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Just a little doodle with some color. :sigh: Many things have been happing over at my house, mainly bad things, but many. I haven’t been able to post anything while on break so far. -3-; But since the other things are too personal I decided to show one of the miner things that happened. My old N64 finally died, had the thing since I was a little girl. While yes I am a gamer girl, that N64 held lots of sentimental value for me. (But it does suck that I can’t play OoT. T^T) I can still remember when I was a little girl watching my brother play OoT, it may not seem like much, but to me those are some of the most fondest memories I have. But anyway, I made a doodle about my reaction of when my N64 died. It’s messy, but it is a doodle. Anyways hope you guys like it. :meow:
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Maybe its a little bit too late, but i think there a ways to fix the N64. At frist I would try to get another working Power Supply Unit and try to run N64 with that. If the N64 works after the PSU change, the old PSU needs new