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Flag of Dutch Language Union by hosmich Flag of Dutch Language Union by hosmich
Some people like hybrid flags for marking multinational languages. I created some hybrid flags too, but they should never become official. Flag for international organization, let it be language union, should not include explicit symbols of its members, due to possible enlargement. However, Dutch Language Union (NTU) and Council for German Orthography are not likely to enlarge, so I include symbols of Dutch- and German-speaking countries into their flags. These two thus become superseded.
Short description:
Black stripe is from flag of Belgium. It is the only country of NTU with black on flag.
Green stripe is from flag of Suriname. It is the only country of NTU with green on flag.
Blue stripe is from flag of the Netherlands. It is the only country of NTU with blue on flag.
Red stripes are #FF0000, red is the only color on flags of the Nehterlands, Belgium, Suriname, South Africa and Indonesia (latter two are observers of NTU).
Order of stripes is not random, but I will write its reason only on demand.
Five-pointed star has more meanings:
head and four limbs of the Lion of Nassau;
head and four limbs of the Lion of Brabant;
five-pointed star on flag and CoA of Suriname;
five-pointed stars on flags of former Netherlands Antilles and Curaçao
five-pointed fortress in Cape Town;
five-pointed stars from CoA of Indonesia and pentagon from its roundel (both refer to Pancasila);
five countries associated with NTU: three members + South Africa and Indonesia (Dutch was official there);
five Dutch- or Afrikaans-speaking countries: NTU + South Africa and Namibia.
Color of star is orange, because it is associated with the Netherlands, and because it is similar to yellow color of both lions and Surinamese star. White border is important due to rule of tincture and because I miss it on this flag.
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