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I am collecting linguistic flags since 2011

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Here is simpler pan-symbol of English language. Here is something harder.
Flag of Romance languages
Germany divided in five states was my idea too. Its final form is here. It can evolve from Roosevelt's partition or from tri-partition. But the names and flags in "my plan" are different:

1. is called North Germany, because name "Hanover" is not accepted by other former states (Oldenburg...)
2. Prussia has red stripes, like Brandenburg and Berlin
3. and 7. are joined to form West Germany (red is both Westphalian and Hessian color)
4. Saxony's official flag is pure bicolor, but CoA is acceptable
5. is called South Germany (this proposal is rejected in favor of this)
These states constitute the German Community (flag). It may and may not include Austria.

Why did you return to yellow-white bicolor for Hanover here? Tricolor is better.

For the Prussia without Prussia: it is no problem IMO. Saxony also doesn't cover original Saxon territory (called Hanover here). Tribe of Saxons just moved from Hanover to Dresden, tribe of Prussians was absorbed into German nation that just lost Königsberg, tribe of Sloveni gave name to both Slovakia and Slovenia and tribe of Scots lived in modern Ireland, which was called Scotia! If Kingdom of Sardinia lost Sardinia, would it have to change its name?
Broken Germany
Do vi pensas ke nur raŭmistoj uzas ĉi tiun blazonon kiel simbolon de Esperanto? Aŭ ĉu ĝi ne estas simbolo de Esperanto, sed de raŭmismo?
"Jam temp' está" estas finvenkisma slogano, ĉu ĝi taŭgas tien? Kaj kion vi dirus pri la dua blazono?
Coats of arms of Esperanto and Wikimedia
With permission of ICANN, every USE state has its TLD. They are also used as codes by European statistics. Sometimes a TLD is co-used with some independent country.
Same like OTL:
.ax Aland; .at Austria; .bg Bulgaria; .hr Croatia; .cy Cyprus; .cz Czechia; .dk Denmark; .ee Estonia; .fi Finland; .fr France; .gr Greece; .hu Hungary; .ie Ireland; .it Italy; .lv Latvia; .lt Lithuania; .lu Luxembourg; .mt Malta; .nl Netherlands; .pl Poland; .pt Portugal; .ro Romania; .sk Slovakia; .si Slovenia; .es Spain; .se Sweden; .de Germany (cultural TLD)
Co-used with countries:
.br Brittany (with Brazil); .ca Catalonia (with Canada); .co Corsica (with Colombia); .pr Prussia (with Puerto Rico); .sa Sardinia (with Saudi Arabia); .sl Silesia (with Sierra Leone); .sd Süddeutschland (with Sudan); .st South Tyrol (with São Tomé)
New domains:
.al Alsace-Lorranie (Albania has .sq); .an Andalusia; .bq Basque Country; .dl Dalmatia; .en England and Wales; .vl Flanders; .gl Galicia (Greenland has .kl) .lp Lapland; .nd Norddeutschland; .oc Occitania; .sx Saxony; .sc Scotland; .ts Transylvania; .ul Ulster; .wa Wallonia; .wd Westdeutschland; .bl Brussels Federal District

Proposed new states are Padania (.pd) and Carpathia (.kp). While .kp is used by North Korea, .pd is administered by alternative DNS root. Venezuelan .ve is used in Veneto.
United kingdoms of Germany
Until now I created no POD how to create USE. I try now.
After WW2 Germany is divided in three parts.  Two of them (Bavaria and Hanover) join EU. Prussia is Socialist. Soviet Union occupies Eastern Bloc countries and tries to annex them (Stalin still lives). However, all countries are rebelling and they defeat weakened Russians with help of Bavaria and France. EU begins to enlarge, Spain breaks up after death of Franco, but unionists (mostly Spanish-speaking) in Basque Country want to restore confederal union. Basque civil war is ended by NATO forces and as a result all post-Spanish states join EU. Greece and former Eastern Bloc join EU for political stability. Saxony is seeking independence from Prussia. Corsica and Sardinia are separatist too. EU wants no "inner enlargement" and instead of independence proposes for these regions federal status within countries. They refuse because it is against "ever closer union". Finally a solution is found: United States of Europe. New states are: Åland, Alsace-Lorraine, Andalusia, Basque Country, Brittany, Catalonia, Corsica, Dalmatia, Flanders, Galicia, Lapland, Sardinia, Saxony, Scotland, Silesia, South Tyrol, Transylvania, Ulster, Wallonia, West Germany.
Once divided between Bavaria and Hanover, West Germany is now powerful industrial state. Bonn-Paris is main European axis instead of OTL Berlin-Paris. ECB's Frankfurt is also in West Germany. Bonn is chosen for the same reason as in OTL West Germany: compromise between larger cities (like Bern or Pretoria). But it can change. And yes, Frankfurt is more central in WD, but better is capital in Rhineland than in Hesse.
United kingdoms of Germany