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DL : A rose thorn dress (MMD download)

By HoshichoM
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Dress made by me (concept also by me)
Fits this TDA base fav.me/dao3bnd (or any Tda / imitation ones)

You can EDIT
You CANNOT distribute 
Don't claim as your own, credit Hoshicho.

Stage by hatihati
Model edit fav.me/dcgbsec
No mme used

If you see bugs notify me and I'll fix them ASAP
Physics are the same kind of my other stuff but you can ask anytime for a video test.
Image size
3150x1575px 7.39 MB
© 2018 - 2020 HoshichoM
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shhhhhii- i don't have points for this dammnn

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Purchased, thanks, she'll be perfect for my empress ♥
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I gave her permission when asking for distribution with the no-take parts an only private by close people
Not my smartest move since I want to avoid distribution 

Thanks for noticing it, take a P-point Ultimate Pearl Point (gif animation) !
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Also we have exchanged messages allowing me to release the models I make with the dresses as long as they are put for private dl so people do not edit their work with these dresses.
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Alright, thank you for clearing it up
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Actually I paid for the dress, they are listed in my credits.
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Well made !!

D'uh, if it had a big neo-Victorian bustle, I'd find the DA points...
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Thank you so much <3
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Very beautiful! I wouldwould like to buy this, but I'm a poor student. I can only admire))

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Purchased! Thank you for this!
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hi, is there a different way i could buy this dress from you? like through paypal?
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purchased uwu
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Erm, weird request. I really love this dress and thinking about buying it. But first may I see a video of the dress in motion? Just so I know how it looks. Thanks if you can.

Sorry if this is a selfish request. ^^'
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not selfish at all! www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqUAm9…
also, there is not shown, but if you load very "extreme" motions, legs can go through the skirt
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Thanks, and I think that's expected for all dresses in MMD. lol
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Does it include the base?
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Purchased, thank you. ^^
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Thanks! Always appreciated from you, enjoy <3 <3 <3
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