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Hijabi Sailor Moon

So Cute!

I just thought this would be fun. Here is Sailor Moon as a hijabi.

I also figured out you would need two scarves of the same color to get this to work but Im pretty sure it would not be as cute in person much like her hairdo.

Ink Pen, Copic Marker, Prismacolor Marker, White Ink on Bristol
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I love how unique this is. Your design is beautiful!
HoshikuzuComics's avatar
aw thanks! I do really like how this one turned out.
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That's really gorgeous!
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I really love this design :D
Splenda-idLife's avatar
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HAHAHHA awesomeeeeeee
JadineR's avatar
She looks pretty! :D
palm-pop09's avatar
cute but weird 2 look at OoO but cute
HoshikuzuComics's avatar
haha thanks I think
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Wow, I love this new translation of Sailor Moon! 8D
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Hey, a Muslim SailorMoon? I never knew I'd live to see the day!

But it is surely an interesting take! :thumbsup:
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I couldn't help giggling at your comment.. imma pop now XD..
HoshikuzuComics's avatar
She turned out cute :)
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amazing ^_^
great job
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