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Hunting the Noblest Game :iconhoshinobound:HoshinoBound 20 2
Five Star Service by HoshinoBound
Mature content
Five Star Service :iconhoshinobound:HoshinoBound 14 0
TNS 3: Princess Natamine
Natalia felt dizzy. It took another minute for her head to stop spinning, and her vision to get clear. She grunted and growled in frustration. When she found out why this kept happening, and found a way to stop it...heads were going to be kicked in. Literally. Heel kick down into their neck.
“Might as well get my bearings,” she thought, looking over her body. She hummed in consideration, lifting her arms and flexing her fingers. “Well, at least I'm not tied up, that's a start,” she said out loud, allowing a bit of relief in her voice. She always hated it when that happened.
Catching something in the corner of her eye, she looked up from herself, and noticed she was sitting in front of a large mirror. It allowed her to see the tiara in her hair, a blue gem affixed in the center of it, and the loose blue top and genie pants. The mirror...the dresser...from the looks of things, the whole room seemed fairly opulent.
“Well, I can think of worse bodies to
:iconhoshinobound:HoshinoBound 8 2
Yokai Touch by HoshinoBound
Mature content
Yokai Touch :iconhoshinobound:HoshinoBound 16 0
Mature content
Magic and Ribbon - Nami's Christmas Kidnapping :iconhoshinobound:HoshinoBound 12 1
Mature content
Shantae: The Ember Genie :iconhoshinobound:HoshinoBound 26 2
Hoshino OC: Nina, the Goblin Queen by HoshinoBound Hoshino OC: Nina, the Goblin Queen :iconhoshinobound:HoshinoBound 15 1
Soul Calibur AU - The Spy Whose Soul Burns...
“...As for the rest of you, maintain your investigations, make sure our task is not interrupted. For now, auf Wiedersehen.” Closing his sunken eyes, Siegfried turned on his heels and marched out through the dining room doorway, deeper into the Schtauffen mansion.
The rest of the Schwartzstorm rose from the long dining table, classic music still providing ambiance as they started milling about. Ivy made her way to the patio doors.
Aster's large, meaty hand slammed against the glass doorframe, and his glassy eyes narrowed on Ivy. “And just where do you think you're going?” he growled with a derisive sneer.
Ivy smirked derisively right back at him. “I'm going out for a smoke. Siegfried's in poor enough health without the second hand smoke.”
Aster tilted his chin, looking down at Ivy. “And I suppose after that you're just going to head on home?” Ivy nodded, and Aster grunted. “Without giving your report on what you've been doing
:iconhoshinobound:HoshinoBound 15 2
Mature content
Luck be a Rikku Tonight - LeBlanc Ending :iconhoshinobound:HoshinoBound 13 0
Mature content
Luck be a Rikku Tonight :iconhoshinobound:HoshinoBound 24 5
Mature content
A New Star Guardian? Starlight Pink's Biggest Fan! :iconhoshinobound:HoshinoBound 28 2
First Ride of the Hellcat Seven
Note: This story contains elements of Damsels in Distress, and Peril.
On top of everything else, the ride was bumpy. Jessie grit her teeth, trying to use her bound wrists to keep herself steady as she bounced all over her seat. At least they were tied in front of her, not behind her back.
"Your daddy throws his hat in on the wrong side of the war," she growled, "harbors a buncha deserters on top'a that, and now his whole kin's off to jail just for sharing the same house."
"Calm down, Jessica," Cassidy said, calmly, even managing to keep herself from bouncing everywhere. "Once it's proven you had no part in all that, they'll let us go. Heck, since we sympathized with them in the war, they might set us up."
"Pfft, yeah, and keep my family home for themselves." Jessie looked to the side, her long, blonde hair falling over her face, obscuring her look of frustration from her childhood friend. "Not a reason to go to civil war 'gainst him. Ain't no reason for a war
:iconhoshinobound:HoshinoBound 4 0
Western Heat by HoshinoBound
Mature content
Western Heat :iconhoshinobound:HoshinoBound 12 0
Mature content
Naomi - Bride of the Goblin Queen :iconhoshinobound:HoshinoBound 19 0
Mature content
Naomi - It's Gobbie Way :iconhoshinobound:HoshinoBound 25 5
Mature content
The False Princess :iconhoshinobound:HoshinoBound 29 2

Random Favourites

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It's Gobbie Way :iconboundpretties:BoundPretties 415 15
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Wax Play Shadowverse by bondage-fan-comics
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Wax Play Shadowverse :iconbondage-fan-comics:bondage-fan-comics 618 6
Forte Fondles Eris (OTM Gag and Rope Bondage) by bondage-fan-comics Forte Fondles Eris (OTM Gag and Rope Bondage) :iconbondage-fan-comics:bondage-fan-comics 366 12


by ED3765

To be fully transparent, this was the commission I requested of ED3765, so I'm probably biased, hence the maximum Impact score for a wo...



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Long time lurker. Now it's time to give back to the community as a writer and editor of bondage and DiD comics.


Watching all the "8 Facts About Your OC" posts while your commission is still in development like:
Special announcement teaser: "Do yah dot'n duy, ba da dot'n duy yah oo-ee dot'n duy..."
So I haven't been an active DA contributor up until a few months ago; is it generally considered good practice to leave those "Thanks for the fave!" comments on people's profiles? Like, an expected good-faith reciprocation, or more of a personal preference thing?
My next comic will be launching on Bondage Fan at the end of next March! I'm so excited for this one, I can't even wait for its official announcement on the DeviantArt page. You can check out the preview on the main site right now, though!
(Give you a hint: It's not a sequel to Western Heat)
Updated and organized my Favourites folders. Now includes folders for Commissions, a Best of the Best, and series folders for fiv--six franchises (so far) that I have a particularly lot of images for, as well as a folder for Short Stories. The unsorted images just under "Favourites" are not (necessarily) kink but still art that I greatly enjoy.


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19simons Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
Hey, Bondage-fans-comics told me that you're the main comic book writer for their comics, is that right?

if so, i got this great idea for a bondage comic if you're up for it. comment back as soon as you can if you're up for it.
HoshinoBound Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Well, the main editor who does writing for some issues on the side, but, yes, I'm your guy.

You have my attention! By all means, feel free to Note me with your comic pitch.
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