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Some roundels

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Lower row from left:
1. Roundel of Portugal and Brazil, if common monarchy were preserved. Can be used as symbol of Portuguese language.
2. Roundel of Iberia. Quarters represent four Republics based on CoA. Under canvas there is alternative roundel based on flag.
3. Roundel of Spain and Uruguay, or simply roundel of Hispanicity. Symbol of Spanish language.
4. Roundel of Chindonesia if it were (con)federation. Otherwise, roundel of Asia.
Why these roundels represent areas, which are not single country (except Iberia in ATL)? The idea came first about the Lusophone roundel, which is based on this flag. The quinas can represent stars on flag of Brazil too. Then I thought about roundel made from this flag. And only after that I made roundels for real areas, not languages. But I like them all.
Upper row was added later. From left:
1. Roundel of Austroslavia, based on Austrian roundel and Slavic orb.
2. Roundel of Austrian-dominated Germany from here. Triangle from OTL Austrian roundel is symbol of eagle (spread wings and joined legs).
3. Roundel of Germanoslavia, based on OTL German roundel.
4. Roundel of Westoslavia, based on OTL Polish roundel and similar to its flag.
Outside canvas there is orb of Novorossiya.
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PS: How to begin Chindonesia as political entity in Central Unity?
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Here is proposal for beginning of Chindonesia.