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Flag of Pannonian Rusyns



Pannonian Rusyns are descendants of migrants from eastern Upper Hungary to Vojvodina. They were Slovaks as well as Rusyns. Today they speak language similar to Eastern Slovak dialect, but they consider themselves Rusyns. Because their language is distinct from Carpathian Rusyn, I created flag for them. It combines stripes from pan-Rusyn flag, but without CoA typical for Carpathian Rusyns. Instead it has symbol of Vojvodina, three stars without Serbian tricolor. They represent three subdivisions of Vojvodina: Bačka, Banat and Srem, that are present in CoA of Vojvodina too. Pannonian Rusyns live mainly in Bačka. This flag was already published here.
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hell no it isn't. we already have a flag thank you very much. this is just that vojvodina crap.