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Flag of Samar Island



At this page I collect flags of languages. (Shikku27316 does it at this page.) For some languages I don't use flag, but CoA or seal. This was case of Waray-Waray language, where I used seal of Samar. But it is copyrighted and doesn't cover all Waray speakers, only one province. So I decided to ask Xumarov to make flags, which I needed: Waray-Waray, Bicolano and Sichuan Yi (Nuosu). While he didn't respond, I made Yi flag on my own. For Bicolano I vectorized flag of Katipuneros, but I can imagine better symbol made from seals of Bicol provinces. And for Waray-Waray... is good flag of language? Or flag of island? So I decided to make flag of Samar Island. The only common symbol of seals of Samar, Northern Samar and Eastern Samar is palm. Thus the flag contains three palms. The stylized letter S is intentionally over the palm representing Northern Samar, because it is from its seal. The palms shine through it, what is not intention, but grateful feature. Should I upload this flag on Commons? And should I make Bicol flag too?
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It looks interesting. I'd like to see a Bicol flag, too, because the one you used on your page seems to be some organisation, and the only other flags for Bicol has "KKK" written across it (how convenient!), so it would be a good idea.
Also, I e-mailed the guy who owns the page with that Yi symbol, and he said the symbol on your flag means "skirt", and that it would be pretty random on a flag. So, yeah, just that. I could try to make a flag for them, though, too.
Also, you could try uploading it to Commons. They do need it. (And, kind of off topic, but will you vectorise the Pennsylvania German flag?)