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Chinese flag by hosmich Chinese flag by hosmich
For a long time I used this flag as symbol of Chinese language. Flag of PRC is symbol of regime rather than of people, as can be seen from its predecessor. On the other hand, flag of ROC is political too, its sun is symbol of Kuomintang. However, only white sun on blue background is symbol of Kuomintang, with changed colors this sun can be non-political Chinese symbol, as can be seen here. This flag is monarchical and complex, but I used yellow sun and red background from it. Yellow and red are recognizable and lucky Chinese colors, red is on flags of PRC, ROC, Hong Kong and Singapore, yellow on flags of PRC and Macau. These five flags are combined here and here, but I dislike these flags. They are plain fusions and plain fusions rarely work well. This flag is fusion, but I would like it, if it weren't too similar to army flag and presidential standard of ROC. I appreciate combination of PRC's red with ROC's sun, but this isn't the way.
Look back at flag of PRC. If you switch the colors, you get this flag with yellow background. Yellow is associated with Mongoloid race and five stars are on flags of Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore too. I don't bother with meaning of five stars, if they are on four flags, let's use them! Fifth flag is flag of ROC that contains sun. The sun can remind this, this or this flag. However, unrelated yellow suns are this and this, so I considered use of white sun. White sun on red background was nowhere on this page, so I preserved yellow sun. Yellow is more Chinese, it was used in last imperial flag of China. Size of sun is intentionally different from this flag, it is 120% of original. Five stars are intended to have converging axes, but with five stars it is the same as parallel axes.
In downloadable ZIP file there are five flags. One of them is PNG and it is first idea about pan-Chinese flag. It had no stars, only Taiwanese sun with colors of PRC. Then I added stars from flag of Singapore and enlarged the sun. With one shape there are three color versions of Chinese flag. Flag for Traditional Chinese has white sun on blue background from flag of ROC and five stars are red from flag of Hong Kong. Flag for Simplified Chinese has yellow sun on red background as here, stars are white from flag of Singapore. Pan-symbol combines red background from Simplified flag with red stars from Traditional flag. Decision for yellow color of sun was already mentioned. Fifth flag is variation on flag of the Philippines intended as symbol of Filipino language - it better fits the rule of tincture and has no geographical symbol.
Why I just didn't use this Chinese flag as linguistic symbol? Its stripes symbolizes diverse peoples and despite I like it, I couldn't use it for language spoken natively only by Han and Manchu people now. But their colors (red and yellow) I used in this deviation. Sorry for long reading, that is all I wanted to say.
hosmich Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014
As you can see, I had a lot of inspiration, but I wanted to create simple flag. Despite so many links, you can see this deviation as just fusion of this stars with this, resp. this sun. The third link would work as flag of Chinese language, if we omitted Singapore and overseas Chinese in general.
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February 17, 2014
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