas to Liberia. Even the Confederate flags included it. Together with red it makes the orb of English language. Some orbs are published here, others I will publish soon.
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Will you be doing similar flags for the German, French, and Slavic languages?