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Flag of Hungarians in Slovakia



Hungarians live in southern Slovakia since it was part of Hungary. They call their land "Felvidék". Felvidék is location of three mountains depicted on Slovak CoA, but Slovakian Hungarians don't feel Slavic, so I removed Slavic tricolor and added Hungarian tricolor as ethnic symbol. CoA of Hungary is symbol of Hungarian state, combined with Slovak tricolor it could be flag of Slovaks in Hungary. But I wouldn't like it. Another flags of ethnic minorities are here: Finland Swedish, Sweden Finnish, Romania Hungarian, Andorra Portuguese, Luxembourg Portuguese, Italy Albanian, Albania Greek, Turkey Greek, Greece Turkish, Germany Turkish, UK Indian, UK Irish, US Irish US German, Denmark German, Germany Danish, Greenland Danish, Swiss French, Swiss Italian, Canada French, Quebec English, Australia Italian, Serbia Rusyn, Iran Arab, Iran Azeri, Thailand Malay, Hungary Slovak. You can propose more flags of minorities belonging to different nations in comments.
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Shouldn't hills also be green then? c :